Improving your Entryway with Photos Printed on Glass

We’re going to waste no time in getting to the point on this topic: your home’s entryway/foyer is usually the forgotten part of your home interior design plan, and you can use glass prints of nice photos to instantly make that abandoned entryway lively. Here we explain why so many people overlook their entryway in regards to interior design and how photos printed on glass can help.

Have you utilized photos printed on glass in your home?

Bring In the Light

There are several reasons why you may have a blind spot in your home’s entry, but one major reason is that the space is utilitarian. More than any other room in the house, it’s not suitable for any other purposes than to welcome guests and lead them to the living areas. In addition:

  • People don’t spend much time in the foyer. Memories aren’t made in the area, people pass through it without paying it much heed.
  • It’s an awkward space. When it comes down to it, you know it’s a small, difficult space and it doesn’t get as much interior design attention as other parts of your home.

The addition of photos printed on glass to your entryway will turn blah into stunning.

But many people overlook the fact that the foyer has hidden potential: firstly it’s the first place visitors will see in your home. Secondly, it is usually a very well-lit place, with entry lights and windows in and around your door. Because of this illumination factor, you should be thinking about how you can make the space burst into life – and this is where photos printed on glass could work perfectly.

Greeting Guests with Stunning Artwork

Think: what photos printed on glass would look the best in your home foyer?

Using glass prints in your entryway has a lot of advantages:

  • Light. Glass reflects and refracts the light which streams in from your door and windows, and since your entryway is usually a small, confined space, this light can have a big impact. Glass prints also absorb and reflect light back out with color and texture.
  • Durability. Since the entryway is one of the most exposed places in the house, with everything exposed to the sunlight as people walk in, many materials, including canvas and photos, would fade and deteriorate over time. But glass won’t. With only minor maintenance needed, your glass print will last as long as you want it to.

Ideas for Other Forgotten Areas

If this has made you think about other areas of your home which you’ve neglected, think about ways you could improve it and whether glass, canvas or metal prints could improve the space. Click here and we’ll help you create attractive pieces which can brighten any space.