11 Custom Acrylic Glass Print Home Décor Ideas

11 Custom Acrylic Glass Print Home Décor Ideas

The contemporary, frameless look of a custom acrylic glass print will make your photos shine – literally. But why would you choose acrylic prints? Similar in feel to prints on glass, acrylic is lighter and more durable than glass, making it the perfect material to use for displaying photos in your bathroom and kitchen.

Acrylic glass prints will give your images an ultra-clear and sharp resolution, and will make a high-impact statement wherever they are placed in the home. They make the perfect present for birthdays, anniversaries or as housewarming gifts, or can be bought for yourself to love and cherish over the years. But what makes these special acrylic glass prints so unique, and what are the best acrylic glass wall art designs to decorate your home with? Keep reading to find out more.

Why choose custom acrylic glass prints?

Unlike canvas prints, custom acrylic glass prints come in a high-shine glossy finish, making them perfect for bright, detailed, high-definition images where it helps to see all the fine detail in your images.

They come as a frameless picture and are lightweight, durable and easy to clean, making them easy to move. The acrylic print look is modern but can also suit a more classic design style.

Acrylic Glass Print Home Décor Ideas

What kinds of images work best when it comes to acrylic prints? Any kind of image works well on acrylic glass prints, but generally, bright, highly-saturated images or detail-rich images work best. Even black and white or neutral images with detail look great, as the image will be printed in great clarity, unlike, say, canvas prints which have a slightly textured look.

1. Family photos

Acrylic will print your treasured family photos in rich, splendid detail. The best part? It’s super easy to clean, meaning it can even be hung in high-traffic areas within the home or in kids’ rooms. If you happen to spot any greasy little finger marks on your prints, they can be wiped right off with a damp cloth.

To print a beautiful family photo in acrylic, simply choose your favorite high-resolution family photo. Printing in acrylic will mean picking up on all the fine detail in your image, so this will even be suitable for an enormous group photo. Our easy-to-use order template will mean you’ll be finished in minutes or even seconds!

You could also try:

  • A family wall display in acrylic
  • A split acrylic print
  • A black and white grid display using smaller square-shaped acrylic glass prints

acrylic glass print family

 2. Landscapes

The vivid color seen in landscape images looks fabulous on acrylic glass prints, as the material picks up color and detail well. These rich scenes can transport you to another part of the world, or bring back memories of a holiday you took in the past. It is especially suited to large-scale landscapes like expansive mountain scenes, but some other great landscape art ideas for acrylic glass prints are:

split metal print

3. Wedding photos

There’s no better way to celebrate and commemorate your big day than with a series of beautiful acrylic glass prints. These prints will give an extra “X factor” to your most treasured photos. They will be printed in a professional-feel, high-gloss shine that will stand out in any room in your home.

The best ways to commemorate the moments of your wedding are:

  • A wall display of acrylic glass prints with your favorite wedding moments
  • A series of acrylic glass prints in the same size in black and white, to arrange along a corridor
  • A large-scale acyclic print to hang in the bedroom with your favorite couples photo from the wedding

acrylic glass print wedding

4. Cityscapes

Stunning, high-impact cityscapes can look magnificent as an acrylic glass print. The bright city lights and bold architectural lines of the city appear even more stunning when printed on high-definition acrylic. For cityscapes, a large-scale artwork tends to work best and can create a wonderful statement piece for the living room, entrance hallway or to hang in a large bedroom.

cityscape image

5. Retro acrylic glass prints

Retro art is there to make a statement. It makes use of bold color, strong graphical elements and interesting patterns. This kind of art is perfect as an acrylic glass print, as the colors are more saturated and displayed as a higher definition look. These prints look great as a large-scale artwork.

retro art print

 6. Sports acrylic glass prints

For the sports lovers, an acrylic glass print can give sports images a high-definition look. Sports art can encompass anything from a personal sports image to a more artistic sports illustration.

sports acrylic glass print

7. Still life acrylic glass prints

The great thing about an acrylic glass print is that they can be wiped clean easily, making them perfect for areas like the kitchen or bathroom. Still life artwork can look fantastic in the kitchen, adding color and giving your spaces a homely feel.

still life wall art

8. Food art

Similarly, food art looks great in the kitchen and if your acrylic glass prints get steamed up, they can be wiped clean easily. Use your own food photography or select from our enormous range of images to create a beautiful customized acrylic glass print.

custom acrylic glass print

9. Split acrylic glass prints

For an artwork that is truly impressive, why not try a split acrylic glass print? Split acrylic prints will help your images shine with crystal-clear clarity.The best kinds of images to use for split acrylic glass prints are:

  • High-definition landscapes
  • Nature photographs
  • Wedding photos
  • Cityscapes
  • Any image that will make a statement

When creating your split print, you just need to watch where the image splits to ensure you won’t be cutting any important elements of your photo in half! Ideally, you want to choose an image that doesn’t have too much important fine detail, as this important detail may be lost if split across too many prints. If in doubt, split your image across less prints; say, 3 or 4, which will still result in a high-impact look.

split acrylic prints

10. Acrylic photo collages

Can’t decide which of your beautiful photos to use for your wall art? Why not use all of them? Try your hand at creating an acrylic photo collage. This is the ultimate stylish print for your walls. There are a multitude of acrylic photo collages you could create; use images from your wedding, family photos, or just a collection of inspirational images that make you happy.

When creating your collage, try grouping together images with a similar editing style or look. For instance, you might want to create a collage of all black and white photos, or baby photos with a soft, bright filter, or highly-saturated wedding photos. This will ensure your collage comes together as one cohesive artwork.

acrylic collage prints

11. Abstract acrylic glass prints

Acrylic is the perfect material to use when creating abstract prints, as it will pick up all the rich detail within your images. We have a huge selection of all different kinds of abstract prints, such as:

abstract wall art

A bold, contemporary print can add a unique touch to your spaces. Acrylic prints are a lightweight yet durable wall art option that will last decades and are easy to keep clean. Their durability makes them a must-have addition for any room in the house, even bathrooms, kitchens, or even spaces that are within reach of little sticky fingers!

So why live within boring bare walls? If you’re looking for a flawless custom acrylic glass print, start exploring our range of acrylic glass prints now.


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