Easy Family Photo Gift Ideas

Our family photo ideas are perfect for children and adults alike.

Shooting photos of a family with children can be a fun and adventurous activity if you allow everything to unfold naturally. You can create easy family photo gift ideas using natural, fun family portraits.

Family portraits are one of the most difficult shoots to do well because everyone in your image needs to be paying attention simultaneously! So, if you’re the one doing the shoot, the best way to get amazing shots is to allow them to come to you naturally, with only a little artistic direction. Allow families the freedom to be themselves, so you can capture their world, not yours.

Getting it Right

Younger children have a limited attention span, and family members never seem to want to have their photo taken. When kids are present, try singing a song or humming a tune they are familiar with (nursery rhymes, the latest teen pop song, depending on age), or maybe have a little stuffed toy handy to get them to look toward at the camera (‘look at the teddy!’).

With older families, you need to be the art director. Be very clear with what you want from them, but also be patient and understanding if they have any questions or insecurities.

If you’re shooting inside, play music, chat, or do whatever you need to set the mood and make your subjects comfortable. This will help you get the best photos that you can use to create easy family photo gift ideas.

easy family photo gift ideas


  • Be aware of what everyone in the picture is doing by keeping both eyes open or looking through the camera as you talk to them.
  • Remember to give direction and be firm with your subjects about what you want
  • Children are naturally curious. It may be a good idea to let the kids look through your camera viewfinder or display so they can become familiar with what you’re doing.

easy family photo gift ideas


  • Don’t get frustrated when one child does not respond to what you want. It will only create unnecessary tension).
  • Try not to set up too much equipment before you take shots. Many families will become self-conscious when faced with an array of lights and tripods.

Ideas for Family Photo Shots

These family photo ideas will capture your children at their best.

Here are some ideal family photo ideas for great shots.

  • Pregnancy photos can be charming when done right.
  • Have the kids or family ride bikes, skateboards, or roller skates. Kids will respond better to the idea of doing something in the shot instead of just sitting still.
  • Add chairs or a couch for the family to sit on. Try doing this on outside locations; the juxtaposition of having domestic furniture in an outside environment will certainly be memorable.
  • Add family pets in the shot.
  • Try taking the family out to a park, beach or another interesting location; preferably something that means something to the members of the family.
  • After group shots, take individual pictures of each family member.
  • Mount a toy character on top of your camera.

If you need more ideas, search Pinterest for more inspiration.

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