6 of the Best Split Canvas Wall Art Ideas

6 of the Best Split Canvas Wall Art Ideas

Split canvas prints are the perfect way of making a statement in your rooms with a single show-stopping wall art piece. There are a multitude of ways to create striking split canvas wall art pieces.

Unfortunately, split canvas prints are the kind of artwork that is surprisingly easy to get wrong, particularly if you’re printing an image that features people. If you split the image in the wrong place, you may end up splitting the head of one of your loved ones; not ideal.

So, keep reading to discover the best ideas for high-impact split canvas wall art pieces that can completely transform your living spaces.

6 of the Best Split Canvas Wall Art Ideas

Split canvas wall art can take one of your stunning photographs and extend the idea out into a larger art piece like you might see in a professional art gallery exhibition. Split canvases are highly unique. Splitting your image increases its size, giving it more presence within your spaces.

1. Landscapes

Stunning landscape images are perfect for large split canvas wall art pieces, as these images are often taken at such an enormous scale. This means your canvas will have more detail when examined up close, just like all the best artworks. Therefore, every individual canvas in your split canvas wall art will have its own unique nuances.

Ideas that work well are any scenic landscape or panorama shot, such as:

landscape split canvas wall art

2. Family Photos

Creating split canvas wall art with family photos makes the perfect gift for others, or even for yourself! These are great for hanging in the living room or in the kid’s rooms. There are a few simple rules to go by, however, when creating split canvas prints featuring people.

  • Don’t split the print at people’s faces. Our handy template for creating your print will ensure you’ll be able to see exactly where the print splits and gauge how it will look in real life
  • Try not to cut people’s arms and legs off, especially halfway at the wrists, ankles and elbows, as it can look like they have lost body parts!
  • If you have split a person’s body, when you hang the split canvas wall art, don’t hang the individual pieces too far apart as the overall look may not be as cohesive

split canvas family photo

3. Wedding Photos

Using wedding photos in your split canvas print can create a beautiful high-impact piece of wall art you will treasure forever.

The ideal split canvas wall art print with your wedding photos should feature the happily-married couple, but you can get creative with your artwork. The best split canvas prints feature the happy couple in the centre, then you could extend the image out by having two canvases on the outside featuring the beautiful setting.

split canvas wall art wedding photos

4. Street Photography

Street photography is ideal for split canvas wall art as there really are so many ways you can split your print and so many details within each individual canvas. Just beware; a shot that is too detailed may lose its impact when it is split into too many canvases. Sometimes the simplest images are the most impactful.

Images that work particularly well are:

  • Cityscapes
  • Shots of figures on the streets
  • Interesting architecture or shadows
  • Blurred vehicles or figures; this makes it easier to split your image without cutting off distinguishable aspects
  • Lights moving at night

cityscape split canvas

5. Photos of nature

Scenes of nature can look fantastic as split canvas wall art. Unlike scenic landscapes, photos of nature could include close-up shots of nature, like interesting flowers, plants or animals. With animals, aim to use the same concept as you did with people in that you need to ensure you don’t accidentally cut the animal’s face in half!

Some great images of nature to use in a split canvas print could be:

split canvas wall art nature

6. Sports photographs

Split canvas wall art of your favorite sports can provide motivation and remind you of your favorite hobbies or best teammates. Wall art featuring your sports teammates can also be the perfect group gift idea for a special birthday.

When it comes to thinking about your ideal configuration, what you choose to use for your split canvas wall art will depend on your image.

If you have a fairly symmetrical image, a square shape might work best. When you’re using a landscape, you will have plenty of options for which style of split canvas you’ll use. However, if you’re using people in your image it may be best to select a simple design or use fewer canvases to create your artwork.

When it comes to photo prints, we have a wide range of different variations to choose from. Explore our options for split canvas wall art here.


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