17 Wedding Collages To Inspire That Loving Feeling

Weddings are often the biggest staged events of our lives, but once the day is over it can start feeling like a distant memory much too soon. Wedding photography is the one saving grace, but sometimes we tuck those digital photos or albums away, rarely to be enjoyed again.

Printing your wedding photos onto canvas, glass or aluminum to display as wall art in your home is a wonderful way to honor that special day – and wedding collages are a beautiful way to tell a story of your wedding day. They’re also terrific for when you have absolutely no idea which photos to choose. You can just choose them all!

Explore 17 collages that will inspire that loving feeling day in, day out, including real life inspirations from our own Canvas Factory customers.

Traditional Collages

Traditional, in this sense, doesn’t mean ‘boring’ or ‘plain’. It’s simply the name for the style of collage template we offer. Each of the frames are completely blank, giving you the opportunity to include any photo or graphic you like into the collage.

Traditional collages also give the opportunity for the photos to speak for themselves without any frills. This is particularly useful if your professional wedding photographer has captured endless amazing options of your day. The key to creating an amazing collage is to not print the collage too small. Some of our customers tell us things like “It’s so amazing! I should have printed it larger!” Go large! You won’t regret it.

With this style of template, you have the opportunity to include any type of graphic you like. This means that, if you’d like to include some word art in one of the frames, you can choose any quote and word art you like. If you love to DIY, you can easily create something creative using Canva, a free tool for those who aren’t graphic designers. Otherwise, if you know a graphic designer, ask them to create a word art graphic for you.

1. Two-Frame Word Art Wedding Collage

Wedding Collages - Traditional - Quote

2. Six-Frame Traditional Landscape Photo Collage

Wedding Collages - Traditional

3. Nine-Frame Traditional Portrait Collage With Word Art

Wedding Collages - Traditional - Centre Quote

Modish Collages

Modish collage templates are ideal for fashionable couples who love artwork that’s a little bit different from the norm. This is photo art at its very best and, with our canvas creator, you can get as creative as you like.

Create a collage featuring edgy, asymmetrical frames or even shapes like a heart, balloon or butterfly. Color the frames any shade that will suit your decor or just stick with white.

Use a wedding photo in each frame or lavish some of the frames with decorative graphics. The creative options are endless.

4. Whimsical Modish Collage With Pink Frame

Wedding Collages - Modish - Pink Wash

5. Modish Heart Collage With Decorative Graphics

Wedding Collages - Modish - Heart

6. Retro Modish Collage With Red Frame

Wedding Collage - Retro

7. Nine-Frame Circular Modish Collage

Wedding Collage - Round

Silhouette Collages

Silhouette collages will add ambience to a room, with so many magical options suitable for wedding photos. With these templates you’ll definitely feel love in the air every day of your lives together.

Whether it’s celebratory champagne, a romantic couple or a classic heart, these silhouettes are designed to add cheer and fancy, bringing a room alive.

Regardless of whether you were married last year or 20 years ago, now is the time to gather together those wedding photos and transform them into something truly special. These make the ultimate anniversary or ‘just because’ gifts.

8. Champagne Silhouette Collage

Wedding Collages - Glass

9. Couple Silhouette Wedding Collage

Wedding Collages - Couple

10. Heart Silhouette Anniversary Collage With Word Art

Wedding Collages - Heart

Themed Collages

Celebrate your love and the excitement of being together on a daily basis with a fun or romantic word art themed collage. Some of the options that are perfect for wedding photos include ‘Love’, ‘Best Day Ever’ and ‘Live. Laugh. Love.’

You can print these collages in small or large sizes, with smaller sizes making a great addition to the workplace or home office and the larger sizes ideal for the living room or the main bedroom.

11. Best Day Ever Themed Collage

Wedding Collages - Themed

12. Love Themed Collage

Wedding Collages - Themed

N.B. Corner mounts not included.

Real Life Inspirations

When choosing how to lay out your wedding photos onto canvas, there’s nothing better than being inspired by ‘real life’ wedding collages. Explore these collages below or visit our Real Life Inspirations page for other creative canvas ideas.

13. Emily’s Traditional Wedding Collage

“I’ve just hung my canvas from the Canvas Factory and I’m in love! The quality of the canvas is 10/10, the photos are clear and the colors are spot on. Postage was very fast. I will definitely shop again and recommend to anyone wanting high quality.”

Wedding Collages - Emily

14. Kelly’s ‘Love’ Themed Wedding Collage

“Loving my new canvas. Prompt delivery and user friendly website. Well done!”

Wedding Collages - Kelly

15. Holly’s Traditional Monochrome Collage

“Thank you for helping us to create a collage that we truly can cherish forever. We have two daughters who will see this on the wall and know that they have two parents very much in love. We are very happy with our new canvas.”

Wedding Collages - Holly

16. Julie’s Collage Wall Display

“I am a huge fan of The Canvas Factory. I have ordered 20 canvases from you so far to fill my house, my daughter’s house and gifts for other family members, and all 20 canvases have been simply amazing, my very favorites are the ones of my gorgeous daughter’s beautiful wedding which was a year ago on the 3rd Oct. Their wedding lights up my lounge room wall everyday and I am constantly looking at them. I look forward to many more canvases from you in the future of all our special family events, (I think I’m going to need a bigger house haha). I have recommended the Canvas Factory to everyone I know, the online ordering system is just so easy to use and the quality of the canvases is outstanding, thank you for being so great.”


Wedding Collages - Julie

17. Tiffany’s Modish Heart Collage

“I put together a collage of pictures from my wedding using the heart shape and it turned out beautiful. The original shape of the canvas was rectangle, but I asked if it could made into a square shape. Canvas Factory did this for me without any hesitation then I was only charged for the square shape. I am so happy with it and the color goes perfectly with my lounge room.”

Wedding Collages - Tiffany


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