How to Create Unforgettable Split Canvas Prints

How to Create Unforgettable Split Canvas Prints

Split canvas prints are the ultimate high-impact wall display. They can transform your spaces and emphasize the impact of your regular-sized prints tenfold. Split canvas prints are a far more creative way to build a wall display. They also make excellent photo gifts.

However, split canvas prints can be a little tricky to get right, especially if you’re dealing with a really detailed image. The more complicated your image is, the more difficult it can be to create split canvas prints that look cohesive.

So, how do you build the perfect layout and create a stunning wall display quickly and easily? We’ve created the ultimate guide to building and creating epic split canvas prints.

Step 1: Choose Your Image

First up, choose your image, and choose it carefully! The ideal image for a split canvas print should be clear, sharp and, most importantly, it should allow you to split the image into multiple sections easily while still retaining the impact of the display.

The last thing you want is to split your image so that it becomes unrecognisable. And if you’re choosing an image with people in it, you don’t want to split your image on your subject’s heads or other body parts!

The beauty of split canvas prints is that they can extend and amplify the impact of any image. You can use any image you want in a split canvas print, however, we think the images that work best are things like:

  • Jaw-dropping landscapes
  • Photos of nature
  • Pet photos
  • Travel photography
split canvas prints

Step 2: Match Your Prints with Your Décor

Another option when choosing the design and image for your split canvas print is to match it with your existing home décor.

For instance:

  • Got a coastal-style home? Match it with a seascape split canvas
  • If your style is more classic, match it with a split canvas featuring flowers or a garden
  • In a modern home, try a cityscape or some urban art for your split canvas print
  • Got more eclectic tastes? Try an abstract artwork or a piece of Islamic art
  • In a more classic home, why not stick to family photos?

Step 3: Select Your Split Canvas Print Layout

Your split canvas print layout will depend on the size of your spaces and, of course, which image you chose. Thankfully, with our easy-to-use order template, there are no surprises. It allows you to see exactly what your prints will look like in your chosen layout.

Our favorite print ideas are:

  • Three, four, or five prints split vertically
  • Three prints split horizontally
  • A square image split into four or nine square prints
  • A large central square print with six smaller accompanying square prints on the outside

But we also have plenty of other different split canvas print designs to choose from!

split canvas prints

Step 4: Choose Your Size

You can choose a smaller split canvas print but remember; split canvas prints are there to make an impact! Besides, a larger split canvas print can make the perfect centrepiece in your home and can anchor the style of your rooms.

Step 5: Customize Your Print

Finally, once you’ve picked your image, size, and design, you can add your final customizations. You can choose to have your image mirrored and wrapped around the sides of your print or you can select a colored wrap. If you like, you can also add different effects to your image to enhance it.

You can never really go wrong with photos that mean something to you, such as:

  • Family photos
  • Couples photos or your own wedding photos
  • Photos of friends
  • A favorite holiday destination
  • Photos of your pets

But if you don’t have an image of your own, never fear! We have an enormous range of designs to choose from; over 20 million, in fact! The right design should speak to you; what you end up choosing is a highly personal decision. To choose a design, simply start browsing here.


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