The Mother Lode: 27 Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

The Mother Lode: 27 Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

Overwhelmed by the everyday? Keen for a break from the humdrum? Eager to dip your toes into the unconventional?

Here it is. The mother lode.

This massive collection of contemporary interior design ideas will delight and inspire.

Contemporary design isn’t about looking to the future. It’s about grasping what’s hot today. What’s hot may be fresh and new or it may be revamped and timeless.

Either way, it’s all about being ‘on trend’ and not in a wanky way. These ideas are all about giving your home – whether you’re a family, a couple or a single – the latest look and feel. Kind of like getting the latest, fashionable hairdo!

Discover ideas for living rooms, kitchens, main bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, and home offices as well as bachelor and bachelorette pads.

Living Rooms For Life

It’s Winter right now, so you’re feeling the cold. Good news is gas fireplaces are the new black.

Seasons aside, blue is an ‘all weather’ color in interior design so don’t be shy about embracing the moody blues.

If neutral tones are more your thing, use detail to give the room some pizzazz: splashes of color, a red sofa or even a stump.

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1. Blue living room

From April and May

Contemporary Interior Design - Living Room Blue

2. Neutral with pink splashes

From Carolyn Parker

Contemporary Interior Design - Living Room Bright

3. Fireplace

From Contemporist

Contemporary Interior Design - Living Room

4. Stump

From Yabu Pushelberg

Contemporary Interior Design - Living Room Stump

5. Red sofa

From Chris Jovanelly Interior Design

Contemporary Interior Design - Living Room Red

6. Wedding canvas print

From Canvas Factory

Contemporary Interior Design - Wedding Canvas Print

Bedroom Business

If you have kids, it’s often hard to find a place to truly relax. Don’t forget the bedroom!

Create a relaxing space to unwind rather than just sleep no matter how small or large. Add a couch, a chair, a desk or simply deck it out like it’s the most important place in the world. And it is. It’s all yours.

7. Couch time

From Design Sponge

Contemporary Interior Design - Bedroom Big

8. Black and white

From Behance

Contemporary Interior Design - Bedroom Black And White

9. Textured accent wall

From Home Designing

Contemporary Interior Design - Bedroom

10. Triangles

From B+G Design

Contemporary Interior Design - Bedroom 2

11. Split image metal print

From Canvas Factory

Contemporary Interior Design - Metal Split Image Print

Child’s Play

A little bit hipster or a little bit hip? You decide. All I know is that bubble chair is fit for a King or a Queen of any age!

Gender neutral decor is on trend, so forget the pink for girls and blue for boys mantra. None of it is dull and boring. From pastels to primaries, the colors speak for themselves.

12. Fun and bright

From The Ordinary Lovely

Contemporary Interior Design - Children's Bedroom Boy

13. Cute, soft pastels

From A Cup of Jo

Contemporary Interior Design - Children's Bedroom

14. Bird mobile

From Swankstress

Contemporary Interior Design - Nursery Room

15. Bubble hanging chair

From Home Decor

Contemporary Interior Design - Teenage Room

Kitchen Concepts

The good news is that regardless of whether you’re a minimalist or a hoarder, these contemporary kitchen designs are sure to impress.

Give a country style kitchen a contemporary edge with some funky lighting, give a working kitchen a bustling cafe vibe with a blackboard or create a flamboyant feel with gold, gold and more gold.

16. Look, no handles

From MyHouseIdea

Contemporary Interior Design - Kitchen

17. Spherical drop lighting

From Savvy Home

Contemporary Interior Design - Kitchen Blue

18. Blackboard feature

From Decor 8

Contemporary Interior Design - Kitchen Simple

19. Gold goodness

From Centaur Interiors

Contemporary Interior Design - Kitchen Gold

20. Perfect symmetry

From Samantha Farjo Design

Contemporary Interior Design - Kitchen White

Bachelor Pad

The best thing about contemporary interior design is that it can be as simple or as complex as you please. This is great news for men who tend to lean towards the minimalist side of things.

The good news is that you can do minimalism well on any budget. Love a bit of hipster? Perfect. Love preppy? No problems.

21.  Leather headboard

From Bloglovin’

Contemporary Interior Design - Bachelor Pad

22. Sleek white lamp

From Canny

Contemporary Interior Design - Bachelor Pad White Lamp

Bachelorette Pad

Simply gorgeous, you beautiful single darlings you. We love it that art deco and boho have met the 21st Century. It’s called art deco chic and boho chic and it’s now every girl’s best friend.

In fact, add ‘chic’ to any classic style and you’ve mastered contemporary design.

23. Fur heaven

From The Darling Detail

Contemporary Interior Design - Bachelorette Pad

24. Bubble chair for grown ups (yes!)

From Dkor Interiors

Contemporary Interior Design - Bachelorette Pad Chair

Office Party

Working from home doesn’t have to feel isolating if you take time to develop the right space, the right look and the right light.

Comfortable doesn’t have to mean boring. Style doesn’t have to mean dull. Think outside the traditional office chair and let loose with a chair with flair.

If your bum loves an office chair, funk up the table or add some serious bling, courtesy of mother nature or the mother of all art installations.

25. Face the outside world

From dehn bloom

Contemporary Interior Design - Office

26. Chair with a twist

From Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Contemporary Interior Design - Office Chair

27. Balloon installation

From sfgirlbybay

Contemporary Interior Design - Office Baloons


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