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Get Into The Groove With These Gifts For Men

Gifts For Men

Shopping for gifts for men can be one of the hardest things to do. It's tricky to get in the groove and enjoy yourself when you're completely stuck on what to give, particularly if you're eager to give something special.

We're here to help you get your groove on.

These gift ideas will satisfy the man in your life: the family man, the new love, the Dad, the son, the brother and the buddy.

Let's get into it.

Gifts For Men - Fathers Themed Canvas

Cheer on the family man

He's their hero, but he's often unsung. This gift will shout it from the rooftops: "Dad is awesome!"

Dad doesn't often get a cheer squad behind him, but a themed canvas - that celebrates the love of family - will let him know loud and clear that he's loved and appreciated.

To create this collage, source photos from your family's extensive digital album.

Alternatively, if you want to give the kids a fun activity to do, get them to capture photos of Dad doing his thing: playing sport, giving hugs, being silly, washing the car, washing the dishes ...

But make sure they're not just photos of Dad on his own as there's nothing stranger than receiving a canvas print full of photos of yourself. This is about the whole family.

If you prefer a more structured approach, consider finding a professional photographer to conduct a fun, outdoor shoot of the family.

Give Dad the Father Of The Year treatment. A great addition to his office, this collage canvas will warm his heart every time he looks up.

Gifts For Men - Glass Wall Display

For the father who's all class

This gift of glass is for the Dad who's all class. It's for the man who thinks he has everything.

You know who he is. He only enjoys the finest of wines. He only wears the latest fashions. He's that guy.

But that guy also has a heart of gold and his family always takes priority. Always.

An acrylic glass wall display is clearly the ideal option.

This particular style features four panels to display some of those great family moments you know he'll cherish.

If you want to make sure you've selected his favorite photos, decide to involve him in the process rather than making it a surprise.

That way it will surely become something he treasures for years to come.

Gifts For Men - Glass Wall Display
Gifts For Men - Modish Collage

Bring your husband happiness

You already made him the happiest man alive when you said 'I do'. But there are always new ways to bring further happiness to a marriage.

You have a phone full of selfies together and a camera full of good times.

It's time to take them off the small screen and bring them to life on a funky modish canvas.

Collages aren't what they used to be.

Gone are the days when you would cut and paste your favorite photos onto a board and call it art.

Today, you have the opportunity to have your photos professionally printed directly onto canvas.

There are four styles to choose from: traditional, themed, modish and silhouette.

While this modish collage has three angular panels, there are 12 other design options available to you.

Many of these may not be his cup of tea, but there are quite a few contemporary styles in the range.

What better way to celebrate happiness between two people in love!

Gifts For Men - Split Image Metal

Savor that sunset romance

Walking hand in hand down the beach at sunset is something worth remembering.

You don't have to hire a professional photographer to capture the romance of a sunset walk. Think outside the square in more ways than one. 

Firstly, get a friend to capture a shot in all of its landscape glory. Secondly, split the image across five interesting shaped panels. Finally, print it on brushed aluminum. 

Gifts For Men - Split Image Metal
Gifts For Men - Wine Collage

Let's drink to the lovers of wine

He may not be able to visit the vineyards very regularly, so this is about bringing a piece of the vineyard home.

What better way to enjoy a good drop than to create the atmosphere of finely finished wine.

He will love the look of this collage, complete with wine glass silhouetted against a selection of wine inspired photography.

You might like to source photos via his Facebook or Instagram profiles from wine tasting trips he's taken.

Alternatively, you can search through our large gallery of images. Simply search 'wine' and 'vineyard' to discover the options available.

If wine's not his thing then perhaps beer is the answer. Craft beer looks similarly stunning from the brewery to the glass. A collage from our modish collection would best suit such a subject.

Whatever his prefered drink, he will love the thought behind the gift.

Cheers to that!

Gifts For Men - Canvas Collage Traditional

Earn some great girlfriend points

Young love is serious fun, so it's time to get serious about gift giving. With canvas, you can make it a whole lot of fun.

Young love is a wonderful adventure. You've captured your good times on camera and they are spectacular!

Photos like this speak for themselves. That's why a traditional collage, featuring four simple panels, is the ideal canvas choice.

The relationship's been going well for over a year. You've been rock climbing, camping, hot air ballooning and white water rafting. Life doesn't get better than that!

Photos like this leap out of the print, conveying the excitement of action packed memories.

They need no further twists and turns. They need no glitz and glam.

Sure, explore some of the funky modish designs, but sometimes it makes more sense to keep it simple.

Girlfriend points guaranteed.

Gifts For Men - Canvas Collage Traditional
Gifts For Men - Image Gallery Urban

Win him over with urban art

He's the boy with the attitude that's hard to buy for. He knows what he likes and it's not everyone's cup of tea.

Urban art can be colorful and edgy, but it can also be simple and emotive. It's not for everyone, but it's not meant to be.

That said, graffiti has become a world-renowned artistic movement that's no longer considered 'just vandalism'.

If he's a graffiti artist himself, dig around for some of his original works, scan them, upload them and print them onto canvas.

Alternatively, if he's simply a fan of this style of art, browse our urban art gallery for something that will spruce up his bedroom.

This work, which we've split across three canvas panels, is quite moving.

Gifts For Men - Image Gallery Urban
Gifts For Men - Single Metal Print

Get his motor running

He may appear tough on the outside, but gift him with this metallic beauty and he'll be sure to gush.

When he tinkers in the garage, he gets up close and personal with his motorbike. But rarely does he see it as a work of art.

Imagine his face when you surprise him with a photo of his prized hog printed on metal.

This gift will immediately be mounted in his workshop.

Gifts For Men - Canvas Wall Display

Follow through with this great golf gift

When you create an arty wall display of his favorite sport, he won't know what hit him.

You wouldn't normally think that golf and art would ever mix, but this nine panel canvas wall display is certainly an arty way to present this popular sport.

To create this work of sports art, source original photos from his days on the green or access our Sports & Leisure collection from our Canvas Art gallery.

The key here is to choose a variety of wide and close up shots: tee off, follow through, putting and everything in between.

There's so much color in this sport that it's vital to take advantage of full color printing. Black and white just wouldn't do it justice.

This one is going straight into his office.

Gifts For Men - Canvas Wall Display