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Celebrate Good Times, Come On: 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Celebrate Good Times, Come On: 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

It's the year of the 21st birthday parties! But finding a different gift for each friend is a living nightmare, right?


We've got 21st birthday gift ideas that will save the hassle of thinking up something new each and every time.

And if you're the parents of the new adult in your life, we've got you covered as well.

Take a browse, breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the celebrations.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas - Photo Board

21st birthday gift ideas for her party

No 21st birthday party is complete without a photo board and this canvas wall display is sure to impress.

A stylish wall display, featuring photos of the birthday girl at various points throughout her life, makes for a great addition to the party decor.

With eight frames to fill, everyone will gather to check it out and be wowed by the quality of the display.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas - Wine Collage

21st birthday gifts that will make her day

Get the party started right, with a wine glass print from our Silhouette collage range.

The big 21st celebration is all about her and there's two ways her most favourite friends can go with this fun, fancy collage.

#1. Find six glamourous photos of her, taken throughout your adventures together.

#2. Find eight of the most embarrassing photos of her in existence.

It's your call, but at the end of the day this party prop doubles as a keepsake, so be sure to choose something that she'll love to hang on her wall - either in her bedroom or home.

So if your friend is rather shy and private then #1 is probably the way to go.

But if your friend has a great sense of humour and loves a good laugh then #2 is definitely an option.

Glass is a beautiful material to gift as it's bright, fresh and exciting.

Find photos to complement the style of the product and it's a gift she'll take with her wherever she goes.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas - Wine Collage
21st Birthday Gift Ideas - Modish Collage

21st birthday presents from the boys

21 is the year of the party, but it doesn't all have to be about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Think outside the booze.

Get the boys together to all pitch in to create a collage featuring all the awesome things you do together.

Perhaps you're all college friends or all members of the water polo team.

Whatever your passion, this funky modish collage design is a perfect canvas to fill with photos that represent the awesome times you have together.

What is your friend's passion? What does he love to do?

If he's involved in a lot of different things, you don't have to pick a single theme - you can choose a number of different photos and include those.

In fact, you can pretty much upload any photo you like - that's the beauty of Canvas Factory's CanvasApp.

You create it and we print it.

So search through those digital photos or get onto Facebook or Instagram and find shots that sum up your friend's number one love.

If you keep it clean, you can't go wrong.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas - Islamic Art

For the girl who's moving out of home

If you're a Mum who's daughter is about to move out of home for the first time, she will love you even more for getting her this gift of art.

Canvas Factory has a library of over 25 million images which you're welcome to search.

However, to find something beautiful as easily as possible, be sure to browse through our Islamic art collection.

Islamic patterns are the latest fashion in the world of interior design.

The wonderful thing about pattern art is that you can buy it to complement or you can buy it to contrast. Everything goes!

So never mind if you haven't yet seen where your daughter is moving, a piece like this will brighten up her new abode.

To take this work of art to a whole new level, split the image across four canvas frames. Just beautiful.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas - Islamic Art
21st Birthday Gift Ideas - Canvas Art

Good 21st birthday presents for guys

A modern art piece he can hang in his own room in his new sharehouse apartment is an awesome 21st gift for a young man.

Turning 21 means a lot of things and one of them involves tearing down the posters of footballers and supermodels and not putting them up again when he moves out of home.

So while you, his parents, had to put up with the paint always peeling from all the sticky tack, his new landlords may not be as sympathetic.

This gift means he not only gets to keep his walls neat, but he can make them funky as well (without scaring away girls!).

To find something to suit your son's personality - bright and colourful or dark and moody - visit our Modern Art Collection in our image library.

Modern art covers a range of different movements: cubism, surrealism, impressionism and pop art.

Unlike contemporary art (which is the art of today), modern art refers to a particular period of time from the 1860s to the 1970s.

If it's time to encourage your boy to become a man, modern art is a great way to nurture a sense of house pride.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas - Single Print

‚Äč21st birthday present ideas for lovers

There are few things as sweet and as strong as young love, so reflect that passion with a sexy metal print.

It's time to graduate - from university or from your apprenticeship. But it's also time to take your love to the next level.

So much is changing and it's changing fast.

Show your loved one you care and you'll always be there for them with a 21st gift worthy of the connection you share.

Brushed aluminium is one of our premium products. Print the best photo of the two of you together onto this metal material and you'll see why.

Whether it's from girlfriend to boyfriend, boyfriend to girlfriend or all the other options in between, this gift is one that says "I love you" over and over again.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas - Single Print
21st Birthday Gift Ideas - Quotes On Canvas

Inspire your friend to achieve greatness

The 21st birthday party is the fun part of turning 21. This gift is for the next day when the fun starts wearing off...

It's crunch time. It's make or break! 

With job applications and interviews galore, life will be full of ups and downs, acceptances and rejections, good days and bad.

Gift your friend some wonderful inspiring quotes, all mounted on a stunning wall display.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas - Personalised Print

Capture that special day to remember

As parents you put in a lot of time and effort to give your son or daughter the 21st celebration they deserve, so why not capture those memories on canvas?

Collage is not like it used to be. It's 100 times better than ever before!

Modern technology means you can now use Canvas Factory's CanvasApp to design a sophisticated montage of photos.

You can also use tools like Photoshop, Gimp and Canva to create personalised images to include.

This creation involves using a bit of both. 

This template, featured, is part of our Traditional collage collection which simply means there are no frills. If you're after a collage with frills, check out our Themed, Modish and Silhouette collections.

This particular template lets you upload an impressive nine photos. Include the best of the best photos from the night of the party.

The centre frame is perfect for a personalised image. Find a friend or family member who dabbles in graphic design and ask them for help to create this centre image. Alternatively, use the super easy and awesome Canva tool and create something yourself!

You can choose to include any message or image you want.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas - Personalised Print
21st Birthday Gift Ideas - Split Image Photo

Great time to honour achievements

When we think of 21st birthday gift ideas, we often think 'fun'. This gift instead honours hard work.

Study was all consuming and, even though it's now over, a 21st is a great place to pay tribute to the graduate's dedication, talent and resilience.

Facebook is not the place for graduation photos.

They need to to be hung pride of place on the wall of a home or office.

A graduation photo, printed on metal and split across three panels, is a fitting way to praise years and years of gruelling study.

What an incredible achievement it is to graduate. How awesome are our young people?

21st Birthday Gift Ideas - Gift Card

Super hot 21st birthday presents for guys

There's no need to be stuck for a gift to give a guy who's turning 21. For inspiration, check out this awesome idea.

People often say men are harder to buy for than women, but - to be honest - men are much less fussy. 

That's why they often end up with socks and jocks - all with a smile on their face!

But 21st birthdays are special, so it's important to make the first day of the rest of his life something to remember.

We think a Canvas Factory Gift Voucher is the gift to beat all gifts as he can choose to do absolutely anything he likes with it - print photos of his car, his favourite sport, his girlfriend, his family...

There's no need to guess what he wants. He's now old enough and ugly enough to look after himself. Here's hoping anyway!

21st Birthday Gift Ideas - Gift Card
21st Birthday Gift Ideas - Single Print

21st birthday presents for her sassy self

One for her, one for me. One for him, one for me. Spoil yourself this year, the year of the twenty firsts!

Whether it's shoes or art, buy yourself something you want. There's nothing wrong with Happy Birthday to me!

This quote - ideal for the single, sexy, sassy young woman - is just one example of many you can print onto canvas.

Hate this quote? Don't you worry. Using the graphic design tool Canva, you can create any quote you like.

Just make sure to print it 'PDF: For Print' then save it as a JPG or PNG. That way you can upload it straight into Canvas Factory's CanvasApp without a worry.

For awesome quotes, be sure to check out Pinterest or Google. Alternatively, you can search 'inspirational quotes' in our Canvas Art library.

At least you know it's a gift you're going to love, right?