8 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts To Celebrate Mom

8 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts To Celebrate Mom

Our mothers sacrifice so much for each of us, giving us unconditional love, care and devotion. After all that Mom does for you, she deserves a unique Mother’s Day gift that celebrates who she is and all that she has achieved.

No two mothers are the same! We’ve pulled together a list of unique Mother’s Day gifts personalized for all the moms out there. Instead of giving her flowers and chocolates again, think carefully about who your mom really is, and what she enjoys. Use our suggestions below to match her personality to the perfect unique Mother’s Day gift to suit her.

Check out our Mother’s Day gifts by her unique personality. Do you recognize your mother in one of the below categories?

1. The Sporty Mom

Does Mom love nothing more than being active outdoors, golfing on Sundays or playing netball with the girls every week? If so, we’ve got some great unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for you.

  • A canvas print featuring sports imagery. Choose her favorite sport and create a piece of wall art that celebrates her unique love for the sport, whether that’s golf, tennis, swimming or bowls
  • Find imagery of her playing sports, alone or with friends, and turn it into a canvas print or a photo collage. She will love the thought that has gone into her gift, and, best of all, it will be useful!

2. The Animal Lover

Do you find it hard to tear Mom away from nature documentaries, pet shops or the local zoo? For moms that love pets and animals in all shapes and sizes, we’ve got the perfect gift ideas!

  • Create a photo collage of Mom’s favorite animals, and print it in acrylic to truly make it shine on her walls
  • Create a single canvas print with an image of Mom’s most beloved pet
  • Build a photo collage of Mom’s favourite pets. No matter how many pets she has, you can find a collage to fit them all in! You could even create a themed pet collage to honour her most loved pets
  • Create a wall display of her favorite animals, whether that might be a beautiful butterfly, horses, colorful birds or a certain breed of dog. Choose from our range of wall displays here

sausage dog print

3. The Outdoorsy Mom

Got an active mom? An active mom loves hiking, vast landscapes and being out in nature. If so, she’ll love these unique Mother’s Day gift ideas:

  • A split canvas print of a stunning landscape. Perhaps this is a memorable photo of a hiking trip or holiday she has taken, or you can choose from our enormous collection of landscape images
  • Images of nature; a hummingbird, a stunning landscape, a seascape or a scene with colorful flowers will brighten up your mom’s walls. Check out our selection of images from nature here and transform one straight into a photo print
  • A landscape on a high-definition metal print. Images printed on metal prints are displayed in highly-saturated color, sharply defined on the metal. Metal prints are perfect when you want to emphasize lots of fine detail in your images

landscape split canvas prints

4. The Beach Lover

Is it difficult to tear your mom away from the beach? Is she like a fish out of water on land? If so, she’ll love one of these unique Mother’s Day gift ideas to do with the beach.

  • A large canvas with a calming seascape, or a wall display with a series of images of the beach
  • Nautical prints. If Mom loves sailing, she might love to hang a nautical-style print on her wall, like images of anchors or boats
  • Family photos at the beach. What could be more meaningful for moms who love the beach than heartwarming family photos at the beach?

seascape wall art

5. The Art Enthusiast

If your Mom appreciates beautiful art and stunning prints, here are some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas to suit her creative sensibilities.

japanese wall art

6. The Bookworm

Have you got a bookworm in the family? If your mom loves nothing more than to curl up with a good book, she’ll love a meaningful gift that speaks her language. Try these ideas for the mom who is a regular bookworm.

  • Search for a quote from your mom’s favourite book and transform it into a canvas print to create a thoughtful gift. This is simpler than ever with our easy-to-use template. Just design your quote using Canva and upload it to our template
  • Create a photo collage that reconstructs the world of her favorite novel using a mixture of quotes and images that represent that world

7. The Foodie Mom

Does your mom love cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Perhaps she’s an aspiring home chef or even just loves sampling the menu at every single restaurant in town? Either way, if she’s a foodie, she’ll love these unique Mother’s Day gift ideas:

  • A simple drawing of food or ingredients for her kitchen on canvas
  • A wall display featuring her favorite foods from all around the world
  • A large single print with a rainbow of fresh foods or fruit to brighten up her kitchen. Use metal prints to really bring out the bright colors in the print
  • A photo of all the family enjoying food together

pineapple wall art

8. The Travel Queen

Do you have a travel queen in your midst? If your jet-setting Mom loves to travel, she might want a reminder of all the beautiful places she has travelled to in the past.

If so, try one of these unique Mother’s Day gift ideas.

  • A split canvas print of a stunning landscape, like an image of the beach or a mountain landscape
  • A metal wall art print featuring a cityscape of her favorite holiday destination, like a beautiful Italian village or a street photography scene

If you feel your mom is truly eccentric or simply doesn’t fit into one of the categories above, an original single canvas print is a great option. To start shopping our range on Canvas Factory, click here.


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