What is Gallery Wrapped Canvas? And Why You Need One Now

What is Gallery Wrapped Canvas? And Why You Need One Now

If you’ve ever asked yourself; “what is gallery wrapped canvas?”, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we’ll answer all your questions about gallery wrapped canvas prints. We’ll show you the difference between gallery wrapped canvas prints, floating frame prints and other print types.

And, most importantly, we’ll show you why you need gallery wrapped canvas prints in your life – now! Now is the perfect time to redecorate with a variety of prints. Read on to find out more.

What is Gallery Wrapped Canvas?

A gallery wrapped canvas print is simply a print where the canvas is stretched over a support frame (usually wooden) and “wrapped” to secure at the back. Gallery wrapped canvas prints fold neatly away to the sides, so you’re left with a clean finish and an art-gallery-style print. The edges of the print are covered in canvas fabric and are usually a continuation of your printed image. When a painter paints, for example, the artist will leave space at the edge of the print. However, this can vary according to where you order your gallery wrapped canvas print. At Canvas Factory, we have a range of canvas print sizes and finishes for you to choose from, such as:

  • Gallery Wrap (the sides of the frame as a continuation of the image)
  • Solid Color Wrap (the sides are a solid color of your choice)
  • Mirror Wrap (the sides are a mirror of your image)

gallery wrapped canvas construction

What makes a high-quality Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print?

There are several factors which combine to create a high-quality gallery wrapped canvas, like the one we create. These factors are:

  • Canvas quality; it’s crucial you start with a premium canvas print
  • Construction of canvas and tautness of the wrap. The wrap needs to be pulled taut across the wooden frame, otherwise, the print will go slack and have a warped appearance
  • High-quality wooden frame. The frame needs to be strong enough to hold the canvas without bending or breaking
  • Secure staples; the canvas needs to be secured taut in place, with staples at the back of the canvas

Why do I need a Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print?

Gallery wrapped canvas prints are a great way to display anything from photos to artworks to painted canvases. The wrapped style gives them a clean finish and means the overall piece is not obscured by any frames, nails or anything else which may detract from your beautiful print.

Gallery wrapped canvas prints are also affordable, as the design of the print is so simple. This style of print has been around for centuries. They are made to last, and if you choose a high-quality gallery wrapped canvas print, like the ones from Canvas Factory, your print will last decades without fading or coming loose from the frame.

Our canvas prints are also incredibly easy to clean, unlike prints with intricate frames. If your canvas gets dusty, simply use a static-electricity dusting cloth to dust softly with a light motion, or use a vacuum with a brush attachment to gently remove dust.

canvas picture

How do Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints compare to other print types?

We have a range of print types, such as metal prints, floating frame prints and acrylic prints. Gallery Wrapped Prints are among our most popular print types.


Gallery wrapped prints create a simple, yet versatile look that can suit any home décor arrangement or style you may be trying to create, from classic to modern to eclectic to coastal and everything in between. You can customize them with any image you like; a personal photo, a vintage design or an ultra-modern, brightly-colored modern print.



Metal and acrylic can certainly create a more modern look, so if you prefer a classic, versatile look, gallery wrapped canvas prints may be better for you. However, if you’d like to hang a print outside in a courtyard or in a bathroom with poor ventilation, a metal or acrylic print may work better in these scenarios, as they are slightly more durable.


Due to their simple design, gallery wrapped canvas prints are highly affordable, making them a great option, especially when you’re looking to create a gallery wall, a large wall display or split print display. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can start with smaller canvas prints and work your way up to a larger print display.

gallery wrapped canvas wall art

How do I decide which print style to choose from?

There is no right or wrong print style to choose from. In fact, many people opt to have a range of styles in their home; framed and unframed as well as a range of materials, from metal prints to acrylic or canvas prints. Having a variety of prints at home ensures your homewares don’t look too “matchy-matchy” and gives your wall displays more depth. That said, if you’re creating a single, unified wall display, you may want to go for the same look for the whole display. For instance, if you’re creating a display with grid-shaped square canvases, it makes sense to use the same print type.

A non-symmetrical gallery wall display, on the other hand, can utilize a variety of different print styles, which makes the overall display look much more interesting.

The display you decide to opt with is a personal one. It will depend on your personal tastes, your needs and which style of overall look you’re looking to create.

styling canvas prints

What kind of canvas prints can I choose from?

We have a wide range of canvas print options to choose from, such as:

  • Split canvas prints; one image split across multiple prints to create one stunning, high-impact display
  • Floating frame prints; this is when your print is wrapped like a gallery wrapped canvas, then has a frame added to the outside of the print. Unlike other framed prints, there is a slight gap between the frame and the print, giving the print a “floating” look
  • Canvas collages; an array of your favourite images combined on the one large print to create a beautiful single piece of art
  • Themes canvas collages; honor a specific occasion or create a themed display in a collage format
  • Wall displays; take the guesswork out of wall displays and create one using our simple template

wall display family

How do I create a Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print?

Creating a Gallery Wrapped Print is simple using our template. Simply select your preferred canvas size, then select a photo from your own images and upload it to our template. Or, choose an image from our collection of millions of wall art images.

Then, it’s as easy as continuing the order steps, processing your order and waiting for your stunning gallery wrapped canvas print to arrive! Our canvas prints arrive with a wall mount, ready to hang.

For ideas on what style to choose for your canvas print, check out our blog here. To browse our range of canvas prints, click here.


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