The 9 Best Ideas for Wall Art for Children

The 9 Best Ideas for Wall Art for Children

The best wall art for children should be bright, colorful, and open up your child’s imagination. Wall art for kids should be fun and should explore fresh new ideas that will make them think.

You can draw your inspiration for your wall art for children from their existing interests or find something new to inspire them. Whether your kids are into dinosaurs, science, nature, or even unicorns, we’ve got ideas for everyone!

Discover Wall Art for Children

You don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate your kid’s rooms. And, if your kids are old enough, they can get involved in the process of creating their own wall art, too. Let them help you choose one large-scale wall art piece, a set of several smaller pieces, or a wall display.


There’s something intensely intriguing about seeing photos of interesting exotic animals, from brightly-colored tropical birds to powerful large African cats or majestic elephants.

Wall art of these animals will capture the imaginations of your little ones, transporting them to the lush Indonesian jungle or the wide sweeping plains of the African savannah.

wall art for children

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Awaken your little one’s imagination with wondrous imagery of far-off fantasy lands. The best wall art for children should inspire wonder and imaginative play.

Try smaller pieces of wall art featuring unicorns, rainbows or fairies. Make a lasting impression with larger wall art of fantasy scenes that can bring rich color to your children’s rooms. You could even do a series of your child’s favorite fantasy characters, from elves to wizards to an enchanted forest.

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wall art for children
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The best wall art for children who are a little younger are illustrated prints. The quality of the availability of children’s illustration today means anyone can access beautifully-drawn imagery.

Illustrated prints come in a huge range, including imaginative children’s characters as well as animals, scenes of nature, or imaginary lands.

wall art for children
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Fun and colorful friendly robots can make for some of the most exciting wall art for children. Robots do tend to be a little scary, though, and you don’t want your wall art to frighten your kids and give them nightmares!

The best robot wall art pieces are bright and colorful, featuring robots with expressive, human-like faces. These robots are usually smiling, waving or they could be helping people in some way.

This kind of wall art will open up your children’s imaginations to a world in the future where our technological capabilities have been extended and anything is possible and robots can help us fix our problems.

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wall art for children robot


Similarly, rocket ships are a reminder of the possibilities of human technological advancement and the unexplored realms of the universe.

Moreover, rocket ships have the ability to help us explore space, an idea that is infinitely exciting to young boys and girls!

For younger kids, an illustrated rocket ship might be more appropriate, whereas, for older kids, a canvas with a real image of a rocket ship can make a beautiful gift.

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When it comes to wall art for children who are a little older, age-appropriate street photography or graffiti art can be a great way to decorate their walls.

Graffiti wall art can introduce a grungy, playful mood into their décor, or bring color to their spaces. On the other hand, street photography; either in color or black and white, can bring an intriguing element to your child’s spaces.

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Another idea for wall art for children is to experiment with the family photos that remind your kids of their favorite family moments.

Whether that’s a day by the beach, a memorable Christmas Day, a family barbecue, or a portrait with your child’s grandparents, family photos are sure to make your little one smile.

In addition, unlike other children’s wall art, they also won’t date and can be treasured for many years to come.

Check out our blog on family photography to get the best family photos! If you can’t decide on your favorite family photos, why not create a wall display or get your little ones to help you create a family photo collage?

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wall art for children collage


Does your child have a most beloved pet that they’d like to remember forever? Pet photos can create the most treasured wall art for children, you just need the right photos!

Luckily, pet photography is easy, especially when you follow our simple pet photography guide. You can take photos of your kids with their pets, or feature pets on their own, running, playing with their favorite toy, or at rest.

From there, simply choose your wall art style and size, order your prints and wait for them to arrive.

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wall art for children sausage dog


Finally, cute alphabet pictures can make for beautiful wall art for children, especially for the younger ones. There are some beautiful illustrated alphabet artworks available if you know where to look!

wall art for children alphabet

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In conclusion, when it comes to wall art for children, we have an enormous variety of images available to transform into beautiful works of art. Simply find your favorite image by searching using your preferred search term, select your image and print size, and place your order!

Our prints arrive fully ready to hang, however, you’ll need to decide where you’ll hang your artwork. Therefore, in your child’s room, it will need to be high enough to avoid sticky little fingers, but low enough for it to be fully visible.

A smaller canvas hung high on the wall or with lots of fine detail will be hard for children to see. The best wall art for children is either large-scale artworks or a series of smaller artworks hung low enough for them to examine.

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