Simple Engagement Photo Gift Ideas

Simple Engagement Photo Gift Ideas

Love is in the air lately. Are engagement parties filling up your calendar? A newly engaged couple can easily get overwhelmed with the token bottle of champagne and endless cards. But, if you really want to stand out, get inspired by these engagement photo gift ideas.

Engagements are one of the most special times in the lives of your friends and family. That means that engagement gifts should be equally special; they should be personal and thoughtful, with a little bit of your personality injected into them. So, why not think outside the box and surprise your loved up loved ones with something a little more creative?

1. A Canvas Print

Homewares in general are great for the newly engaged because the lucky couple is bound to be playing house before long – if they’re not already! A canvas print is the perfect post-engagement gift. It’s simple, affordable, and has the power to transform their walls and remind them of why they’re getting married and the happy memories that are sure to come!

Our favorite ideas for canvas prints are:

  • Couples photos – this is an obvious one, but it’s all about choosing the right photo. Black and white images are always super-romantic. Choose photos from a special time the couple had together, like a trip or a day out
  • Abstract art – this art type can suit practically any room in the house! Choose soft, romantic tones to reflect their love
  • Family photos – if the couple already has a family, why not commemorate their growing family with some cute photos of all the family?
couples wall art

2. Photo Collage

If you can’t decide on one image for a canvas print, never fear! You don’t need to stop at one. One of our favorite engagement photo gift ideas is a Photo Collage. After all, if you’ve known a couple for a long time, it’s hard to choose just one happy memory.

Collate all your favorite pics and create your own ultra-unique masterpiece. Try to choose photos with a similar editing style. Or, for a romantic look, go for black and white so your loved ones can style the collage anywhere in their home.

engagement present

3. A Wall Display

Again, if you have more than one image and you want to make a big impression, try a Wall Display. Perfect for couples who need to fill their boring, blank walls, a wall display is a collection of several prints in one display.

Buying all the prints in one collection in pre-set sizes makes it super-easy for the new lovebirds to style and display their art. This way, they don’t have to try and guess how to configure their art or how to place it.

Choose from a variety of Wall Displays. You could opt for a small wall display, or go all-out with a large one! The choice is yours.

couples wall display

4. A Themed Collage

For something truly special, why not opt for a Themed Photo Collage? Our themed “love” collages are the ideal way to commemorate a special engagement.

You could also opt for one of our Modish Shape Collages and choose a design with a love heart to make your gift even more special. It’s these small touches that truly show how much effort and thought you have put into your gift.

engagement photo gift ideas collage

5. A Metal Quote Print

When it comes to engagement photo gift ideas, originality is the key. That said, why not choose a quote that has a special meaning for your newly engaged loved ones? Perhaps you can find a quote from a poem, book, song, or movie that has a special meaning for them? Or you could sneakily find part of a love letter that one of them has written the other – you might need a little help for this!

Failing that, you could inspire them with wall art with romantic quotes to provide inspiration and inspire them to embrace the changes in the lucky couple’s life to come.

love quotes

Metal wall art is perfect for gifts such as these. Metal wall art is made to last decades, or even longer! It is scratch-proof, waterproof, fade-proof – you can even hang it outside if you wanted to!

Which of these engagement photo gift ideas would you choose? If you’re short on couples’ photos and need inspiration for a wall art gift, you can start browsing here. We have millions of original and creative


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