5 Of The Most Thoughtful Christmas Present Ideas

5 Of The Most Thoughtful Christmas Present Ideas

It may seem like you have plenty of time, but the lead up to Christmas always seems to speed up and, before you know it, it’s just around the corner. In our haste, we usually end up buying our loved ones the same things for Christmas every year. And when you’re trying to come up with a more thoughtful Christmas present idea than a pair of socks for Dad, all the usual suspects come to mind; photo frames, jewellery, or monogrammed accessories.

But why not get something out-of-the-box this year? Something that doesn’t toe the line between creative and cliched? The ideal Christmas present idea is thoughtful and personal, yet will still enhance or improve someone’s life. That might be a gift to brighten up their room or provide a useful function in their day-to-day life. Unfortunately, not many Xmas gift ideas tick all of the boxes without breaking the bank.

Thoughtful Christmas present ideas

Luckily, we’ve come up with some top Christmas present ideas that also happen to be affordable, so you can surprise and delight your loved ones with personalised gifts to make them smile. We’ve got Xmas gift ideas for everybody.

1. Canvas prints

Canvas prints are the perfect gift and are incredibly versatile. They can make a huge difference to a blank wall, especially large canvas prints. Canvas will suit any home interiors style; classic or contemporary and everything in between, as long as there’s enough wall space!

Our high-quality wrapped canvas prints can be personalised with any image you choose, whether that’s a personal photo of family and friends, a family portrait, a photo of a favorite destination, or your favorite pets.

You can choose any image you want for your canvas prints. Try to think about the person’s existing home décor, and aim to create their print accordingly. Consider what your loved one likes or which colors they usually wear. You could use themes such as:

  • The beach; with images of the sea, sand, or the water
  • Their favorite holiday destination, or a trip they took; whether that was on an island, in the mountains, or to a picturesque winery
  • A favorite color scheme or a unique pattern; that might be candy-colored clouds, modern graphic prints, or a cherry blossom print
  • Animals; think about their favorite animal and try experimenting with either an image of that animal, whether it’s a frog or a butterfly, or a print, such as a funky giraffe print, snake print, or zebra stripes

The best part is, there are so many options to choose from. There are countless sizes, shapes and designs to choose from, so you can really unleash your creativity and come up with some wild designs to adorn your loved one’s walls with.

Alternatively, you could choose from our wide range of wall art options. Choose from our variety of over 25 million images, or select your own unique image to upload.

For more canvas print ideas, check out our article on large canvas wall art here.

wedding canvas print

2. Canvas collages

A thoughtful canvas collage can show your loved ones that you really care about them, yet they’re not difficult to create using our easy-to-use templates.

A collage is generally tied together with a theme. Popular themes our customers use are:

  • Wedding; a compilation of wedding images. These might include images of the happy couple or may include guests dancing, images of the rings and the wedding dress
  • Baby; a baby-themed collage this could be a compilation of different images of a baby; close-ups, images of the baby’s feet, hands or eyes, or a parent holding the baby’s hand
  • Locations; such as the beach, forest, park, or a holiday location

Choose whichever theme you like; we have a range of canvas collage styles to choose from. Choose from one of our themed photo collages, create your own, or you can even create collages in various shapes, such as love heart or paw print shapes. 

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Photo Collage

3. Metal prints

For that “extra” friend, we’d suggest something a little more glamorous and sophisticated. Metal prints are a great Christmas present idea, featuring a high-shine, high-definition finish which has a gallery-style look, suitable for both modern or classic-style homes.

Our aluminium prints have a long list of benefits, such as being;

  • Highly-durable
  • Weather-proof and water-resistant
  • Suitable for outdoors
  • Lightweight; easy for moving around
  • Fade-resistant for decades, even in sun and outside
  • A hard, scratch-resistant surface, perfect for kid’s rooms, the bathroom, kitchen, or high-traffic areas in the home like corridors

You can select an image from our range of over 25 million images, or use an image of your own; the choice is yours! 

split metal print

4. Split canvas prints and wall displays

To really make an impact, our large-scale split prints and wall displays make the ideal gift to brighten up dull walls.

Split canvas prints are perfect for large, impactful images, such as:

  • Landscapes
  • Large-scale family portraits
  • Pictures of nature
  • Pictures of objects such as flowers
  • Seascapes

You just have to be mindful of where you place your image to ensure that the image doesn’t break in the wrong places. Our easy-to-use templates are very helpful in planning your split prints; they allow you to see exactly how your split print will look.

split canvas print

Wall displays are another high-impact format that can create a strong impression on a bare wall. Instead of splitting just one image, you can use multiple images to create a cohesive display.

We recommend grouping images together in a theme, such as:

  • Wedding images
  • Images of the beach, park, mountains, or a holiday
  • Family portraits; however, ideally these will be images shot on the same day or in the same sequence so they look cohesive
  • Baby photos
  • Pet photos

Or, get creative and come up with something truly special! The choice is yours.

5. Gift vouchers

Can’t decide which photo gift to get? Get a gift voucher for your loved ones,  so they can get whatever they want. Choose from a range of different value amounts.

Tips for creating amazing Canvas Factory photo gifts

  • Ensure the image you upload is high-quality. You can check our guidelines here to ensure your image fits our file specifications, and check here to ensure you have chosen a suitable image which is strong and bright
  • Choose a vibrant image, as these will turn out best
  • The best images for metal prints are black and white images or highly-vibrant images. Images with lots of fine detail will also look great on our metal prints, whereas canvas will give a less sharp look that mimics the look of a real painting

Start shopping now in time for Christmas! Browse our range of Christmas gifts online here.


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