Creating the Perfect Photo Wall from Your Smartphone

Just about everyone who owns a smartphone also owns an incredibly high quality camera. We’ve all got hundreds or even thousands of photos on our phones or hard drives that we like to look at from time to time, to post to Facebook or Instagram, some we can’t bring ourselves to delete, and a few we don’t remember taking.

A photo wall can be an amazing addition to the decor of any room.

Modern technology is such that we can take a photo and instantly post it to social media, where it will receive its 15 seconds of fame before fading into the background, replaced only seconds later by a whole host of others. When was the last time you made a hard copy of a photo on your smartphone or camera?

Moving Your Photos off the Phone and onto Your Walls

A photo wall is a great way of taking the best moments in life and turning them into everlasting reminders. It used to be that only the family portraits or wedding photos taken ten years ago were on show in the family home. Today’s cameras are capable of capturing everything from the mundane to the unexpected and, if approached in the right way, can be used as part of unique photographic displays in your home.

Smartphones, as great as they are, aren’t terribly efficient at sorting through hundreds or potentially thousands of photographs. So how do we choose the right moments to encapsulate everything about our lives that we like? It requires a patient and systematic approach. Even after we’ve narrowed our choices down to maybe ten or twenty, sometimes we hit a roadblock.

It's time to move your photos from your Facebook wall to your photo wall.

Why We Sometimes Find It Hard to Make the Cut

It’s a big job to organize our lives in pictures, and there are other some other contributing factors to consider such as:

  • The viewing platform: Sometimes we just don’t think about what else we could do with our photos besides posting them to social media.
  • There are too many: Occasionally we have trouble picking out what milestones in life we are most proud of. Establishing a theme is one way to get around this and thinking about the end result may help to thin out your options.
  • We’re too emotionally attached: Sometimes we just document too many happy memories. This might be fine for a collage, but for a photo wall it’s more of a major inconvenience and it stops us from making the tough decisions.

Showcase the best of your family photos in a photo wall.

After you’ve made your choices and have narrowed your selection to the photos that perfectly sum up 2014, you’ll need to consider the amount of space you have to work with. If you need help with ideas on how to arrange the individual pieces in an innovative way, you can check out some really creative ways to put your photos on display.

Once you’ve worked out the finer details, click here to upload your favorites and create quick and easy wall art that will look great hanging in any home.