7 Tips for Printing Photos to Canvas

Before you get too ahead of yourself choosing a gallery wrap and photo finish, we take you a step back to some important considerations before you get to the ordering. So here are 7 great tips for printing photos to canvas.

Tip 1 – Printing Old Photos

Can you guess our 7 tips for printing photos to canvas?

If you plan on printing a photo that’s more than a few years old, it’s often best to retouch it on a photo editing program to ensure it looks its best on canvas. This way you can repair the already worn photos, get rid of unsightly red eye and over/underexposure and enlarge them to the size you require.

Tip 2 – Use High Quality Images

When selecting a photo for a canvas print, it’s a good idea to use the photos from cameras with higher resolution as this will prevent image quality lessening even if the photo is enlarged.

Tip 3 – Choose The Right Canvas Shape

When choosing your preferred canvas shape, you need to consider the positioning of the subject in the picture and choose the appropriate shape which fits the subject. For example, you shouldn’t choose a square frame when your picture has a full length person in it. If you want to have as much of your subject as possible displayed on the canvas, choose a rectangular (tall) canvas shape. If you have a landscape or panoramic photo, then choose a long or extra-long canvas shape.

Tip 4 – Consider Where It’s Going to Hang

It’s wise to consider where you’re going to hang your canvas before you order it because there’s no point ordering a massive print if you have only limited wall space, or ordering a tiny print if you need to fill a large area. If the canvas is going to be a gift, have a look around the recipient’s house and take note of how much empty wall space they have; if they have lots of pictures hanging already; if they’re all of similar size and if there is sufficient space for the new canvas. If they’re renting, also consider whether their landlords will have any restrictions around drilling holes and hammering nails into walls.

Tip 5 – Look at Your Color Scheme

How will you use our 7 tips for printing photos to canvas?

For practical and financial reasons, it makes sense that you’re going to match your print to the existing décor in the room, rather than changing the décor and furniture to match a new canvas print. If you’re looking for prints of your family or friends, they’re going to look good on any wall, but if you’re after an artier look, it’s worth thinking about the print in relation to the color scheme they’ll be set in and the other pictures that will hang with it.

If you’re after a clashing boho look, look at the color wheel and choose a selection of photos from opposite sides of the wheel. If you want a harmonised look, choose images that have similar dominant colors and tones.

Tip 6 – Be Sure to Use an Image You’ll Always like Seeing

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There are few things worse than choosing an awkward family photo or an image with a photobomber to hang on the wall.

Tip 7 – Get Us to Help

If these tips and tricks have helped, choose your photos, click here and we’ll make them work.