How to Take Fantastic Concert Photos for Canvas Prints Online

How to Take Fantastic Concert Photos for Canvas Prints Online

concert photos for canvas prints online

No matter your age or generation, chances are you occasionally find yourself at a nightclub or even an arena for a concert by your favorite band or a new performer you’ve just discovered – and chances are you’re taking your smartphone to try and capture some memories, memories that might even make the cut as canvas prints online for your wall decoration.

But, as many folks before you have discovered, taking photos at a concert can be a significant challenge, and you won’t be the first to have your art dreams shattered by dim, blurry photos that seem to consist of the backs of people’s heads more than anything else. You might even despair of ever getting a truly awesome photo of a concert for your walls. But don’t give up yet – here are some basic tips that will improve your concert photos by orders of magnitude.

Concert Pics TIP 1: The Monopod

Concerts are crowded, chaotic affairs – especially in smaller club venues without seats and general admission. No one’s going to let you in with a tripod, but there are Monopods made just for smartphones that fold up for easy transport that might make it through a club’s security check. Using one will not only allow you to get up over people’s head’s for some stunning vantage points, but will help you keep the camera as steady as possible, reducing blurring and other motion-related problems.

Concert art from canvas prints online


It’s obvious in retrospect, but many people make the mistake of thinking they should hang back in order to get a wide shot of the action – but the action is pretty far away in a dimly-lit space. While there’s nothing wrong with getting some shots from the back with plenty of excited crowd, get up as close as you can for some really amazing shots of the band or singer in action. The closer you are, the more impact your photos will have when you turn them into prints.


It’s amazing the faith people have in the tiny, underpowered flash on their smartphones. No matter where you are in a venue, the low light and concert lighting will render your flash useless at best – and annoying and dangerous to the performers at worst. In fact, in some venues using a flash will get you bounced from the concert, so there’s reason enough not to use one right there.

Additionally, your flash won’t have the reach to have any effect whatsoever. You’ll wind up with a clear photo of the head in front of you and little else. So just turn off the flash and adjust your camera’s settings to the low light situation as much as possible. Even simply choosing a ‘low light’ preset will do better than your flash.

A concert can be a cherished memory for a number of reasons, and cherished memories are ideal for prints. When you’ve had the time of your life and managed to take some sharp pics of it with these tips, click here and we’ll turn them into awesome canvas prints online!


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