Take Better Night Photos with Your Smartphone for Cheap Canvas Prints

Take Better Night Photos with Your Smartphone for Cheap Canvas Prints

Taking better night photos for cheap canvas prints

Most people still believe that if you want to take better photos, whether in order to make them into cheap canvas prints or to post on a blog or sell professionally, you absolutely must have a dedicated camera. That’s true if your goals are professional, but if all you want are some high-quality images to turn into wall art for your home, you can take great photos with just your smartphone’s built-in camera.

But what about night photos? Night time is notoriously difficult: Low light, but with plenty of light pollution from artificial sources. Can a smartphone camera handle night environments and still give you great photos? It sure can, but only if you take a few simple things into consideration.

Tip 1: Follow the Light

A flash will only get you so far in the night time. In fact, most flashes on smartphone cameras will make your subject look like they are floating in a black void – a cool effect if that’s what you want. If not, you need to follow the most basic of all suggestions: Go to where the light is best. The more light, the better your photo will turn out, so if there’s a brightly-lit area, that’s your best bet. It probably seems simplistic, but the fact is most people simply don’t think to do it.

Night cheap canvas prints

Tip 2: Test, Adjust, Repeat

If you’re unfamiliar with the settings that your smartphone camera offers, get familiar in the simplest way possible: Take a lot of photos, review them on-screen, and make adjustments until you find a good balance. While reviewing your photos on the small smartphone screen in low light isn’t ideal, it will give you an instant sense of whether your current set up – including the spot you’re taking the photograph in, your camera settings, and the positioning of the subject – are all working together to give you the best possible night photos.

Tip 3: Try an App

Finally, you’re working with a Smartphone, after all – install an App! The beauty of the Smartphone is that you can compensate for its drawbacks as a camera with the power of Apps. An App like Nightcap for the iPhone, for example, can assist your smartphone camera with capturing more light and minimising the other problems commonly associated with night photography, resulting in a better photos without your having to do anything particularly stressful at all. While an App may not be magic when it comes to your night photos, it certainly can’t hurt. Have fun and experiment.

Cheap canvas prints of the moon

There’s something freeing about taking photos at night. When you’ve perfected your technique and taken some really amazing night photos, click here and we’ll ensure that the magic you’ve captured gets transferred to your canvas prints for the ideal impact on your walls.


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