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Wedding gift ideas that honour life, love and laughter

Wedding Gift Ideas - Canvas Print

It’s always an honour to be invited to a wedding, but often it’s difficult to live up to that honour. Arranging a thoughtful wedding gift is a way to convey your love, respect and best wishes for the happy couple. 

But is it even possible to make a happy couple in love even happier? Yes it is! That’s where our wedding gift ideas come in.

Giving a personalised gift carries much more weight and provides much more meaning than something off the shelf. Finding an idea that’s easy to organise is even better!

Whether your gift is for a friend or a family member, give something that will bring the couple even more joy, hope and romance to their lives – give a special gift crafted from a place of love.

And if the wedding gift is for yourself, well then you've definitely come to the right place.

Choose from our list of wedding gifts below or start creating your own print now!

Show your support with a gift of love

These thoughtful gift ideas are designed to let the bride and groom know that you – as a dear friend – will play an active part in supporting their future together.

Whether you’re in the bridal party or a close friend, a gift that shows genuine approval of their decision to marry is one of the most generous acts of friendship you can make.

Canvas photo prints are not only affordable, but will stand out from the crowd. If you’re after big smiles and warm hearts, surprise your bestie with a gift of canvas.

Wedding Gift Ideas - Themed Canvas

Honour the lucky couple with love

Create a thoughtful collage that honours the love between the bride and her husband. Bring on the happy tears!

If you’re the maid of honour or one of the bridesmaids, put together a collection of photos of the happy couple from the day they met leading up to this special union. Present the photos on our themed ‘Live Laugh Love’ canvas collage. 

This one of a kind gift honours life, laughter and love. It’s something special that will feature pride of place in the home and hearts of the happy couple for years to come.

Wedding Gift Ideas - Wine Silhouette Photo Collage

For the bride, from her fave girlfriends

Get the girls together and surprise the bride with a gift that shows you will always be there for her, through thick and thin.

One of the most amazing things about friendship is that it only grows as love grows. Your friend may be marrying her best friend, but she will still need her girlfriends by her side.

Weddings are a time for celebrating love, not mourning loss - so why not celebrate the love of friendship as well? Of course, not the embarrassing Hen's Night style of friendship. That's important, but for a different time and place!

Let the beautiful bride, your dear friend, know you care and will always be there for her with a funky collage featuring a silhouette of a champagne glass and packed with photos of her with her best girlfriends.

Match this gift with a bottle of French champagne (Moet anyone?) and you’ll create something special you can all share together into the future.

Wedding Gift Ideas - Wine Silhouette Photo Collage
Wedding Gift Ideas - Modish Collage With Best Mates

For the groom, from his best mates

Blokes love a bit of sentimentally more than they care to admit. In fact, men need to be there for each other. Mateship is alive and real.

This gift, from the boys to the groom, is one that says ‘We know you’re getting married, but we’re here for you when you want to watch footy, play cards or go fishing.’

It’s vital your mate knows marriage doesn’t mean those things suddenly go by the wayside – for both your sakes!

This is not a gift where you shame your mate (that’s one for the buck’s night!). This is one for his man cave or office wall. 

Collect some photos of the groom with his mates doing what he loves – it might be surfing, skiing, golfing, fishing or all four! Then place these photos on one of our cool modish collages.

Match this cool collage with a bottle of 18 year old The Glenlivet and your friend will know he’s just experienced the true spirit of mateship.

Celebrate family with lasting memories

Welcome new members to your family with a poignant photo gift in canvas, glass or metal.

If you’re related to the bride and groom, you can show your support for eternal love with a gorgeous glass wall display – great for parents looking for the perfect present.

If you’re the happy couple looking to acknowledge a new found appreciation for family, we have ideas below for families of all shapes and sizes.

Wedding Gift Ideas - Glass Wall Display

Support lasting love with stunning glass

Pledge to celebrate your son or daughter’s commitment with a beautiful glass wall display.

All we want for our children is happiness, so seeing our children marry is an incredibly special moment that simply must be appropriately recognised.

Pledge a post-wedding gift, wait until your child’s professional wedding photos are revealed then create a stunning acrylic glass wall display they will cherish.

Wedding Gift Ideas - Family Themed Collage

Brilliant way to recognise blended families

This ceremonial gift cements the idea that your union – should it involve children from past relationships – is one that unites rather than divides the family.

To welcome children into the union, create a themed collage canvas ‘Family forever for always, no matter what’ and gift each child with a print. You might even like to include the prints in the ceremony!

Now kids can easily remember the part they had to play in the special day. They’re certainly worth it, that’s for sure.

Wedding Gift Ideas - Family Themed Collage
Wedding Gift Ideas - Split Metal

Gift to self: Celebrate your family of two!

Love is eternal and your special bond deserves to be remembered. That’s where split metal comes in.

Honouring your love for years to come with a metal work of art is a stunning ‘must do’. In fact, if you use our Wedding Planning Checklist, you’ll even remember to budget it in! Brushed aluminium is not only durable, it looks exquisite and can enjoy pride of place indoors or outdoors.

With metal, the rule is ‘the artier the better’ so think outside the square and consider one of our split image designs.

Because weddings deserves extravagance

Opulence is not for everyone, but when it comes to the bride and groom finding thank you gifts for loved ones who joined in the celebrations, often there’s a ‘spare no expense’ attitude.

Generosity is the name of the game here. The secret about the gifts below is that – compared to many wedding favours and thank you gifts out there in the marketplace – these ideas are actually quite affordable.

Surprise your guests and bridal party with thank yous they will never forget. Small tokens to celebrate big hearts.

Wedding Gift Ideas - Single Print Canvas

Be talk of the town with a gift for guests

Looking for something special to surprise your guests at your reception? This is a wedding favour or bomboniere everyone will be talking about for years.

Gift every guest with a photo you’ve found of you and them enjoying time together. Use it to decorate their table and as a keepsake they can take home. Every guest is guaranteed to sit down, smile and really appreciate that you’ve valued their involvement in your special day.

Opt for an affordable single square 20x20cm or rectangular 30x20cm print. Unforgettable.
Wedding Gift Ideas - Glass Family

Shower your bridal party with memories

Say ‘thank you’ and mean it with a glass photo print for each member of your bridal party.

Like the bride and the groom, the bridal party all go to tremendous effort to look glamorous for you. So don’t just throw a few photo prints in an envelope and expect your friends and family to frame and hang them. You know it will never happen…

Present them with a lasting thank you they’ll adore – an acrylic glass print of them looking glamorous.
Wedding Gift Ideas - Glass Family

Help the happy couple create a home

Today, many couples live together before they marry, but there's still something about that leap of love that inspires transformation.

Gifting the newly weds with a work of art will give their new home life together a special feeling. Select something that's quintessentially 'them' or find a 'his or hers' art piece that speaks to them as individuals.

A large canvas is an affordable option and the quality of our art prints is so good, they'll want to know where you got it so they can come back for more!

That's the power of art. 

Wedding Gift Ideas - Art Canvas

Lavish the lucky couple with a work of art

Create a work of canvas art to suit the bride and groom’s unique personality.

Browse our art collection for the perfect print or search our gallery of over 25 million images. Our collection features landscapes, abstracts, contemporary, urban and nature prints - something for everyone. The best bit is that, while your gift will appear extravagant, it’s actually very affordable.

Help the happy couple settle into their new life together with a wall hanging that will brighten heart and home.

Wedding Gift Ideas - Feminine Print

Pay tribute to her feminine side

This gift is ideal for the independent woman who still loves all things feminine. For stunning results, give a split image art print.

Think of it as a print she can use to decorate her own space - somewhere she goes to craft, to write, to meditate or pray.

While the act of marriage is often perceived as two halves becoming whole, it's actually important each individual in the couple doesn't lose their sense of self.

Every woman deserves a space she can call her own and we have plenty of art to help make it perfect: Japanese, Butterflies, Retro, Urban and Abstract.

For the bride who is all class, a split image art print - available in a sublime variety of shapes and sizes - will bring smiles of sheer delight.

Wedding Gift Ideas - Feminine Print
Wedding Gift Ideas - Man Cave

Help him build a man cave

There's a reason they call them man caves - it's a place he can retreat to when he needs some space. And often it's something we all need, but don't often prioritise.

Supporting your friend or loved one to create a space that nurtures their own individual needs is about strengthening the union of marriage.

We have art prints that will turn a home office or games room into somewhere he can feel relaxed - think sports, hipster, music, sci fi, funny quotes. 

To find just the thing, you can browse or search our gallery of over 25 million photographic and art images. You're bound to find something that will nourish his soul - something that's a far cry from pretty and pink!

From the uber nerd to the blokey bloke, we have art options to suit.