5 Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding

5 awesome money saving tips for your wedding

With the average wedding in the US costing a whopping $26,444, there can never be too many tips on how to save money when it comes to planning a wedding. While many couples have a specific wedding budget in mind, the reality is that things add up quickly and more often than not, exceed the original number. We’ve got some essential money saving tips for your wedding so you won’t break the bank. If you think you can’t have an amazing wedding for under $10,000, think again!

The venue

It’s a well known fact that the venue is one of the biggest factors that is going to burn a hole in your pocket when it comes to your wedding. In fact, the venue alone adds up to an average $14,000. So what do you do? Consider holding your ceremony and your reception in the same place. If you think about the transportation costs of the bridal party from one location to the other, and the cost to hire both sites, you’ll start to see the benefits. Not only that, if you have the ceremony and venue in the same building, there’s the option to transfer flowers from one room to another. Even better.

the venue

The guest list

The most obvious way to save money when it comes to the guest list is to cut it! But we know as well as you this can sometimes be easier said than done. Remember though – If you are vigilant with the crunch, not only will you save on catering costs, you’ll slash the cost of your invitations and even things like the centerpieces. Start by dividing your guests into groups (immediate family, relatives, extended relatives, family friends, friends etc) and once you’ve both got a list, see if there’s any way to trim it down. If you keep looking at that list and there’s just no way you can cut anyone’s names without feeling at complete despair with yourself, do not fret – there are other ways to save. Why not cut back on the cost of your wedding invitations instead? With a vast amount of digital invitation kits available online, there really is no excuse not to! And not only that, if you make and print your own invitations, what’s stopping you from making your own menus, programs and name cards too?


The Decor

Consider the option of simple elegance – after all, less is more. Ask your florist to use just one type of flower in your bouquet and wedding arrangements. And for the centerpieces? Well you do it yourself. You’ll create a unique look at a fraction of the price. Think rose petals floating in clear bowls or go vintage with mismatched centerpieces that you found at your local flea market.

wedding decor

The flowers

You can save serious bucks just by using flowers that are in bloom. Although flowers can be imported, seasonal local flowers are cheaper and easier to find, making them the better option for many brides. Not only that, you’ll almost certainly be getting a better quality flower too. Want to find out which flowers will be in season for your wedding day? Why not check out this handy guide.

the flowersjpg

The photographer

When it comes to choosing a photographer, the good news is that high end prices don’t always guarantee the highest quality- the most important thing to remember here is to choose a photographer that fits your style. Once you’ve found your perfect photographer, if you find that they are still over budget, ask if they will wait until after the wedding for you to pay for wedding proofs or albums. That way you can use some of your wedding gift money to buy them.

Wedding Couple

For more tips on wedding budgeting, check out our ultimate guide to planning your dream wedding.


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