No More Socks: Cutting-Edge Christmas Presents For Dad

No More Socks: Cutting-Edge Christmas Presents For Dad

Poor ole Dad. He’s so hard to buy for. And if your Dad is like mine, he lets you know if he doesn’t like a gift you’ve given.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons Dads often end up with socks. They’re not something you can hate. Sure they’re not something you can love either. They just are. Functional. Disappointing. But not awful. So they can’t really complain.

2017 is the Christmas to stop putting Dad in the too hard basket and we’ve got you covered with cutting-edge ideas for 11 Christmas presents for Dad that will make him shout from the rafters how awesome you are. He won’t even know himself!

Everyone deserves to smile at Christmas … including poor ole Dad. So no more socks!

1. Clever Fridge Storage Strips

Buy on Uncommon Goods

No more unruly bottles rattling around or rolling out of the fridge, these magnetic strips mean you can suspend your beer from the ceiling of the fridge leaving space for apparently more important stuff like, you know, food.

A beer within easy grasp? That’s a winner for Dad.

Christmas Presents For Dad - Clever Fridge Storage Strips

2. Smart Thermostat

Buy on Amazon

Feeling hot? Or cold? Just say, “Ok Google, set my temperature to XX degrees.”

When nobody’s home, this Nest Learning Thermostat turns itself down. You can also control the temperature via remote control from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Aside from all the cool stuff, Dad will love the fact that this tool helps reduce your energy bill as it also acts as an amazing energy saver.

Christmas Presents For Dad - Smart Thermostat

3. Motorised Tie Rack

Buy on Ebay

This electronic tie rack is amazing for the Dad who loves doing business. This is one of those gadgets around the home that is so practical that, once set up, he won’t remember life without it.

Storing more than 70 ties or belts, you simply push a button to reveal your selection. And don’t worry, it’s battery operated so Dad doesn’t have to worry about catering for an extra cord or powerpoint in the wardrobe. Neat huh?

Christmas Presents For Dad - Motorized Tie Rack

4. Heartfelt Canvas Print

Buy on Canvas Factory

Gift Dad with a cutting-edge black and white canvas print. Family canvases are often bright and colourful, but if your Dad loves something more contemporary and refined, a monochrome photo print is the way to go.

Regardless of whether he’s a new Dad or even a Granddad, a photo gift will steal his heart.

Christmas Presents For Dad - Canvas Prints

5. Water Resistant Speaker

Buy on Aliexpress

Support Dad to sing in the shower (or listen to the news) to his heart’s content with a mini portable speaker that also provides easy access to hands-free talking.

If your Dad’s more of the 2 minute shower kind of guy, this speaker is also suitable for Dad as he drives, has a swim or tinkers in the workshop. In fact, anywhere he needs to be hands free.

Christmas Presents For Dad - Water Resistant Speaker

6. Beer Chiller

Buy on Aliexpress

Dad need never complain of warm beer again with this beer cooler stick. If he’s been out mowing all afternoon and forgets to put a beer in the fridge to chill, he can speed up the process using this magic kitchen tool.

Also suitable for chilling wine and whisky. What will they think of next?

Christmas Presents For Dad - Beer Chiller

7. Bluetooth Key Tracker

Buy on Uncommon Goods

Dad will never lose his keys (or wallet or remote control) again with this super cool tracking tag.

Simply add the tab to the most easy-to-lose items around the house and, when Dad becomes separated from them, he can then quickly find them using his smartphone.

Christmas Presents For Dad - Bluetooth Key Tracker

8. Bedside Stand

Buy on Not On The High Street

This gift may be cutting-edge, but we wonder why every Dad doesn’t already have one.

This super cool storage unit is designed for the bedside table, a place where Dad can place his watch, wedding ring and phone – all in one neat spot.

Christmas Presents For Dad - Bedside Stand

9. Beer Making Kit

Buy on Ebay

While beer making has been around forever, the cutting edge aspect to this gift is the price. This Beer Making Kit from Brooklyn BrewShop brings beermaking to everyone.

If your Dad has ever expressed an interest, now’s your chance to support the start to what may very well become a long and fruitful hobby.

Christmas Presents For Dad - Beer Making Kit

10. Echo Dot

Buy on Amazon

Similar to gift idea #5 above, the Echo Dot lets you control music and make phone calls, but it also lets you control a whole bunch of other devices in the home like lights, fans, TVs, garage doors and sprinklers.

It will also hear Dad from across the room, even when there’s music playing or if the house is noisy. This gift is perfect for Dads who love being in control of their increasingly complex high-tech environment.

Christmas Presents For Dad - Echo Dot

11. Instant Photo Printer

Buy on Urban Outfitters

While the final result is not quite as large nor as high quality as gift idea #4, the idea behind this tool is to create instant photos just for fun. It’s a small, portable printer that will connect to Dad’s phone no matter where he is or what he’s doing.

He’ll be able to take a photo then print instantly. Remember the old instamatic camera? This is a high tech version of that. Retro is back!

Christmas Presents For Dad - Instant Photo Printer


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