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They've Come A Long Way, Baby: 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

30th Birthday Gift Ideas

Your loved one has come a long way in their 30 years and has a lot to celebrate and be grateful for.

No matter what phase of life they're in, you're sure to find something suitable when browsing through these 30th birthday gift ideas.

Are they single, married, with kids or footloose and fancy free? No matter who they are, we've got you sorted with gifts from the affordable to the luxurious and everywhere in between.

Let's do it!

30th birthday gift ideas - Themed Collage

Seriously cool gift for the adventure girl

Everyone's in awe of her adventurous spirit, so why not capture some of that awe-inspiring activity on an awesome canvas?

She might be getting older, but with her various adventures, she's also now fitter and healthier than ever before.

Pay homage to her incredible 'get up and go' with a 'Live Laugh Love' themed canvas, chock full of photos of her on her various adventures.

To find the photos in secret, scour her Facebook albums or Instagram profile.

30th birthday gift ideas - Personalized Canvas

Unique 30th birthday gifts for lovers

You're rock solid in love, but it's still early days. This gift is from the man who's not yet ready to pop the question.

You're very much in love and are feeling very lucky to have found each other sooner rather than later.

However, if you're not yet ready to propose, this gift will let her know how you feel.

"No measure of time with you will be long enough. But let’s start with forever."

The wonderful thing about this personaliszd present is that, if you're already married, you can change the text in the bottom frame to whatever you like.

"I choose you. And I’ll choose you over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you."

This versatile collage is from our Traditional collection.

To create the image at the base, use a graphic design tool like Canva.

Give her this gift of love for her 30th milestone and she'll surely be yours forever more.

30th birthday gift ideas - Personalized Canvas
30th birthday gift ideas - Butterfly Collage

Get her this gift from the kids

The best Mom in the world is about to turn 30, so it's time to get the kids together and gift her something special.

This beautiful butterfly collage offers countless frames for photos. Actually, we've counted and there's 11.

The kids might be too young to help buy her something, but it will warm the cockles of her heart to receive something exclusively from them.

Adorn each frame with a different photo of her with her family. You can focus on just the kids or you might even like to include Nan and Pop, sisters, brothers and cousins - whatever you think will make her happy.

30th birthday gift ideas - Split Image Metal

30th birthday gifts for city slickers

Metal is a magic material to print cityscapes on, making this gift one that is sure to impress the man who's turning 30.

He loves the city lights so much that he lives in a city apartment so he can take it all in.

And nothing says big city more than New York City, so find a NY print in our Canvas Art library and split it across three gorgeous brushed aluminum frames.

To find a city print, enter the name of the city into the search database and press the 'Search' icon.

A multitude of options will appear before you, so simply scroll down to find the one you think he'd like the most.

A gift like this will add class and masculine charm to his home or office. And he will love that it's so 'him'.

30th birthday gift ideas - Split Image Metal
30th birthday gift ideas - Paw Print

30th birthday presents from the fur kids

She will fall head over heels in love with this gift from her favorite fur child, so be the friend who makes it happen! Squee!

She loves her dog more than anything else in this world. That's what happens when you're single and 30!

Tug at her heart strings and tell her it's from Max. Max being the name of her dog, of course.

This paw print collage from our Silhouette range is one of our most popular products, so give her the gift that will truly make her year.

30th birthday gift ideas - Glass Split Image

Because there's no better place to be

His ultimate escape is an island getaway, so get fun and fresh with a gorgeous glass print he won't be able to take his eyes off.

If you know what rocks his boat, just print it to glass.

If you want to truly blow his mind, split the image across three stylish panels.

There's work to be done at home, so he can't toddle off to the tropics all the time. This should tide him over until his next big trip.

One for the office, don't you think?

30th birthday gift ideas - Glass Split Image
30th birthday gift ideas - Food Photo Display

30th birthday present ideas for foodies

She's always posting food porn on her Facebook page, so take the best of those photos and create a stunning wall display.

Her favorite thing is cooking and she's the most talented cook you know.

Honor and encourage that talent by scouring her Facebook or Instagram pages and designing a display featuring her most 'showy' creations.

30th birthday gift ideas - Metal Print

30 and beyond: To travel is to live

There are so many travel stories from your 20s that you can't just fit them into one single photo print. A wall display is your answer.

Your best friend and travel buddy is turning 30, so of course the only gift worth giving is one that helps remember all those amazing journeys.

Take the photo display to a whole new level by printing it on beautiful brushed aluminum. Your photos will instantly become art.

So while you can't afford a Flight Centre voucher, this beautiful gift may very well inspire her to save for future adventures together.

Where to next?

30th birthday gift ideas - Metal Print
30th birthday gift ideas - Split Image Canvas

Honor true love, together forever

You have a beautiful album of memories of your big day and hundreds of digital photos, but you haven't yet printed them to canvas.

At 30, she has her whole life ahead of her, but she will always hold in her heart that one special day - her wedding day.

Remind your loved one of how much love, beauty and glamor you experienced, gifting her with a sensational split image canvas.

Choose a photo you both love. You know the one. It's the one she always points to first.

Weddings are too special (and too costly!) to hide away forever. Let your photos live on, something you can both enjoy as part of your heart and home.

30th birthday gift ideas - Modish Collage

Celebrate that special single parent

If your friend or family member is going it alone with a little one, gift them with a 30th gift that will make their heart skip a beat.

Commission a photo shoot with Mom or Dad with bub or find some wondrous shots on Facebook of the two of them together.

Then print the photos onto a modish collage. Use the Effects tool in the Canvas Factory CanvasApp to change the color of the collage background.

You can even get all arty and change the color photos to grayscale.

30th birthday gift ideas - Modish Collage
30th birthday gift ideas - Single Print

Give a 30th gift of family values

Your son is all grown up and has a family of his own now, but that doesn't mean he's suddenly impossible to buy for!

The great thing about canvas prints is they seem extravagant, but they're actually really affordable.

A large single print looks absolutely amazing and won't break the bank.

Ask his significant other to send you a high resolution photo of all the family together then print it onto a large square canvas.

Often it's tempting to print a photo in whatever form it arrives in. However, use the CanvasApp to move the photo around the canvas and zoom in and out of it.

With a gift like this, you can say Happy 30th Birthday with a whole lot of family pride.