7 Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

7 Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Have you been thinking about ways to make your home eco-friendly? If so, you’re not alone. All over the world, behaviors are shifting when it comes to thinking eco-friendly. 85% of people globally have shifted their purchasing behavior towards prioritizing sustainability.

In addition, 61% of US consumers rate sustainability as an important criterion when making a purchase. Many of us do simple things each day to help the planet, like recycling our rubbish or taking public transport instead of driving. But there are some easy ways we can go further to make a bigger impact. By switching a few things up within the home and incorporating sustainable home technology and smart appliances, we can reduce our environmental footprint.

Keep reading to discover our top ways to make your home eco-friendly and start transforming your home today to do your part for our planet.

1. Re-think your lighting

First up, think about your lighting. Lighting can use lots of energy within the home. Thankfully there are so many ways we can maximize natural lighting within your spaces. Not only that, but by simply switching out our light bulbs, we can easily save energy and cut down on our power bill – how good is that? Follow these simple sustainable home tips to save on lighting in your home:

  • Say goodbye to heavy curtains and use lighter ones to maximize as much natural light as possible in your rooms. Or, you could utilize two layers of curtains so you have more control over your lighting
  • Switch out your lightbulbs for energy-efficient bulbs. Not only will they save you energy but they also last longer and save you money in the long run
  • Consider installing skylights where you can, or use mirrors to reflect light around your rooms. Use lighter paint colors like white, ivory, sand, sky blue or light gray to make your rooms lighter and brighter
ways to make your home eco-friendly

2. Buy recycled decor

When we throw out old furniture, it can often end up in landfill. Similarly, buying cheap furniture that won’t last long is pointless; we know it’s going to end up being thrown out in a few short years.

Instead, aim to buy furniture made from recycled wood or other materials. Or, you could buy pre-loved furniture from auction sites or online. Some of these pieces can be made from high-quality materials but they might need some TLC to revive them to their former glory. Try your hand at reupholstering an armchair or re-painting an old desk. You’ll have a new piece of furniture and you’ll feel good about having eco-friendly homewares in your spaces.

Reuse what you can in your home. Use old mason jars or plastic containers for storage or cupboard organization. Use old towels for cleaning, or pet bedding.

ways to make your home eco-friendly

3. Invest in décor that will last

In the same token, you should invest in home décor that will last, instead of having pieces that will start to look old, worn, or tarnished after just a few short years.

Invest in materials like concrete, metal, or high-quality timber. It can be easy to fall into the trap of buying new home décor pieces each season to keep up with the trends.

Instead, buy timeless high-quality home décor pieces that are personal to you. That way your décor will go the distance and it will also be more unique!

Try home décor like metal prints. Our high-definition metal prints are made to last. In fact, they can last decades without fading or scratching. They are printed on high-quality aluminum and are surprisingly light if you ever need to move them from room to room. They also have a modern, gallery-style finish which will suit almost any space.

4. Double glaze your windows

Sustainable home design can make your home far more comfortable on days of extreme weather. Despite having curtains or blinds, heat or cool air can still enter through your windows when you least desire it! Window treatments like double glazing can ensure that heat and cool air stay out of your home.

Upgrading your home by getting window treatments can be a game-changer in the hot summer months or on chilly winter mornings. It’s also far more sustainable than running the air conditioning all day and night.

5. Buy biodegradable products

When you’re thinking about ways to make your home eco-friendly, you don’t need to do a full home renovation or swap out all your furniture. Instead, try to think of what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis. When harmful cleaning products go down the drain, it takes a lot of energy to purify the water again.

You can’t always control how many products you need to use, or what happens once you use them when they go into the recycling bin or down the drain. But what you can control is what products you’re using, and how much.

Try the following:

  • Use products in recyclable packaging wherever possible. Check the packaging label to see if the products you’re buying are recyclable
  • Take advantage of refillable products so you’re using less plastic
  • Use biodegradable products that dissolve in nature
  • Try to use products that don’t contain microbeads, as these can contain tiny plastic particles

6. Save water with water-saving showerheads

No matter where in the world you live, clean water takes a surprising amount of energy to produce. While shorter showers can definitely help, you can still be using a large amount of water and energy when you take a 15-minute shower or have two showers a day.

Switching to a low-flow showerhead can save a large amount of water – but don’t use it as an excuse to have long showers! Try to aim for ten-minute showers and turn the water off if you’re washing your hair or shaving – this will mean you spend less time with the water running. You’ll probably do a better job of washing your hair, too!

energy saving showerhead

7. Change to energy-efficient appliances

Think about the appliances that you use most in the home, and which products use up the most energy. For most households, this tends to be heaters, air conditioning units, washing machines and dryers, dishwashers, and fridges.

Typically, newer, smarter appliances are more energy-efficient. If you’re using an old heater or fridge, this could be having a huge impact on your electricity bill, so you might want to consider investing in new appliances. If you’re on a budget you could search for second-hand appliances in your area on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

ways to make your home eco-friendly

There are endless ways to make your home eco-friendly and they don’t all need to cost you the earth. Try to implement what you can, over time. Before too long your home will be energy-efficient and you can embrace a more sustainable way of life.

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