Photos of Food For Awesome Acrylic Glass Prints

Photos of Food For Awesome Acrylic Glass Prints

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Food Blogging has sparked a revolution in the amateur photography world – sometimes it seems you can’t go to lunch these days with people without someone at the table discreetly (or non-discreetly) taking out their camera and snapping a few shots of their food. People blog using food photos, post their meals to Facebook and Twitter, and turn their own kitchen creations into awesome acrylic glass prints to decorate their homes and businesses.

In fact, whether you’re an amateur cook and photographer or a professional in either category (or both), using food photos to decorate your own kitchen is an awesome idea. Acrylic glass prints are splash-resistant, easy to clean, and nicely reflective, making them ideal art for your kitchen setting. Add in spectacular images of your own dishes and your guests will be super excited to tuck in.

But food photography isn’t like other photography – as anyone who’s ended up with a bunch of sad-looking pictures of hamburgers has discovered. If you want to decorate your home or office with delectable photo art made from your own cooking, here are a few quick start-up tips.


Tip #1: Scout the Shot

Never just slide your meal onto a plate and snap a photo. You’ll end up with an awful picture you won’t want to turn into anything except a distant memory. So, before you commit, do the following:

– Know where you’re going to dress the plate for the photo and take a sample photo, with a stand-in for your food if possible.
– Note the lighting and adjust if you can.
– Consider reflections and whether you can be seen – and whether the colors you’re wearing will affect the shot.
– Consider the framing and composition of the plate, the food, and everything else.

Art doesn’t just happen – sometimes you have to manipulate it!
Food photography for acrylic glass prints

Tip #2: Dress it Up

Food doesn’t always translate well into photos. Grease makes things look gross, and because you’re lacking the smell and texture of the food that adds so much to the experience, a photo of food can often appear dry and tasteless. Take a quick test photo of your meal and review it, then consider whether it needs some massaging:

– A quick shot of spray cooking oil can make dry food look delicious.
– Artfully arranging the garnishes and toppings for maximum effect can make a blah meal sizzle.
– Adding a pop of color via an unnecessary garnish can often be the difference between an awful photo and a great one.

Don’t commit too hard to absolute reality – this is a photo that will hang on your wall, not a documentary!

Having your own culinary creations on the walls of your kitchen is an amazing decorating idea. Just take the time to make sure your food photos are at maximum awesome. And when you’ve got some mouth-watering examples, click here and we’ll make you and your dinner guests proud with some amazing prints!


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