Your Baby Can Help Turn Photos On Canvas Into Upmarket Art

Having a new baby in the house doesn’t have to mean putting all your arts and craft projects away until you’re less busy and they’re much older. It’s never too young to start dabbling in the creative process. And there’s no need to sacrifice your own love of art to accommodate a new being into the world.

In fact, never underestimate your baby’s potential to help transform your craft projects into works of art. And as a bizarre bonus, your constant tired state may result in a more uninhibited approach to your own creativity. Combine art with all things baby and watch your joint creativity blossom.

When it comes to baby photos on canvas, I am a big fan of canvas collages and canvas wall displays. Our easy to use CanvasApp, which includes themed ‘baby’ collages, is a great starting point.

However, aside from your baby’s ability to look adorable for the camera without even trying, there are a number of ways to step up the look of your baby photo prints.

Painting your baby’s hands and feet with non-toxic craft paint and then stamping them onto a piece of white paper is a popular art activity.

Let’s take it to the next level.

If you’re happy with one hand or footprint, that’s fine. Super cute. Alternatively, if your baby’s got the patience, you can create a pattern like this love heart, below. Avoid dark blues, browns and blacks and instead use bright colors. Red or anything flouroscent would look great for this project.

Photos On Canvas - Love Heart - Hand Prints

Once your artwork has dried, take a high-resolution scan or photograph of the painting. When you are creating your collage canvas online featuring your baby prints, make all the baby photos on your canvas grayscale and leave one at the center or far corner frame in color. This frame will feature your baby’s colorful handprint artwork.

Photos On Canvas - Love Heart - Black And White Collage

If you’re feeling super creative, take a close up photo of your child’s hand or foot making the footprint. Or let them get really messy, stomping in paints of all different colors and creating their own ‘modern art’. Include this modern art alongside other colorful photos in your collage.

Photos On Canvas - Baby Feet Painting

Other ideas for other baby-inspired photos involve using their food. Photographing your baby’s food going everywhere is an all time classic. Taking it to the next level and staging the shot so it looks artier than the experience actually was will harness the joy of those younger years forever.

Not a fan of photographing mess? Do something creative with your homemade baby foods before they leave the jar. There’s nothing like a bit of color on a collage. And while you’re feeling retro (using jars!), filter some sepia tones into your collage for some old-worldy nostalgia.

Photos On Canvas - Collage - Sepia

Getting your baby started early with art activities is a great bonding activity – and something you can do without sacrificing fun! Get creative with your baby then check out all the amazing things our online CanvasApp can do.








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