17 Dog Photography Ideas To Make Your Heart Howl

Our furry friends are not only part of the family, they pretty much rule the household.

Some pooches rule with puppy dog eyes, others with royal finesse and others with all the silly antics they can muster.

Dog photography can capture all that and more, so whether it’s a studio session with a professional or an opportunistic shot on your iPhone, give your dog the star treatment with these 17 tail-wagging photo ideas.

Your Best Friend

While studio shots of your dog (or dogs!) are the new latest thing, how adorable is it when your dog’s favorite human is included?

Aside from including your dog in a family portrait, you can capture your child playing with his best friend, give your dog a part to play in your ‘save a date’ wedding announcement or even include them in your professional wedding photos.

If you’re single and your dog is your whole world, be sure to capture the charm of that relationship too.

1. Snuggly buggly wuggly

From Count it Joy Photography.

Dog Photography - Look

2. Playing with the sprinkler

From Sharon Montrose Photography.

Dog Photography - Children

3. Save the date

From Rockhill Studio.

Dog Photography - Save The Date

4. Best dog

From Dave and Charlotte Wedding Photography.

Dog Photography - Wedding

5. Fur family

From TAustin Photography.

Dog Photography - Family Portrait

Royal Hound

We all know a dog who’s a princess or a prince, a king or a queen. Give your hound the royal treatment with a work of photo artistry.

Printing the result on canvas makes for a thoughtful present. If you have a regular dog sitter or dog walker in your web, be sure to check out these personalized gifts.

6. Kings of the couch

From Hayne Photographers.

Dog Photography - Three Dogs Royal

7. Princess pug

From Style Me Pretty.

Dog Photography - Crown

Silly Flea Bags

Did you score yourself a court jester? Let them loose in a photo shoot with a photographer who can capture the hilarity of their silliness.

Let them jump, eat, play or sleep – and even play dress ups.

8. Might as well jump

From Julie Christe.

Dog Photography - Silly Jump

9. Dog selfie

From Rafaelmantesso’s Instagram.

Dog Photography - Silly Selfie

10. Sleep now

From Jessica Schmitt Photography.

Dog Photography - Silly Sleepy Time

11. Food frenzy

From Fotos Frei Schnauze by Christian Vieler.

Dog Photography - Silly Food

12. What’s up doc?

From Nuelle Flipse.

Dog Photography - Silly Doctor

Sophisticated Pooch

Transform your beautiful girl (or boy!) into a class act with a glamorous garland or a tasteful tutu.

Ridiculously resplendent!

13. Boho bow wow

From Wear Wag Repeat.

Dog Photography - Sophisticated

14. Princess pooch

From Wasio Photography.

Dog Photography - Sophisticated - Classy Ballerina

Gorgeous Bitch Moms

If Mom went and got herself pregnant (or was set up on a date by you), she deserves some pampering.

With most dogs today getting spayed, it’s not often we get to experience those moments, so be sure to capture those treasured times on camera for all the world to enjoy.

15. Puppy peck

From Go Go Bolshoi.

Dog Photography - Puppies

16. Maternity makeover

From Anna Fotografia.

Dog Photography - Maternity

Furry Friends

Does fido have another furry friend? Seize those precious moments on camera.

17. Mouth to mouth

From Richard Austin Images.

Dog Photography - Other Animals


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