6 Perfect Christmas Proposal Ideas

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Popping the question is different for every couple – how it happens, where it happens – but one thing we all do seem to have in common is when it happens! With December just weeks away and New Year on the horizon, it’s time to perfect your “will you marry me” speech as research has found winter is when proposals reach their peak, with Christmas and New Year being the busiest time of year for people to get down on one knee. And why wouldn’t it be? With all the festivities, champagne, celebrations and plenty of gatherings with family and loved ones it’s perfect timing to ask for your loved one’s hand in marriage.

Finding creative marriage proposal ideas is tough. You want her (or him) to be wowed! Of course you will want to make sure your proposal is personal to your relationship but here are 6 perfect Christmas proposal ideas to get your creativity juices flowing. Keep in mind, every proposal will be unique, but the next few marriage proposal ideas are sure to get the “yes!” you are after!

1. Wrap yourself up

Hide yourself and the ring inside a really really big box (with air holes). Don’t forget to yell ‘Will you marry me!’ as they lift the lid! This one can be easy, but a lot of coordination is required to execute this proposal. Hiding yourself in a box wrapped with gift paper can be a big surprise when you are holding a ring in your hand and waiting to be unwrapped. Or you could have fun with it and make it obvious by wrapping yourself up! Let him or her unwrap you and when they get most of the way through the unwrapping, surprise them with the ring.


2. Say it with Christmas lights 

If you’ve got the patience of a saint and are willing to do the horrendous task of untangling the christmas lights from last year (how do they always get so tangled?!) then this is an adorable way to propose! Lights are an integral part of creating a festive atmosphere, so including them in a Christmas proposal is a must! Spell “will you marry me” on the lawn, wait until it gets dark and have them plug in the lights!


3. Wrap the ring up

Wrap the the engagement ring box inside a slightly bigger box and keep repeating until you have a really big box. If talk of marriage is on the cards, a lot will look out for tell-tale signs. So throw them off the scent on Christmas morning, by presenting them with a really big gift. As the unwrapping unfolds, in the smallest box, the ring pops out. They won’t expect a ring in such a large present so there’s the element of surprise. Alternatively, you could be a bit more cruel and leave the last box empty- but then have it sparkling away on the christmas tree!

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4. Surprise them on Christmas morning

Pretend you can’t be with them over the holidays and say you have to spend it with your family (cruel but so worth it!). Hide the ring at the bottom of the stocking and then on christmas morning be waiting there ready to pop out as soon as they open it.


5. Hide it in a cracker

Likely to be the most expensive cracker in the world – Hide the engagement ring in a Christmas cracker. You can unwrap most Christmas crackers at either end, meaning you can hide the ring inside it pretty easily. An easy way to ensure your proposal goes with a bang! It’ll certainly beat the usual sewing kit, paper hat and cheesy Santa joke!


6. Say it in the snow

We love the ideal of a proposal in the snow. Whether you are just out for a stroll or building a snowman, there is just something so romantic about snow. Why not take your partner on a trail and write a series of notes in the snow for them to stumble upon? Or if you’re releasing your inner child and building snowmen, pop the ring on the stick hand for the ultimate surprise!  


If you’re looking to propose over the Christmas period, hopefully these ideas have helped and that he or she says a big fat YES!


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