Ideas for Printing Pictures on Canvas

Almost any pictures on canvas can transform a room.

If you’re lacking inspiration when it comes to ideas for printing pictures on canvas, then we’ve got plenty of solutions for you; from single print features to collages and more.

So, here are nine beautiful ways to display photos on canvas.

Add a Frame

If you have a set of smaller photos you want canvasized, then putting a frame around your print will not only draw more attention to your print, but gives the feature a bit more substance.

Make a Grid of Prints

Making a display by hanging square prints in a grid is a fun way to showcase several photos.

Print a Collage of Pictures on Canvas

If you want to display multiple images on just one print, consider a collage. You could do this on just one large print, or make several prints and hang them edge to edge, or just close to one another in a polygon shape, depending on your tastes.

If it’s Too Small for a Wall, Shelf It

A small canvas such as an 8×10 would look awfully tiny and empty on a big wall. If you have a small canvas print and are unsure of where to hang it, you can just put it on a shelf, cabinet or mantelpiece to brighten up your furnishings.

A Border of Prints

If you want to brighten up the blank section of wall above a door, cupboard, entry, window or wardrobe, you can make a border of small or medium sized prints. When hung above a door or entry, it provides something nice for people to look at when leaving a room.

Make a Photo Mosaic

Photo mosaic look really cool and can provide lots of intrigue for viewers. They can see the whole image as is far away and then examine each individual image close up. Creating a photo mosaic can be difficult to achieve, but when pulled off, it provides a magnificent feature.

A Stream Of Prints

If you have a narrow section of wall you think a canvas display would fit perfectly, then consider having a vertical display of prints. These are usually themed to one subject such as a wedding or a location, or even just a single tall image stretched out over three or four vertical prints.

You'll be amazed at what the right pictures on canvas will do for your interior design.

Single-Image Centrepieces

You can create one, big canvas print and make a lovely centrepiece for any room. Some ideas are wedding photos, landscapes, inspiration posters or still life.

Match Your Décor

You can be creative with your room’s décor and get one print or a series of prints which fit in perfectly. For instance, you could have a waterfall print for the bathroom, travel prints for the bedroom, or a video game screenshot for a boy’s room; the possibilities are endless.

What Now?

Feeling inspired yet? As you can see, when it comes to printing pictures on canvas, you are only limited by your imagination. So if you’re ready to get the ball rolling for your prints, get onto collecting your image/s for your print/s and send them in with your ideas into us and let us make your creativity a reality.