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Celebrate Love With Engagement Present Ideas From The Heart


They say love is all there is, so when two people fall in love and decide to express that love through marriage, the only way to respond is with optimism, support and joy.

So much of that can be conveyed by giving a gift, but finding something that expresses the right sentiment can be a challenge.

To shift you into the romance gear, we've included a range of engagement present ideas below that are sure to delight, excite and impress.

Revere the raw beauty of love

Candid shots are often never printed, relegated to digital land. However, often they're the ones we ought to revere the most.

Dig out that photo you took of the happy couple and print it to canvas.

You know the one. It's raw. It's real. She's not wearing any make up. He hasn't shaved for a week. 

And they're not even looking at the camera!

But it's clear, from the way they are looking at each other, that they are very much in love.

Sometimes it's the small moments that add up to big love. Revere that raw beauty and gift them this whimsical canvas, one they'll adore more and more as the years roll on.

Celebrate good times, come on!

Together forever? Lifelong happiness? Two souls becoming one? Let's drink to that!

A champagne glass, stylishly silhouetted onto a canvas collage, is a wonderful way to say 'Congratulations'.

Pair this gift with a real bottle of champagne and the happy couple will know you well and truly support their decision.

While it looks complex, achieving this effect is easy.

All you have to do is use Canvas Factory's canvas creator tool and place the photos in the available frames. To get started, select 'Create A Canvas' located on the top right of your screen.

Struggling to find photos of the happy couple and don't want to ruin the surprise? Scour both their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Seek out photos you know they'd love to have included in a canvas collage. Remember, real friends don't print ugly photos of their friends!

The wonderful thing about this gift is you can suggest they open it straight away and put it on display for everyone to enjoy at their engagement party. 

Put together a pair package

Collect objects that represent a couple's shared interest and make up a Pair Package.

What is their shared passion? Is there something they like doing together?

A hobby? A sport? A TV show?

Once you've answered those questions, pick a theme - say, sailing - and put together a collection of gifts around that theme.

A sailing package could include:

- a canvas collage (of course) featuring photos of the couple sailing together

- an antique compass

- some seashells

- a boat in a bottle

This gift will make a wonderful addition to a sideboard or mantelpiece.

It's not very often an engagement gift sits pride of place. This is sure to be one of those rare and special times.

Immortalize the moment they met

Where a couple meets becomes a special part of the story they tell together, no matter how grand or humble.

If they met somewhere awe-inspiring, like London for example, print a photo of that precious place onto canvas.

Take care to choose the right photography. Don't just rustle through their travel photos on Facebook.

The look you want here is of high art.

The good news is that, in our Canvas Art library, we have over 25 million images available to use for free.

Simply type 'London' into the search tool to display all the different options (and there will be plenty!).

They will love the opportunity to hang a canvas print of the place they met in the home they share together.

If you want to do this right, make sure the print you choose matches their interior decor.

Next time you visit, take a note of 2-3 dominant colors that are featured in their home. Then choose a photo that will complement those colors.

Amaze the wild adventurers

They may be tying the knot, but you know that doesn't mean they'll be tied down. Give them a nudge with a travel themed collage.

They've been on the wildest adventures together. Some would say they've traveled the world, but you know they've still got a lot of territory to cover.

Inspire the newly engaged couple to continue their journey together, at home or elsewhere, with the same spirit as that which is featured in the photos you present to them.

To create a a travel themed canvas collage, select 'Sizes & Prices' then 'Canvas Collages' then 'Themed Collages'.

Find the travel collage theme and follow the prompts to upload your photos.

If you don't already have easy access to their digital photos, tell them you're keen to have access to them. If they ask why, just tell them to stop being nosey!

You could source photos from Facebook or Instagram, but if you're planning to print a large canvas, sometimes the resolution is too low.

Don't forget the fur baby!

He may not make it into the wedding party, but their four legged friend is definitely one of the family.

Bring a tear to the groom-to-be's eye with a paw print featuring the entire family together - him, her and fur.

This collage is less about romantic love and more about family fun, so ensure the dog sits front and centre in every frame.

You wouldn't want him getting jealous if a new baby arrives, would you?

Illustrate their love on canvas

If you're a talented artist who loves to draw, this - one of the more quirky engagement gifts - will sit loud and proud in the best spot in their home.

First of all, find a photo of the happy couple that you'd like to copy. You'll definitely find something on social media. Choose a photo that captures the essence of who they are as individuals and together.

Sketch your illustration on paper, color it then scan it in as a high resolution image.

Place this image onto a single canvas template. At this stage you can zoom in and out and get the placement and fit just right.

When you're ready to print, be sure to check the preview to see that everything is nicely centered and good to go.

You've gone and put a ring on it!

This gift is from the groom-to-be to his beautiful new fiancée - a glass print signifying that special moment you popped the question and ...

... and she said yes.

What a relief!

You found a professional photographer to capture a more stylized version. The shot of the engagement ring and your hands together is so stunning, it deserves to become a focal point.

This engagement present will surprise her more than you ever thought possible - even more than popping the question itself!

Wait until the engagement party and gift it to her in front of all the friends and family. Watch the tears of joy well in her eyes all over again. 

Clearly, it was meant to be.

If you're feeling even more romantic, you could overlay a love poem onto a photo like this. Upload the photo into Canva, choose a poem and experiment with how the text sits on top of the photo.

Another idea is to wait until you get the photos back from the engagement party and then create a collage that includes all the engagement related pictures.

Gift them the color of romance

It's been her Facebook cover photo for an entire year, so now it's time to take that romance to the next level and create some art.

Ever wondered what the color of romance was? It's sunset, of course.

Engagement gift ideas for couples aren't the easiest ideas to conjure, but this split image canvas is the perfect way to rejoice in the romance of love ever after.

Lovers love a good sunset, so recreating this concept shouldn't be too hard to achieve.

Feelin' hot hot hot

There's a photo of the two of you that you've always considered hot, sultry and steamy. It's time to print it onto sexy metal.

This is one of the best engagement gift ideas for couples as it's about the two of you together - no-one else.

It's personal, passionate and provocative. 

This is not something you break out at the engagement party to show everyone.

It's not something you hang in the living area for the entire world to see.

This is something you mount on the wall in the bedroom, reminding you both of the passion you have for each other.

If you want something like this, but don't have a photo that suits, don't be shy about commissioning a professional photographer to capture you both in a loving pose.

It doesn't have to feature nudity (of course it can if you want it to!), but it's more about capturing an emotion, namely lust!

The largest portrait size you can print in metal is 50 x 75cm, so it's not one of those prints that spans an entire wall.

It's subtle. It's sizzling. It's seductive.

It's a gift from bride-to-be to her handsome new fiancé. Because she's feeling hot hot hot.

Honor the two future brides

Stand alongside these two beautiful women as they express their lifelong commitment to one another.

When it comes to engagement presents, this adorable heart canvas is a gift that has to be given.

With five different panels, there will be plenty of room to feature photos of the happy couple. Remember, when it comes to sourcing photos, social media is your friend.

Have a heart for two grooms in love

From one heart to another, their love is true - that's where this second heart collage design comes into play.

So many photos and, luckily, so much space!

This heart collage, part of our Silhouette range, has space for an extraordinary 12 photos.

You can print this on canvas, but for something a little more masculine, metal is perfect.