8 festive winter wedding ideas for the most magical day ever


Christmas is a magical time of year so what better time to tie the knot? It might seem like a crazy time to fit in a wedding, but with a bit of planning, a Christmas ceremony will be the most romantic event of the season. Whether you are just weeks away from the big day or are after some inspiration for your Christmas 2016 wedding, here are 8 festive winter wedding ideas to help turn your nuptials into a magical day that no-one will ever forget.

1. Embrace the seasonal decorations

A Christmas tree will make a beautiful focal point and is an absolute must for a festive ceremony. Your venue might have an impressive one up already but if not remember to ask them about their plans so you can plan yours around theirs. Use the wedding colours you’ve chosen for your tree decorations. However it doesn’t have to end there – think cute tiny christmas hats to stick on glasses and straws made out of candy cane to really get everyone in that festive feeling. Whatever it is, you’re sure to pick up some budget friendly finds in the high street shops!

bride and groom christmas tree

2. Skip the fruit in favour of yule

Who needs fruit cake when you’ve got yule log? It’s a christmas classic and a great take on the traditional wedding cake. If you are a traditionalist at heart then some great ideas for cakes to have at winter wedding include vintage styles that are dusted with silver powder, red and green trims, edible sugar ribbons and crystals. Also cupcakes decorated to look like Santa hats would be amazing, or opt for snowflake icing decoration instead – possibilities are endless!

yule log

3. Celebrate with sparklers

Not only do sparklers look gorgeous in photos, they give off a festive feel too. The addition of the festive wedding detail will bring an effortless hint of whimsy to your celebrations. Guests can line up outside the venue at the end of the night with lit sparklers and cheer as you depart from the party or even better, your wedding cake can be adorned with glowing sparklers for the most festive cake-cutting ceremony ever. Don’t forget to give your baker a heads-up about your sparklers plan though so he or she can decorate the cake with them in mind.

wedding cake with sparklers

4. Swap the champagne for mulled wine

Champagne is traditionally associated with weddings but the downside is that it’s expensive. So why not serve something festive instead? Think mulled wine or spiced cider for a fraction of the cost. If you can’t deny yourself the fizz, then pop some red raspberries and apple pieces into the champagne and use it as your signature christmas themed drink. Alternatively spruce up cocktail hour with flavors of the season like peppermint, butterscotch, and cranberry.


5. Up your bridal wear

One of the best things about a winter wedding is that the bride can be a lot more experimental with accessories. Elegant white gloves, tiaras and fake-fur stoles are sure to add a festive feel to your attire and sparkle is a winter wedding essential – whether it’s in your dress or in your accessories. 

wedding attire

6. Upgrade your table settings

Cinnamon sticks and greenery transform simple white napkins while red berries add color to classic plates. To add a touch of glam, decorate the centerpieces too. After all, Every festive table needs a centerpiece, and a wedding table is no exception. Anything that sparkles will give your wedding reception a touch of winter magic and candles surrounded by holly will look amazing.

winter wedding centerpieces

7. Get festive with winter flowers

Winter wedding arrangements and bouquets featuring seasonal elements like holly and berries will definitely add a festive touch to your wintery celebrations. For winter, deep burgundy, crisp emerald green, snowy white, and icy blue are the perfect colors. Select a bouquet that features a combination of these colors for a real winter-inspired look.

winter wedding bouquet

8. Treat your guests to festive favors

There’s lots of options when it comes to favors to give your wedding guests, especially when you throw Christmas into the equation. How about giving your guests personalized baubles as wedding favors? If you’ve lots of time (& money) you could even have names painted on them, and have them instead of placecards on the tables.

festive bauble


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