22 Priceless And Precious Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

22 Priceless And Precious Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

The key to capturing the essence of family is being as authentic as you can and few things demand authenticity more than announcing the arrival of a new family member.

There’s something to inspire everyone in these 22 pregnancy announcement ideas from the most priceless quirky, silly, funny moments to the most precious, heart-felt, tear-jerkers.

Whether your method of choice is video or camera, the most important thing is being true to yourself and telling your own personal story in the most ‘you’ way possible.

And remember, you don’t have to share your announcement with the world – you might just share it with friends and family or simply print it to canvas as a cherished keepsake.

Announcing in style

These couples have gone all out, organizing professional productions. You too can consider hiring a photographer, but if you’re more of a DIY kind of person consider finding a friend with a great camera or good eye for photography.

The pumpkin patch idea is absolutely adorable and, as you can see from the end result, very much worth the effort! Inspired to add some lighting effects to your big news?

1. We’re Adding A Pumpkin To Our Patch

2. We Have News

By All Things Lovely

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - We Have News

3. Giant Letter Balloons

By Mommy Status

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Giant Letter Balloons

Saying it with smiles

Sugar coat your announcement with cuteness. The age-old ‘bun in the oven’ never fails to do the trick, particularly when there are grandmothers involved!

Pregnancy announcements are the perfect opportunity to get creative with your photography, so choose a photo from an image library (like the ‘growing by two feet’ photo) or create something afresh (like the ‘something sweet’ brew).

4. Bun In The Oven

5. Growing Family

By Mommy’s Little Sunshine

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Growing Family

6. Something Sweet Is Coming …

By Alaina Michele

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Something Sweet Is Coming

7. Big Sister Face

By I Am Sarah’s Smile

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Big Sister Face

A few tear jerkers

Let’s be clear here. Us women have the upper hand when it comes to pregnancy announcements. A father-to-be can never surprise a mother-to-be with the news, right? This means we can capture all the emotion about the news from the men in our lives on film.

Young Dads-t0-be are a wonder to behold as are future Dads who’ve been struggling alongside their partner to get pregnant. A lot of loss and a lot of love is what make these announcements tug at your heartstrings.

8. Bun in The Oven

9. Bawling Dad To Be

All the sibling love

Big brothers and sisters steal the show when it comes to pregnancy announcements. It simply can’t get any cuter than involving the new sibling in a photo shoot that will continue to delight the whole family well into the future.

10. Promoted To A Big Sister

By Kody And Brianna

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Promoted To A Big Sister

11. Playmate Expected

By Simplify Create Inspire

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Playmate Expected

12. To Do List

By Keeping Up With The Morgans

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - To Do List

13. Party For Two

By Life as a Thrifter

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Party For Two

14. Guess What?!

By Max & Me

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Guess What

Involving the four-legged friend

How can anyone resist the face of a furry friend who’s just found out they’re going to be sharing their home with a new little human?

The awesome thing about photographing dogs (as opposed to cats) is that they tend to be a bit better at sitting still for the camera which means you can add almost any precious prop you like to the shot.

15. Studying Up For Big Brother

By Making Manzanita

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Big Brother

16. Official Toy Tester

By Becoming His 31

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Official Toy Tester

Announcing your first baby

It’s always super exciting when you’re announcing your first baby. Exciting for everyone! I guess that’s why our Facebook feeds are full of them, particularly if your friends are all popping them out!

Here are two ideas, below, that are easy to replicate at home or great to inspire a unique idea of your own.

17. Joy To The World

By Perfectly Beautiful Things

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Joy To The World

18. Announcing Baby

By The Newlyweds Cookbook

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Announcing Baby

Saying it with chalk

For something that is so simple to use, chalk has a super high impact. Whether it’s plain white or multi-colored the beaut thing about chalk (as opposed to paint) is you can rub it off and start again.

But it’s the childlike wonder that chalk emanates that makes it a wonderful art tool. We love every single one of these ideas below – plus look at the expression on the face of the little boy in #21. Priceless!

19. And Then There Were 4

By Joanna Luehmann

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas -And Then There Were 4

20. Chalk Floor Announcement

By John Sons First Comes Love

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Chalk Floor Announcement

21. New Birth Order

By Repeat Craft After Me

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - New Birth Order

22. New Act

By Joanna Luehmann

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - New Act


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