Using Romantic Wall Art When Moving in Together

Using Romantic Wall Art When Moving in Together

Romantic Wall Art

One of the most important steps in any relationship is the first time you share a living space. No matter when this moment happens on your personal romantic timeline, it can be a stressful and anxious stage. The relationship is changing, and the dynamic that has worked for you as a couple is changing. Not to mention all of your strange private behaviours are about to become very, very shared.

The key is to make the shared space into a home. While this has an intangible aspect to it, there are some clear, simple, visual things you can do to make the house feel welcoming to your partner and feel like a shared space – like using canvas prints as wall art throughout the place to transform it from a simple living space into an art gallery of your relationship.


Making Your House into a Home

If you’ve been living alone for a long time, your home is very likely set up specifically according to your tastes – and filled with art and photos that reflect a life before you met your partner. The first step towards a successful cohabitation is to walk through your home and make note of everything. Are their photos of past relationships? Friends that your partner doesn’t like or hasn’t even met? While you shouldn’t feel pressured to remove anything, thinking about how these photos might affect your partner emotionally is simply being a good person.



If you’re moving into a wholly new space, you have the perfect opportunity to pick and choose the photos you want to have, as well as the chance for a nice surprise. When packing, think about what photos are important to you and which ones don’t matter so much. There’s always an urge to bring everything, but that’s never a good idea – keep in mind that you’ll be dealing with twice as much stuff, so you have to start culling your possessions, including photos, early on.


The Canvas Prints Choice

Wall art of us

Once you’ve cleared your home or made your choices for the new house, it’s time to select photos that can be turned into wall art that will mark the place as both of yours. The photos you select to hang on the walls should be focused on you as a couple, not your group of friends or even your families – put yourselves front and centre. Pick high-quality shots that can be cropped to look good, and select enough so you can place one in every room of the house. You want to make sure it feels like two people are now living there.

If it’s a new house, this can all be done the night before the big move-in. Have your canvas prints ready and simply sneak in and hang them all over the place. When Move-In Day finally arrives, it will be a wonderful surprise for your significant other to find that you’ve marked the whole space with photos of yourselves, demonstrating your commitment to making it into a home, not just a house.

Every step along a relationship’s path is important, and should be celebrated and marked with something beautiful. When you’re ready to take the leap and live together, mark it with the most beautiful thing of all – photos of yourselves. When you’re ready to make the commitment, we’ll be ready to turn your photos into something beautiful.