How To Get The Best Canvas Print

How To Get The Best Canvas Print

Thinking about getting your favorite photos printed? Maybe you’re even considering ordering canvas prints from Canvas Factory. Finding the right printer and frames for your photos can take a lot of time and even be a little overwhelming – which is why we think that canvas art is a great solution. Our wrapped canvas prints come in both frameless and framed styles in a range of colours, so they’ll match with all interior styles and decor types, from modern to classic and everywhere in between. 

But where do you start when it comes to creating your canvas print? We’ve compiled a few of our best simple tips to help you make sure you are getting nothing but the best canvas prints created using the highest-quality materials. Ready to get started?  

8 Tips For Getting The Best Canvas Print

You take pride in making your house more like home. And nothing says “home” more than pictures of our loved ones or our favorite moments. That means framing your favorite photos of family, friends, and vacation spots. No matter what you need, we’ve got the tips and tools to ensure you get the best canvas prints, every time.

1. Choose A High Res Photo

The first thing we recommend when it comes to getting an amazing canvas print in your home is to make sure that the photo you choose is a high-resolution image. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of canvas you can achieve. Especially if you’re getting a large canvas to be a focal point in your home, you want a clear photo that won’t lose image quality when enlarged.

You want to make sure your photo resolution is at least 300 DPI (dots per square inch) or more. The higher the DPI, the more dots (pixels) the image is made of, and therefore the clearer the image will be when printed. A low-resolution photo might look clear and focused on your phone but that’s because your digital devices are suited for displaying photos low in pixels. When your showstopper of a photo is blown up, you definitely don’t want it to be blurry!

high resolution photo

2. Measure Out Your Space

Another tip we at Canvas Factory recommend is to have some idea of where you want to put your prints within your home. Measure out the space where you’re considering hanging your canvas prints, so you know exactly how large you’ll need to make your frame. 

 We have a large variety of sizes and styles so you can get canvas prints that fit perfectly in your home or office. Whether it’s a large photo or a series of smaller frames, you can decorate your space however you’d like.

measure space canvas print

3. Browse Styles

If you want your photos to really stand out in your home, then you’ll need to browse different styles and select your canvas print design carefully. Canvas Factory has a large variety of canvas print styles that you can choose from to ensure you’re getting the right canvas print to suit your spaces. 

From split canvas prints to collages, there is something for everyone at Canvas Factory but where you place your finished canvas and which style you choose will depend on the overall look you want to achieve. For example, a stunning split canvas print can achieve a high-impact look for, say, a large entrance hall, whereas a single canvas print might work better for a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. A grid series of smaller square prints would be perfect for a living room, where guests can see the images in detail and have time to browse the photos comfortably.

No matter your style of home, we are confident that we can make prints that will fit perfectly in your house.

photo print collage

4. Pick Out The Right Shape

Similar to styles, it’s important for you to pick the right canvas print shape. Consider what might fit best with your photo and where you want to put it. 

For landscapes, portraits, and square canvas prints – you’ll want to make sure you’re picking a style that positions your photo in the best light. For instance, you don’t want to sacrifice the overall look of your image by cropping a beautiful landscape into a square just so that it fits a certain space.

canvas print sizes

5. Decide How Fast You Need It

From the moment you click “place order,” Canvas Factory orders will typically ship between 5 and 10 days. We even ship to P.O. boxes! When you need last-minute canvas print order, we can help – plus,  if you spend over $100, shipping is free!

Perfect for holidays and birthdays, and even wedding presents, in less than a week, you’ll have stunning prints delivered to your door that will steal the limelight in any room and brighten up your spaces. 

6. Browse Through Printing Companies

To get the best prints available on canvas or metal wall art, do some research. Check out other printing companies to compare prices, read reviews, and be aware of all their options. 

After shopping around, we think you’ll agree that Canvas Factory has some of the best prices and the best materials in the market. 

split metal print

7. Order With The Best

Obviously, we are a little biased about who has the best canvas prints in your area. But Canvas Factory are committed to offering affordable and reliable online photo printing services. It’s our mission to make it as easy as possible to get beautiful canvas prints that you’ll be admiring for years to come. When it comes to home decor, we guarantee that everyone will be impressed with the prints you order. But don’t just take our word for it; check out our reviews here

canvas prints


We only offer top quality products at Canvas Factory, so you can count on us to turn all of your favorite photos into beautiful works of art. Whether you’d like metal wall art, stunning canvas photos, or acrylic prints, we have everything you need. Let us help you get amazing prints that everyone will be raving about. 

To find out more, browse through our blog for more ideas on home decor, how to take stunning photos made for canvas prints, and more! 

Photo prints are our specialty, and we want to make sure that when you order with us, we are exceeding your expectations!

It’s easy to get started. Upload photos from your computer or social networking profiles or choose from our enormous gallery of free images.  We understand that when you’re thinking of ordering custom prints you’re trying to preserve your memories and make the most of your favorite images. That means it’s our responsibility to make sure you’re only getting the highest quality canvas prints available. We consider ourselves experts in photography products, so you can count on us to deliver you only the best.

Start creating your photo canvas now using our easy-to-use order template, and witness firsthand how easy it is to create vibrant photo prints. Feel free to contact our support team online if you have any questions.


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