33 Super Unique Wedding Photo Ideas

33 Super Unique Wedding Photo Ideas

Getting married? Congratulations! There’s a lot to get done now isn’t there? It’s OK. When it comes to wedding photography we’ve got your back with super unique wedding photo ideas to inspire.

Regardless of whether you have or haven’t yet chosen a wedding photographer, it’s time to start thinking of how you’d like your wedding to be photographed. Even the most talented, experienced professional wedding photographer will be keen to hear your ideas.

If you haven’t chosen a wedding photographer yet, be sure to check out our top tips for choosing a wedding photographer now.

If you love to stand out from the crowd or simply want a few key shots that will pop, be sure to explore these stunning, fun and unique ideas that capture the bride and groom; the bridal party; children; the venue, special details and magical seasonal landscapes.

The Special Day: Bride And Groom

Ultimately this special day is all about you, the bride and the groom, so it’s important your photographer captures the essence of who you are. As a couple, this could mean lusty romance, strong loving bonds or a fun, adventurous relationship. Or it could mean all of the above! And more!

1. Moment Of Happiness

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Moment Of Happiness

2. Classic Confetti

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Confetti Shot

3. Photo Wall Display

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Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Wall Display

4. Hold Me Close

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Hold Me Close

5. Sunset Love

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Sunset Love

Crazy Shenanigans: Bridal Party Fun

Increasingly, with bridal party photography, there is an expectation that the bridesmaids and groomsmen will ham it up for the camera. You can’t fake that stuff, so if you’re after some memorable bridal party memories, be sure to take time before the special day to ensure everyone in the group knows each other and is comfortable with each other. Together you can then create some pretty awesome and unique memories.

6. Kilt Party

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Kilt Party

7. Snowy Party

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Snowy Party

8. Groom Is Jumping

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Groom Is Jumping

9. Trying To Kiss

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Trying To Kiss

10. On Truck

By Fiore Blossoms

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - On Truck

11. Wedding Converse

By Stay And Roam

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Converse

Cute As Pie: Photos With Children

The bride might steal the show, but including little ones in the bridal party will add a super adorable touch – that childlike innocence and sense of wonder that fairytale weddings tend to convey. In the eyes of children, brides and grooms are real life princesses and princes. These ideas, below, feature ideas that are charming, cheeky and exciting – evermore enchanting through the eyes of a child.

12. Acrylic Glass Photo Print

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Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Glass - Child

13. Under The Veil

From Tumblr (jenniferbaker88)

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Under The Veil

14. Cheeky Scheming

By Livvy Land

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Flower Girls And Boy

The Venue: All In The Detail

So much effort goes into transforming wedding and reception venues into beautiful spaces that represent the unique characteristics of a couple – things they love and value. When photographed, glorious floral wedding bouquets can be captured in time, living forever. The ambience of your big day will never be lost if the details are transformed into precious, almost tangible memories.

15. Blossom Bouquet

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Blossom Bouquet

16. Bunch Of Flowers

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Bunch Of Flowers

17. Interior Decoration

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Interior Decoration

18. Blue And White

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Blue And White

19. In The Backyard

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - In The Backyard

20. Live Laugh Love

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Live Laugh Love

21. Table With Flowers

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Table With Flowers

22. Silhouette Collage

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Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Silhouette

Up Close And Personal: Intimate Moments

Speaking of detail, the same principle holds true for people as well. There are very few days in our lives where we go to the trouble of perfecting our look – our clothes, our hair, our nails, our shoes. But the real perfection lies in the meaning behind those moments of intimacy, the connection of two lovers uniting forever. Getting up close and personal brings tears to the eyes – happy tears – giving you the opportunity to live that special bond of love over and over again.

23. Nothing Else Matters

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Just This Dance

24. Touching The Bouquet

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Touching The Bouquet

25. Wedding Shoes

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Wedding Shoes

26. Holding Hands

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Holding Hands

Celebrating The Seasons: Magical Landscapes

Ignore the naysayers who say you can’t have a Winter or a Summer wedding. Spring and Autumn may be the most popular seasons to marry, but even the most carefully chosen day can result in rain. And it doesn’t have to equal ruin. The best photographers can work in any weather and will lift your spirits by using unique opportunities to delight you with their creativity.

27. Field Of Sunflowers (Spring)

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Field Of Sunflowers

28. In The Woods (Autumn)

By Bethany Marie

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - In The Woods

29. Flower Power (Spring)

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Spring Spirit

30. In The Forest (Winter)

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - In The Forest

31. Indoor Warmth (Winter)

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Indoor Decoration

32. Beach Celebration (Summer)

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Beach Celebration

33. Perfect Pastels (Spring)

By Tiny Twisst

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - Magical


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