Three Reasons To Bring Your Facebook Cover Photo To Life

Wow, that’s amazing. LIKE. In this digital age, we’re taking the expression ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ to a whole new level. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have enabled us to easily share our captured experiences with friends and family.

Slide nights, both on the projector and the TV screen, are ancient history. Upload it Facebook and we’re guaranteed others will enjoy our photographic story (and they’re not even forced to pretend). If there’s a moment we’ve captured that’s really special we’ll even make it our Facebook cover photo.

We then change our cover photo to a funny meme and that moment is lost forever.

It’s time to bring your virtual photos to life – to decorate your physical rather than just your virtual walls. Here are three reasons to bring your Facebook cover photo to life as a canvas print.

1. It doesn’t hurt your eyes – or your spirits

There’s a reason we want to hold onto beautiful memories; revisiting them gives us joy when we’re having a bad day.

Social media is not suited to bad days or tired eyes, so switching off is sometimes the only option. But where do we find inspiration when we’re having a screen free day?

Decorating your home with awe-inspiring moments captured on canvas prints will lift your spirits and delight your eyes.

When your friend captured that look on your face of calm concentration as you skillfully speed skated, you both knew it was a shot that would motivate you for years to come. When you and your partner first experienced falling snow together in New York, a childlike sense of wonder brought a sparkle to your eye that should never be forgotten.

Facebook Cover - Canvas Print - Speedskating

With moments like those captured on canvas prints, that calm, that wonder and that sparkle need never disappear.

2. You get to decide the specs for once

We’ve all been there. You capture a moment worthy of a National Geographic photography prize (or at least your Facebook cover) then you’re forced to crop it. What was once a beautifully crafted work of art has been reduced to a skinny, pixelated landscape that cuts out all that made it glorious.

Facebook Cover - Canvas Print - Parrots Cropped

CROPPED: Facebook cover photo.

Facebook Cover - Canvas Print - Parrots

COMPLETE: Fuller photo for canvas print.

Canvas prints, glass prints and aluminum prints give you the high quality presentation your best photos deserve.

Save the ‘likes’ for Facebook. Visitors to your home will ‘love’ your spectacular interior design – and it’s just as easy to achieve.

3. Your boss will know you have a life outside of work

Despite being a place to share to hundreds of friends, Facebook still fails to reach some of the most important people.

Your boss isn’t your Facebook friend. That’s risky business. This means they may not even realize you have a life outside of work. Adorn your cubicle or office wall with a family photo canvas print to remind you – and your boss – what’s most important.

Facebook Cover - Canvas Print - Family

Lift your spirits with some of your best memories captured on canvas. Bring your Facebook cover photo to life now.


Eli is Canvas Factory's resident blogger and social media buff. She has a passion for art, craft, design, fashion and photography. She loves to explore the joys and challenges of family life, relationships, motherhood and pet ownership. Eli finds it's more funny to poke fun at herself than others. She's travelled extensively and considers herself a citizen of the world.

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