Creative Ideas for Your Next Piece of Canvas Art

Creative Ideas for Your Next Piece of Canvas Art

canvas art collages

As with any mode of self-expression, creating gorgeous canvas art from your beloved memories and artistic photos goes through a few definite phases. There’s the excitement phase, when the very obvious candidates from your photographs are cherry-picked to be canvas prints with expectedly great results. Then there’s the rush, where you get into the fun and creativity of creating an art gallery from your own photos.

Finally, there is experimentation: You’ve done all the expected things, and you start looking for something a little more fun, and a little less expected. This can be a frustrating time though if you find yourself lacking in creative ideas, so we thought we’d help you out with a few simple suggestions that can kickstart your creativity when it comes to creating amazing art from your photos.


Canvas Art Collages

It doesn’t have to be one photo per canvas print, you know. While a masterful PhotoShop session that combines several photos seamlessly and beautifully may be beyond most of our skill levels, there’s a much lower-tech solution: The collage.

A collage is easy – you take prints of your favourite photos and either digitally using software or the old-fashioned way using scissors and glue, you create a fanciful and fun picture using the snippets of photos as fodder. Using photos from a theme to create your collage can create interesting art pieces that work on several levels – as abstract art, as remembrances of your experiences and loved ones, and as colour bursts.


Super Zooms

canvas art super zoom

If you have some very, very high-resolution photos to work with, this is a fun possibility: Zoom in. No, really zoom in. Choose a part of the photo that contains a specific detail and make the entire canvas print that one detail. Zoom down as far as you can while retaining the quality of the file to minimums required by the canvas printing process.

The end result won’t be instantly recognizable as anything, most probably, but it will be using your memories and experiences to create something powerful and abstract – and anyone who might recognize the detail you choose will have a moment of pleasant shock and recognition.


Double Exposure

No, not a real double exposure – rather a photo of a photo.

Say you have a prized photo – someone you love, a special day, or just a really amazing shot. Take it and have a regular print made of it. As big as possible. Now find a complementary background somewhere inside or outside the house. Something fun, with texture and colour. Place the photo in front of it in a creative way, and take a photo – and turn that photo into a canvas print.

Not only will it encourage people to search out the location, it brings an element of depth and movement to the photos that otherwise would be lacking.

The only limit, really, is your imagination. Once you realise that you don’t have to just use your photos as-is, it’s off to the races – and we’re ready to start turning your creative ideas into canvas art at the click of this button!