9 Simple Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

9 Simple Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our blessings and share gratitude; all with the ones we love. And what better way to celebrate than with super simple Thanksgiving decorating ideas? Decorating for Thanksgiving can set the scene for the day and get you in that giving spirit! So, whether you prefer rustic Thanksgiving décor, neutral tones, or more vibrant expressions of thankfulness, here are some simple Thanksgiving decorating ideas to make sure your home radiates warmth and joy this turkey day.

What Makes The Best Thanksgiving Décor?

From pumpkins to plaid, what is it that makes Thanksgiving décor so perfect? We think the best Thanksgiving décor always looks cohesive. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on décor just for Thanksgiving. In fact, you can even re-use a lot of the décor you might have for Halloween, Christmas, or even just for day-to-day décor! It’s all about making sure it is all well-placed and comes together cohesively.

We think it’s best to start with a theme that will carry through from your entrance hall to your table setting and living room décor. That theme can be simple, but the easiest way to bring it all together is through color. You might choose fall colors like red, orange, and yellow. Or, you might opt for blue and yellow or even shades of red and green. The choice is yours.Alternatively you could use more classic Thanksgiving symbols like turkeys, bundles of wheat, or pears.

9 Super Simple Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

1. Start With A Warm Welcome

A good first impression is everything, and that is especially important when it comes to your home décor. Try adorning your home with a rustic wreath filled with autumn leaves, pinecones, and vibrant berries. But why stop there? Just inside the entryway, consider a seasonal wall art piece. A Canvas Print with an autumnal landscape or even a rustic barn scene can extend that warm welcome from your door all the way through to the inside of your home.

simple Thanksgiving decorating ideas

2. Decorate With Fruit

You don’t necessarily need to spend an arm and a leg to decorate for Turkey Day! Some Thanksgiving decorating ideas are easily affordable. You can decorate with items like pumpkins or bowls of fruit. You can even decorate your pumpkins by painting. Make it a whole activity with the family to make it even more fun!

3. Add A Pop Of Color

Color has the power to transform. Thanksgiving is usually associated with the warm earthy tones of autumn. It’s the perfect time to explore color in your décor. While the russets, golds, and browns of fall have their undeniable charm, introducing unexpected pops of color can enrich your Thanksgiving décor in surprising ways.

Mix it up with deep jewel tones like emerald greens or sapphire blues in throw pillows or table runners. To add an instant splash of color, try Wall Art. Things like vibrant autumnal scenes framed against cerulean skies or even abstract art that integrates bursts of color can add depth and vivacity.

4. Use Fall Foliage

Nature offers a plethora of thanksgiving decorating ideas. Fall foliage, with its array of hues and textures, is a cost-effective way to infuse warmth and a rustic vibe into your Thanksgiving décor. Utilizing fall foliage doesn’t just enhance the aesthetics but also adds an organic, earthy feel, grounding the celebrations in the beauty of the changing seasons and the rhythms of nature.

Branches of amber maple leaves, arrangements of golden oak, or deep reds can create stunning natural centerpieces for your table. Beyond the fresh arrangements, dried leaves can be used to craft garlands, wreaths, or even as backdrop motifs for candle displays. To make them even more special, why not spray paint them gold?

Thanksgiving decor

5. Use Wall Art

On your walls, why not consider artwork that echoes your fall theme? There are endless possibilities to consider. Here are our favorite simple Thanksgiving décor ideas for wall art.

  • Scenes of autumn, like a beautifully framed print of a forest canopy transitioning from green to gold, or a canvas capturing the essence of a leaf-strewn pathway.
  • Food scenes, such as still life scenes that remind us of shared meals with family and friends. These are perfect for the kitchen.
  • Quotes. Include quotes displaying your thanks or stating whatever you’re grateful for.

Running out of ideas? We’ve got plenty more Thanksgiving artwork designs to choose form. Check them all out here.

6. Add Texture

Want simple Thanksgiving decorating ideas? Just add texture! High-quality materials like linen and canvas can elevate your spaces in an instant. Add a splash of color with linen napkins in bold shades or a colorful throw rug. As you drape tables and sofas with these fabrics, connect the theme with Canvas Prints in similar shades. Whether it’s the gentle rustle of leaves in a forest or a pumpkin patch under a setting sun, wall art can beautifully mirror the tones and textures of your linens.

7. Interesting Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Thoughtful Thanksgiving table decorations can make or break your spaces. And it’s not just about the dishes you serve. Beyond the cutlery and plates, introduce interesting elements to reflect the theme. You could even place personalized thank-you cards for each guest, inviting them to write down their feelings. Not only will it add visual appeal, but it’s bound to stir up heart-warming conversations.

Thanksgiving table decor

8. Channel Rustic Vibes

Rustic Thanksgiving décor has a special charm. It has the ability to evoke feelings of comfort and fond memories. Elements like wooden centerpieces, burlap table runners, and scented candles can work wonders. To extend this ambiance, consider rustic-themed Wall Art. For instance, a canvas depicting a serene farmhouse surrounded by falling leaves or golden fields stretching all the way to the horizon can pull everyone into the embrace of autumn.

9. Enhance Your Spaces With Lighting

Candles have always been a décor staple. It makes sense; they have a soft, inviting glow, and add warmth and even a beautiful scent within your spaces. Placed in decorative holders, they create pockets of warmth throughout the room. Enhance this effect with reflective wall pieces like Metal Prints and strategically placed mirrors. These wall hangings can amplify your candlelight, making spaces feel even cozier.

We hope these simple Thanksgiving decorating ideas have inspired you to get decorating and prep your home for the festive season! Get ready to welcome your family into your home and start Turkey Day in style.


Got questions? When it comes to simple thanksgiving decorating ideas, we’ve got answers to all your most important queries.

How can you decorate for Thanksgiving on a budget?

When we think decorating, we often think it has to cost a fortune. But decorating for Thanksgiving doesn’t need to be expensive. Embrace DIY projects using natural (and free!) elements like fallen leaves, pinecones, and acorns. Reuse or repurpose existing décor items, adding a festive twist with ribbons or paint. You can also check out thrift stores or garage sales for unique finds that can be incorporated into your theme. And always remember, creativity and thoughtful placement can be just as impactful as pricier decorations.

Do I need to stick to traditional colors for Thanksgiving decorating?

While earthy, autumnal colors are traditional for Thanksgiving, try to incorporate any color palette that resonates with your personal style. From vibrant jewel tones to minimalist neutrals, choose hues that create the desired ambiance for your gathering.

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