22 Dazzling Examples of Beautiful Metal Art

22 Dazzling Examples of Beautiful Metal Art

It doesn’t matter how much we love the look, feel and texture that natural fibres give our homes, there’s something about metal that we simply can’t get enough of. Perhaps it’s that sense of permanence. It’s not going to break. And it lasts and lasts. Sure, it needs a polish and a dust once in a while, but don’t all ornaments?

From an artisan’s perspective, the beauty of metal is that it’s malleable. It can be melted, moulded, twisted and turned to create anything. It can be recycled. It can be painted. It can even be printed on!

If you’re looking to add a little something special to your home, metal art – made of copper, aluminum or stainless steel – is where it’s at. Here are 22 dazzling examples of beautiful art that make for great artistic inspiration, wonderful gifts or a visual treat that you and your family can enjoy.

For an easy art project, why not find one of your most gorgeous sunset photos and create a stunning split image canvas on our brushed aluminum? Once you’ve tried metal prints, there’s no going back!


The wonder of nature is that it’s largely ephemeral. The wonder of metal is that it’s largely long-lasting. Combining the two is a perfect way to copy nature so that we can enjoy it always or capture it at a point in time and leave it there.

Of course, metalworkers and artisans have no intention of replacing the natural world with metal. That’s industrial age thinking better left in the past. The art featured below is a celebration of nature – a way we can honor its beauty (without having to water it!).

1. Metal flower

From American Metal Art by Mike Jackson.

Metal Art - Flower

2. Metal leaves

From Dick Roberts Studio.

Metal Art - Leaves

3. Split metal photo print

From The Canvas Factory.

Split image metal prints

4. Tree of life

From MissMetalWorx.

Metal Art - Tree Of Life

5. Giant tree


Metal Art - Wall Tree

6. Metal cut out

By Burn Tables.

Metal Art - Metal Cut Out

7. Metal tree sculpture

By Atelier Island Art.

Metal Art - Metal Tree Sculpture

8. Metal candle holder

From Dust and Diamonds Vintage.

Metal Art - Wall Candle Holder


One of the most appealing things about metal is its brilliant sheen. The bend of the metal reflects light at different angles. Strategically placed lighting in the home is the friend of metal artwork. Each angle reflects a different intensity of light.

It’s the curve of the metal that appeals to the eye. Add a splash of color to the metal and you transform what would otherwise be a matt finish to something exceptional.

“Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” – George Bernard Shaw

These pieces below will light up your home – and your life!

9. Metal wall sculpture

From eBay by Jon Allen.

Metal Art - Waves

10. Modern sculpture

From Georgia Metal Art.

Metal Art - Modern Metal Art Sculpture

11. Silver abstract metal wall sculpture

From Jon Allen Metal Art.

Metal Art - Metal Silver Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture

12. Glitter contemporary metal wall art

From eBay.

Metal Art - Glitter Contemporary Metal Wall Art


Fancy something with pizazz? Metal can give you exactly that. The range of exquisite aluminum art available is extraordinary. The talent around the globe shows just how popular this artform is. It can be something as simple as a few twisted words or something as complex as formed metal encased with colored paper.

Want something funkier and more long-lasting than our standard canvas material? Invest in one of our brushed aluminum photo wall displays. You can choose art images from our gallery of 25,000 or upload your own photos. Our metal prints not only look impressive, but the quality is so robust it can withstand heat and humidity – great for kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor barbecue areas.

13. Metal wall art painting

By 360StudioArt.

Metal Art - Metal Wall Art Painting

14. Decorative metal mirror

By Haiti Metal Art.

Metal Art - Decorative Metal Mirror

15. Metal wall photo display

By The Canvas Factory.

Metal wall décor displays

16. Modern metal abstract wall art

By Jon Allen Metal Art.

Metal Art - Contemporary Modern Metal Abstract Wall Art

17. Metal letters

From Arch Inspire by Fred Eerdekens.

Metal Art - Metal Letters

18. Wall medallions

From Horchow.

Metal Art - Wall Medallions

19. Metal and paper sculpture

From Rickie Wolfe.

Metal Art - Metal And Paper Sculpture

20. Mid century retro

From Petrykowski Artworks.

Metal Art - Mid Century Retro Sculpture

21. Metal heart

From Olson Iron Works.

Metal Art - Metal Heart

22. Metal wall clock sculpture

From MetalSculptureLand.

Metal Art - Clock Sculpture


I’m not sure about you, but I think I want one of each! Now all that’s left to do (aside from saving your pennies!) is to figure out where to put them all! Shop for beautiful brushed aluminum art prints now.



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