Boudoir Photography- To Boudoir Or Not To Boudoir

Boudoir Photography- To Boudoir Or Not To Boudoir

Brendon Williams, a Canadian man made headlines around the world recently for posing for a boudoir shoot for his wife’s birthday. Apparently Ben wanted to make his wife laugh and, the photo’s were cheaper than jewellery. Well, I’m sold. So with the help of his friend experienced in boudoir photography, the shoot came to life and the results are something else.

So this extremely hairy (I’m not kidding. I could nearly do a French braid through his back hair), bearded man poses in his tighty-whities, which mind you, aren’t even the sexy Calvin Klien, more like your kmart or big w variety and he actually nails the hell out of this shoot. The results are strange. Definitely sultry, and dare I say even a little sexy. My ovaries are confused about the whole experience.

Anyway, the whole thing got me thinking- and not just about whether bearded hairy guys actually float my goat, but about boudoir photography in general. Do men actually want to receive boudoir photos from their partners? And should women now be expecting the same in return? We discuss whether to boudoir or not to boudoir and if you do how to have the best boudoir experience possible…

Ask Yourself Are You Doing It For Them Or You?

Boudoir Photography - Reasons

I think the most important thing when considering doing a boudoir shoot is to ask yourself if you’re doing this for your or for your partner. It’s all very well to get down with your bad self and get your sexiness on in a boudoir shoot but make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. If you’re partner’s pushing it for you but you’re not comfortable with stripping off all your clothes, getting into your naughtiest lingerie and getting photo’s that once taken, will never really disappear then just don’t do it. But if you’re all Katy Perry Roar and looking forward to releasing your inner sexy tiger then go for it, the camera’s going to love you!


Do They Even Want to Receive Them?

Boudoir Photography - Beautiful Photos

By Maree Turner Photography

Or on the opposite spectrum, it might not be something your partner is even into. It’s no secret most people don’t mind a sneaky dirty pic here and there but before you spend a lot of money on a full-blown boudoir shoot, it might be best to have the conversation with your better (or in my case lesser haha) half and make sure it’s something they are into. You’d be surprised at how many people actually aren’t into it for various reasons. If you’re super keen on the idea and your partner isn’t don’t let it dishearten you! Do the shoot for yourself instead, you’ll have beautiful photos of your goddamn beautiful self to keep for years to come.


Research the Studio/Photographer As Much As Possible

Boudoir Photography - Photographer

By Hello Miss Photography

Before making a decision on to boudoir or not to the boudoir, you need to find a photographer you are comfortable with. Not all studios and photographers are created equally. There are even some that will attempt to overcharge or even pressure you into situations that you’re not comfortable with.  So before you decide to jump right in it’s important to research the crap out of them before making your decision who to go to. All reputable photographers will provide a portfolio of work for you to be able to check out the sort of images they produce and their style.  They should also be upfront with their prices and have no hidden costs. And you should be able to find reviews online about other people’s experiences with the photographers to help you decide who to choose.



Set Some Boundaries From The Start

Boudoir Photography - Boundaries

By Hello Miss Photography

Decided to go for it? For most people, even Ben the bearded man discussed above, a boudoir shoot is totally out of their comfort zone. I mean seriously, how often do you strip down in front of a whole crew of people in your underwear and try and work it like Madonna? It’s probably something you haven’t done before and because the situation is unique you might feel pressured into doing something you don’t want to do. It’s best to set some boundaries from the get go. A nude shoot might be “arty” like your photographer suggests, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it, or anything else if you don’t want to. Set boundaries before going into the shoot and stick with them.


Don’t Forget To Feel Empowered

Boudoir Photography - Feel Empowered

By The Boudouircafe

The best bit about doing a boudoir shoot is that’s its empowering. It doesn’t matter if you’re female or male or whether you’re doing it for yourself or your partner, being treated like an absolute celebrity for a few hours is something pretty special. You don’t have to fit into any kind of preconceived idea of beauty, or to fit in any kind of “beautiful” box. Every person no matter what your physical attributes or body type are can rock the heck out of an intimate boudoir shoot. It can also help your self-esteem and confidence, and show you just how amazing you are in your own skin.

You’ll Get Beautiful Photo’s

Don’t die of surprise, but the best thing about doing a boudoir shoot is that you’ll get to admire the beautiful photo’s you receive from it for years to come. You’ll be looking so damn good in the prints you’ll probably want to accidentally on purpose send them to that slimy ex who broke your heart a few years back….Pro tip. Don’t do that. Really. Don’t. But it is up to you what you do with them. Whether you keep them tucked away just to admire for yourself, give us a present to your partner or even turn into canvas prints and decorate your house with them you’ll always have these images for years to come to remind you just how wonderful you are!


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