Instagram Filters and Instant Gratification Photography

Why are we so obsessed with our mobile phones? The 21st century has given rise to a culture of instant gratification in everything we do. Wherever we are we remain connected and are constantly sharing our lives online with friends and complete strangers alike.

There is a huge range of Instagram filters available for use.

In the recent past, we used to worry that our photos would get out and we protected their privacy. Now, with the advent of social media platforms and the rise in popularity of Instagram filters, we’re actually embracing that fear far more often than not.

5 Mobile Applications Making Lens Filters Better

While some of these apps are add-ons and some are completely separate from the photographers’ social media platform of choice, they are nonetheless great additions to the family.

Afterlight: With 59 adjustable filters, 66 textures, and 128 frames, this is the most versatile app on the market. You’ll spend hours applying different filters before sharing to Instagram and you’ll wonder how you ever lived before using this app.

Instagram filters can turn average snaps into amazing photos.

VSCO Cam: If you’re serious about mobile photography you should definitely try this out. You can even purchase themed filter packages to maximize the options available to you. It seems that this is the app most professionals prefer.

Whitagram: The stickler’s app of choice when it comes to sharing photos as they were meant to be. This app allows you to add a white letterboxed border to all your images for that classic retro look.

Lumify: An easy-to-use and free video-editing app for those interested in filming from their phones. Whenever you upload a clip to Instagram via the app, you can sync music from your iTunes library.

Hyperlapse: A standalone app released by Instagram and designed specifically for anyone wanting to experiment with time lapse photography. Clips are limited to 15 seconds however, but you’ll find a surprising amount of uses for it.

To be fair, the current revolution in mobile photo manipulation through Instagram filters has been a long time coming. In just six days after its launch in 2010, the popular social media platform received over 5 million downloads and has since skyrocketed to over 50 million users worldwide across Apple iOS and Android devices.

The distance between the amateur and the professional photographer is closing fast with the passing of each day as more and more lens filters enter the fray. What you do with the technology is up to you, but for many, this is really just the tip of the iceberg.

Instagram filters are your best choice for turning beginner photos into professional-quality shots.

It’s a Great Time to be Alive

When digital photography came onto the scene many traditionalists were worried about the future of photography. And now, people are doing things that could only be dreamed of not 20 or even 10 years ago. The possibilities are virtually endless and there has never been a better time for the modern day photographer.

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