Decorating for Valentines Day

Holidays are many things – meaningful, thoughtful, joyous – but more important than any other aspect they are fun. No matter the cause for celebration or the ostensible assignment the holiday brings in terms of reflection or activity, most holidays come with all the frills of a good time: Vacation time, parties, and gatherings with friends and relatives, some of whom you haven’t seen in a long while.

Decorating for Valentine’s Day doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.

Valentine’s Day really is no different. Yes, it’s superficially a holiday centered on love and the intimate connection between two people, but in actuality it’s about love in general, and like most holidays people are increasingly using it as simply an excuse to decorate their homes and have a little fun. Here’s how you can do decorating for Valentines Day so your home is in the spirit without straying too far from good taste.

Candy as Paint

Candy is closely associated with Valentine’s Day, and candy comes in all manner of colors, textures, and shapes – and as such is ideal for sprucing up your rooms during the Valentine’s Day fun. Here are a few ideas for using candy to decorate:

Decorating for Valentine’s Day can easily involve lots of photos of candy!

  • Glass Jars. Filling decorative glass jars with colorful candies shapes the colors nicely and keeps the candies fresh and dust-free for those guests who just can’t resist – and there will be plenty of those.
  • Designs. A little glue, a little creativity, and many candies can become ‘pixels’ that create awesome wall art or other decorative pieces in your rooms. When decorating for Valentine’s Day is there a better material than candy?

Candy Portraits

Decorating for Valentine’s Day: it's best to keep things simple.

Valentine’s Day is about love – but it could be about a love for candy just as easily. If you’re looking to decorate and celebrate without becoming too fixated on the romantic aspect of the holiday, stick with the candy – but go upscale. Experiment with very high-quality ‘portraits’ of your favorite candies – photos taken on a black or white background, in vibrant color.

For fun, take a bite out of some of your favorites prior to snapping the photo, or think of other interesting ways to transform a picture of candy into a work of art. Then, turn those photos into very high-quality wall art in canvas, acrylic glass, or metal when planning your Valentine’s Day decorations.

The shapes and colors of candy are actually ideal for wall art, because they’re very distinct and rich and they’re also almost universally familiar to people all over the world, meaning they have an instant impact when people walk into a room – the Holy Grail of interior design.

Of course, you can’t later eat pictures on your walls, so take that into consideration when choosing your decorating strategy for the holiday. But if you do decide that you’d rather go with the less-sticky option of candy photos on your walls, click here and we’ll turn your pictures of sweets into sweet decorations.