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Getting It Right: Gift Ideas For Women Who Love Life

Gift Ideas For Women - Canvas Prints

Sometimes we can spend hours searching for the perfect gift and find nothing suitable. This is not one of those occasions.

To make it super easy, here's a selection of gift ideas for women, so you can get it right - each and every time.

Never again will your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister or grandmother need to hide her disappointment.

She'll be smiling sincerely from ear to ear when she opens up these gifts for her. Shop now!

Gift Ideas For Women - Wall Display

Bring love and light with gift ideas for her

She's a woman in her own right with a strong spirit and sense of self. But she's also a mother.

Honor the woman and the mother with a wall display that shows how happy and at ease she is with her children.

If she's a single mother, she will love receiving a visual reminder of how rewarding her role is. If she's in a relationship, consider including photos of her partner as well.

Capturing a mood, like in this sunset series, is a wonderful way to convey a sense of enchantment. 

If you can't find any photos on her Facebook or Instagram pages, ask her to join you for a photo session at a local park or beach just before sunset.

Make sure the light is just right. And snap, snap, snap. The results will be priceless.

Gift Ideas For Women - Glass Print

Pay tribute to family life

Family life passes us by so quickly, we often let those small, happy moments get overshadowed by bigger milestones.

Capture your family doing what it always does then print it on stunning glass. You know the shot, it's the photo you'd never think of putting to print because it initially seems so 'simple'.

Think Sunday dinner. Post Church brunch. Or Tuesday TV. These are the moments that shape us, afterall.

Gift Ideas For Women - Glass Print
Gift Ideas For Women - Butterfly Canvas

Satisfy her green thumb

She's the woman who loves to garden. It's the place where she feels at peace while working hard to bring beauty alive.

Bring the beauty of the great outdoors inside by capturing all the glory of gardening and printing the photos on a gorgeous butterfly canvas collage.

You can't gift her potting mix. She's got enough gardening gloves. You have no idea what new plant she'd even like.

This is the gift for the gardener who has everything.

Gift Ideas For Women - Travel Collage

Surprise her with a cool travel print

Has she been on a trip of a lifetime lately? Surprise her with a travel collage covering good times and great places.

Transform this edgy travel themed canvas into a personalized funky collage. 

Gather digital photos of the good times you had together or, if you weren't on the trip, visit her Facebook or Instagram page and download the best of the best.

In selecting which photos to choose, be sure to include people and places.

The frame at the top is begging for a stunning panorama then, for the rest of the collage, the world is your oyster.

To give it a cool, urban feel include plenty of cityscapes. To give it a relaxed, rustic appeal include plenty of nature pics. 

The key to designing an urban style collage is to make sure the city speaks for itself. Was it a trip to Paris? Include the Eiffel Tower. A trip to Rome? Include the photo of her throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain.

She'll definitely be hanging this collage somewhere it can be seen - and ideal inspiration for future trips away!

Gift Ideas For Women - Travel Collage
Gift Ideas For Women - Glass Collage

Collages make adorable gifts for Mum

First time mothers will adore our range of modish collages, made all the more special in a glass finish.

Delight a new Mom with a modish collage. Choose unique shapes like this cute onesie or choose a star, circle, heart or butterfly.

Whatever collage you choose, the photos will speak for themselves.

The trick here is to get up close and personal.

Don't shy away from zooming right into the cuteness that is baby and the goddess that is Mom.

While this print looks great on canvas, if you're looking for something with impact, go for glass.

Our modish designs look extra stunning printed on acrylic glass, adding a touch of class to an already striking design.

While this featured print includes only photos of Mom and baby (great for a Mother's Day gift), don't be shy about including Dad in the collage as well.

If she's not a first time Mom, it's still vital to celebrate all things baby so get out the camera and capture Mom's journey from word go.

But hurry! The little one will become the big one in no time at all!

Gift Ideas For Women - Balloon Collage

Let a mother's love fly high

Say 'Happy Birthday Mom!' with a balloon collage canvas you can personalize with family photos galore.

The wonderful thing about collage is it provides the opportunity to feature multiple photos, but this balloon takes this concept to a whole new level.

With 10 frames to fill, you'll have fun deciding which photos to include because - most likely - you'll be able to include all your favorites.

You can opt to have full color photos, choose a retro sepia tone or perhaps stylish black and white. 

You can also color the background any shade you like.

Is Mom a purple person? Or a bit of a greenie? The choice is yours. In our Canvas App, you can even use the eye dropper tool to select a color from one of the photos to use as your background.

So come on sons. Come on daughters. It's time to blow Mom away with a gift that will win her heart, all over again.

And hey - if you're feeling generous you may even want to include the gift of a real hot air balloon adventure. Or maybe ask Dad to help out with that one!

Gift Ideas For Women - Balloon Collage
Gift Ideas For Women -

Wild and wonderful gifts for wife

Like any other woman in love, it was the most wonderful day of her life. But what do you gift your offbeat bride?

Show your wife you understand her unique tastes, with a gift that celebrates her wild side - a metal wall display.

Four sexy brushed aluminum panels ready for four photos that celebrate the wonder of your shared big day.

Get arty. Get creative.

Find the quirkiest photos and mount them on metal.

Ideal for unconventional brides: think rockabilly, bohemian, hipster, old romantic, steam punk. Goodness, even Harry Potter or Star Wars.

If your bride fits that bill, lavish her with a metal print.

Gift Ideas For Women - Black And White Collage

Honor a lifetime of love

Push passion front and centre. Gift your wife of 40 plus years with something to rekindle the spark.

Collage doesn't have to be busy to be effective. A simple two framed print in black and white can speak volumes. 

Taking away the color to create a monochrome print lets the viewer focus on the detail: the sparkle in the eyes, the smile that never ends and the comfort of closeness.

This print isn't about paying hommage to yesterday. It's about celebrating the love that exists today while feeling positive about the future. 

To perfect this concept, hire a professional photographer for an outdoor shoot. These days, photographers love getting outside their studio.

Sure, you can ask a family member or friend to conduct the photo shoot, but the wonderful thing with photographers is they know a lot about composition, aperture, exposure and white balance.

Pro photographers also know how to shoot in black and white to achieve the best photo rather than just stripping it of color later and hoping for the best.

Gift Ideas For Women - Black And White Collage
Gift Ideas For Women - Heart Collage

Dogs are the best people (next to sisters!)

You know what your sister loves more than anything else in this world - her dog. That's why nothing will make her happier than a print of her best fur friend.

A collage canvas is one of the most affordable ways to feature multiple photos without paying more for the privilege!

While it's tempting to choose the paw print collage from our silhouette range, this modish heart collage is all about knowing exactly who has stolen your sister's heart - and celebrating it.

Gift Ideas For Women - Split Image Canvas

Gorgeous gift ideas for sister

Get back in your sister's good books with a stunning floral canvas. Stay in them forever with a split image print.

Wonderful for the sister who loves interior design, all you need to know is her favorite color or favorite flower.

All that's left to do is select an image that will complement and enhance her home. The good news is we have a canvas art library featuring over 25 million images. 

Type 'purple flowers' into the search tool and our database will reveal an extensive selection of beautiful floral art to choose from. 

Your sister will love the elegance and finish of her new floral, split image wall art print. In fact, you'll both be back for more! 

Gift Ideas For Women - Split Image Canvas
Gift Ideas For Women - Canvas Split Image

Endless gift ideas for girlfriend

Let young love live on and on with a gift that will tug at her heartstrings now and into the future.

Our customers can't get enough of our split image canvas prints and it's easy to understand why - the potential for artistic expression is boundless.

It's important to know that this style of canvas - this triple split image - doesn't suit every photo.

However, it's wonderful for photos that have a clear focal point with plenty going on in the background - think beach, sunset or forest.

Where romance was born

Hey Casanova. Found someone special? Want to up the ante? Here's how.

Let the depths of true love for your girlfriend show. Find an intimate, yet raw and real photo of the two of you together and print it onto stunning glass.

Sometimes a single photo is all it takes to create the impact you need to show how much someone means to you.

The photo need not be as dramatic as this one. It may even just be a smiling selfie.

Whatever photo you choose, it is meant to be one that shows the true spirit of your love - messy, natural, rugged.

Printed on acrylic glass, the result will be glorious and real; just like your love.

Capture Grandma's bliss

Nanna is always talking about her favorite place. It's time to capture it on canvas and bring it home to her.

Perhaps it was a cruise. Perhaps it was a holiday house. Perhaps it was simply her favorite spot.

Either way, she doesn't get there to enjoy it as often as she used to.

Bring some of that bliss into your Grandmother's own home. Find a photo from her holiday snaps or go out and take a new one.

The twinkle in her eye when you gift her a special split image canvas will return every time she looks at it.

It will add something to her home she never even knew was missing. Bliss does that! Enjoy.