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40th Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Spice Up Their Life

Avert a midlife crisis and gift your loved one with something that speaks to who they are and what they've achieved.

To help out, we've put together a selection of 40th birthday gift ideas for men and women, couples and singles, the career focused or the fur focused.

They say 40 is the new 30, so don't be boring. Spice up their life with a personalized photo print.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas - Themed Canvas

Heartwarming gift for the yummy mommy

40 is a time to reflect on what's important and, if the lady of the moment has kids, then this gift celebrates her love of family.

This heartstopping family themed collage is one of those 40th birthday presents that the kids can give to Mom. 

Yes, she's enjoyed many other achievements in her 40 years of life, but - at the end of the day - it's family that matters most.

So Dads, get the kids together in front of the computer to create a family collage that will warm the cockles of her heart.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas - Modish Collage

For the sassy single - 40 but not forgotten

If she's single, sassy and has a whole lot of class, then this glass modish collage will surely delight.

She's got a great career, a great group of friends and a wardrobe to die for.

Show her she's still got the goods by celebrating all that is her.

Arrange a professional photo shoot or scour her Facebook page for those top shots.

A great gift from the girlfriends, so include a few photo of all of you having a fun night out.

Photographers aren't what they used to be. You don't have to be holed up in a dank studio for soft lens 'glamor' shots anymore.

Increasingly, photographers are getting out and about, shooting in a variety of locations.

So if you commission a photographer, be sure to mix it up with some indoor and outdoor shots.

To find a photographer, the best thing to do is hop on Facebook and ask your friends for a referral.

Of course, you can also do a Google search.

What a gift! And what a way to honor the goddess within!

40th Birthday Gift Ideas - Modish Collage
40th Birthday Gift Ideas - Themed Collage Dad

For Dad! Men's 40th birthday presents

He's the coolest Dad in the world, well at least he likes to think so! This is a great gift from the kids for the Dad who's turning 40.

The kids are still small, but old enough to want to surprise Dad with a gift that's 100% from them.

You, Moms, can help make this happen and our Dad themed collage means it can be done with minimum fuss.

In fact, the kids will probably figure out how to use our CanvasApp quicker than us grown ups!

It's a wonderful creative process, so ask the kids to find their favorite photos of Dad then upload them to the CanvasApp.

Perhaps suggest they browse through the family photos that have been taken on the 'good camera' so that the selection is as high resolution as possible.

This collage provides five photo frames, so there's plenty of opportunity to include a range of different photos - at the beach, playing footpall in the park, enjoying a family lunch.

And what does the sixth panel say?


A son's first hero.

A daughter's first love."

They are the words that will adorn this touching gift, one Dad is bound to hang in his office - at home or at work.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas - Metal Print

Ideas for 40th birthday presents for hubby

You can rack your brain forever thinking of the perfect gift to celebrate your husband's 40th, but this single metal print is a clear winner.

The wonderful thing about brushed aluminum is its strong masculine quality. There's something about metal - the look, the feel, the gleam - that's perfect for men.

The wonderful thing about this gift idea is that you can print absolutely anything onto a metal print.

However, for something truly special for his 40th, we suggest raiding his DSLR camera and printing one of the best photos he's ever taken of his favorite place.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas - Metal Print
40th Birthday Gift Ideas - Glass Print

​40th birthday present ideas for the boss!

Without your boss, you'd never get through the day. If you're lucky to have such a supportive manager, let it be known!

Get the team together to show your boss that they might be reaching a scary new milestone, but their age and wisdom is appreciated.

How's this: 

"Because of you,
we laugh a little harder,
cry a little less,
and smile a lot more."

It's a combination of good humor and gratitude.

To create this personalized glass print, visit Canva and choose an upright design.

Find a funky background, choose a suitable font then download 'Print: For PDF'. 

Once you've downloaded the file, save it as a JPG or PNG then upload it into the Canvas Factory CanvasApp.

An effective, but easy way to tailor a gift that will make your boss feel very, very valued.

And who doesn't want a happy boss?

40th Birthday Gift Ideas - Single Glass Print

Gift for him from the boys at the golf club

When it comes to thinking of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for men, often our first thought is to duck down to the sports store. This is a gift with a twist.

Your golf buddy has all the golf balls he needs and the best set of clubs on the market. But he's never claimed the holy grail - that elusive hole in one.

This print is meant to inspire, not mock. Well, if you want it to mock that's fine too. Boys will be boys. :)

Visit our Canvas Art library and do a search for 'golf' then simply print that onto stunning acrylic glass.

A glass print is a 40th gift fitting of the quality he prefers.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas - Single Glass Print
40th Birthday Gift Ideas - Wall Display Metal

40th birthday ideas for women​ who travel

She's practically been around the world, but is ready to settle down - you think.

She's got a million photos of her adventures on Facebook, but when you visit her house it's absent of any hint of her amazing journeys.

A metal wall display is the epitome of style. Adorn each frame with the different places she's travelled to in her lifetime: Amsterdam, Greece, Santorini, Bora Bora, Croatia, Kenya, Rio de Janerio, Costa Rica ...

40th Birthday Gift Ideas - Modish Print

Fur love: 40th birthday presents for her

She loves her fur children and wouldn't have it any other way as they fill her life with joy, over and over again.

Her cat and dog give her a lot of love, which is a gift in itself, but this special treat takes that love to a whole new level.

OK so it's not really a gift from the pets. We know it's actually from you - the sister, Mom or best friend. But it's irresistible!

To create the personalized center message from her furry family, go into Canva and choose a square design. Just be sure to leave plenty of room around the edges so that you can place it within the circular frame of our CanvasApp.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas - Modish Print
40th Birthday Gift Ideas - Split Image Print

Gift her with the ultimate in bliss!

When coming up with the ultimate in 40th birthday gift ideas for her, think outside the square (or rectangle), with a gorgeous split image print.

Have a good think about what she loves then create a split image print that speaks to her soul. Her favorite place, perhaps? Or her favorite past-time?

If you want to print something large, make sure the resolution of the digital image is of a high quality.

Getting the original digital image may require some scheming with her partner or blantantly rifling through her digital things! Just tell her it's a surprise! 40 is special - she'll understand. 

40th Birthday Gift Ideas - Themed Collage

It ain't over yet, so build him a bucket list

He's achieved so much already, but surely the best is still yet to come. I mean 40 is still young, right?

Build him a bucket list!

Build a collage featuring photos of some of the things he's always talked about doing, but hasn't yet done.

It could be somewhere he'd like to visit or something he'd like to do.

A lap around a track in a racing car? Scuba Diving? Completing a triathlon? Traveling to Las Vegas? Skydiving? The options are endless.

You're the one who knows him the best. You're the one who listens to his dreams.

This is a personalized gift like no other.

You can find free photos on Flickr or Unsplash. If you need access to our free art, just visit our Canvas Art library then contact us with the images you'd like to use.

Don't tell him, but this 'The Best Is Yet To Come' template is actually our 'Maternity' themed collage, but who cares?

It features bright bold colors and the message is the right one.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas - Themed Collage
40th Birthday Gift Ideas - Metal Split Image

Because he's just a big kid, really

Sure, this split image metal print is stunning and this would look amazing in his man cave, but we all know he's just a big kid.

The great thing about brushed aluminum is that, no matter what you print on it, it's going to look hot - particularly in black and white.

So if he's a 40 year old kid, simply think of the thing he loves the most and print it onto some sexy metal.

You can't go wrong.

You can upload your own photo (something from his own digital library?) or find something in our Canvas Art gallery which features over 25 million photos.

In our CanvasApp simply choose aluminum as your material, select the split image design you love the most and, once you've uploaded the photo, use our Effects tool to convert it to grayscale.