5 Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

5 Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Red roses, chocolates, or a teddy bear make nice gifts, but they’re also not particularly thoughtful – unless your significant other happens to be a chocolate connoisseur! Coming up with thoughtful, personalized Valentine’s Day gift ideas can make all the difference.

So, to help you out, we’ve curated our pick of the most unique personalized Valentine’s Day gift ideas. That way, you can share the love and show just how much you care.

1. Personalized wall art

Personalized wall art can make a lovely gift that will remind your loved one of you every time they see it. Wall art can instantly transform a space, turning boring bare walls into interesting works of art.

We’ve got a huge array of wall art options, but some of our top personalized Valentine’s Day gift ideas are:

  • An acrylic print. Using acrylic prints, you can immortalize your photographs. Our hard-wearing, durable acrylic will last for decades, with no wear and tear, and can be easily dusted or wiped clean with a wet cloth. We also have a variety of shapes and sizes available to choose from.
  • Canvas prints can make a fantastic thoughtful gift and the best part is, they are so affordable! Our high-quality, wrapped canvas prints come fully-ready to hang and have a gallery-style look. All you need to do is select your size and shape, upload your favorite image and place your order. Choose a meaningful image or select a design from our enormous catalog of images according to what your Valentine likes.
  • For something different, you could try a modish shape collage using a heart-shaped design. For the price of a single print, you can include all your favorite images in one beautiful artwork.

personalzed Valentine's Day gift ideas

2. Metal wall art

For something different, why not choose a piece of metal wall art depicting a beautiful landscape, stunning artwork, or personal photo? Metal wall art can work well with highly detailed images. The aluminum picks up all the fine detail in photographs, so your print will be dripping in saturated color, displaying in high definition scenes such as detail in faces, or landscapes of snow-capped mountains, the fine sand on pure white beaches, or the crisp early morning sun shining on rolling green hills.

Like acrylic prints, metal wall art is hard-wearing and durable. In fact, these artworks can even be hung outside for decades, and are able to withstand sun, rain, and even hail without fading!

Choose one of your own personal images or browse from our vast selection; we have millions of images to choose from!

split metal print

3. A photo collage

A photo collage with a selection of your favorite photos is a great personalized Valentine’s Day gift idea. Are you giving a gift to your long-time partner, friend, or family member? If you have a large collection of images that you can piece together as a cohesive artwork, photo collages are a great gift option.

To make the most of your photo collage, choose images that have a similar filter. For instance, the images in the scene below all have a light, dreamy pastel filter, and most are taken at the beach. Create collections of images you want to use using platforms like Pinterest.

If you want to get creative, we even have “love” themed photo collages. Use one to commemorate this special day with your favorite images.

photo print collage

4. A gift voucher

Not sure what your significant other will like? Give the gift of choice this Valentine’s Day, with a Canvas Factory gift voucher. That way, your significant other will still be able to get a beautiful and meaningful photo gift, but they’ll be able to choose exactly what they like.

It’s so easy to create stunning prints; your Valentine simply needs to upload a photo with our easy-to-use template, place an order, and prints are delivered ready-to-hang. All they’ll need are some wall hooks if they don’t have any already and a blank wall!

Short on photos? You could even book a professional photoshoot and gift this along with a voucher so you’ll have photos ready to upload.

love photo shoot

5. A wall display

For the ultimate in personalized Valentine’s Day gift ideas, a large-scale wall display or a split canvas print are fantastic options for your loved one.

Wall displays usually consist of two or more separate prints that combine to create one overall piece. A wall display should be impactful, and make a lasting impression in the home.

Split canvases, on the other hand, simply consist of one large, impactful image which is split into separate canvases that are styled next to each other on your walls to create a single artwork.

The best wall displays should combine to tell a story. Use these tips below:

  • Use images from the same series, for example, wedding photos, family photos, or photos of your loved one and their pets
  • Add images that are edited in a similar way. For instance, don’t mix highly-saturated images with images that have dreamy, pastel hues, and avoid combining black and white images with colored images
  • Try to stick to a cohesive theme to anchor your display together, for instance, wedding images, or use the theme of a holiday you went on and mix up images of the location with couples shots
  • When creating a split canvas, check where the image splits. Ideally, you don’t want to split the image in the middle of a person’s face, or cut off an arm!

personalized valentine's day gift ideas

Personalized Valentine’s Day gift ideas are the perfect way to show you care. The best part? They are surprisingly affordable and our easy-to-use templates ensure you can create photo gifts quickly and easily.

So, what are you waiting for? Time is ticking in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day. Get started now by checking out our Valentine’s Day range, or, if you’re short on great photos to use, start browsing our range of images here.


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