8 Tips for Awesome Canvas Prints

The options for canvas prints are almost limitless.

If you want to create a great photo canvas print, there are several steps you can take on your end to ensure the finished product ends up being the highest quality on our end. Printing photos on canvas is complicated, it’s not as simple as just making a selection and ordering online. So here are 8 tips for awesome canvas prints.

You Need Great Quality Photos

This is a simple, yet often forgotten piece of advice. If you want a great quality print, you need great quality photos. So when selecting photos, make sure the photos are sharp and reflect true colour. Select the highest resolution as possible because it looks better to shrink down a high resolution photo than to enlarge a low resolution photo. For pixels per inch, most labs require photos to be 150ppi.

Fix Your Own Photos

Some canvas print companies provide a photo post-processing service to ‘enhance’ your photos. However, we recommend you make any required changes on Photoshop or other image editing software instead. This is because no one knows your vision of your photo. So don’t rely on post processing photos, do it yourself before uploading your photo online.

Get your old photos out of the shoebox and turn them into stunning canvas prints.

Position Your Photos Carefully

When positioning your photos on the Canvas Factory’s online ordering system, make sure your photo aligns well, especially if you plan on creating gallery wraps, when the image continues around the sides.

Understand Color Differences

If you know that canvas prints have slightly different color tones, adjust your original photos to balance this out. Also, make sure your computer monitor is calibrated to the right color, so that you don’t make your image the wrong colors because of the wrong monitor color calibration.

Always Preview Your Image before Ordering

Always preview your image before adding your image to the cart. Just previewing your image will save you from ordering a print that doesn’t turn out right. If you are ordering a gallery wrap, make sure your image does not accidentally get cropped.

For Gift Prints, Get the Right Image

If you’re ordering prints for gifts, and you want your print to feature an image of the gift recipient, make sure you choose the best picture of that person. It should feature a special moment such as a baby kiss or holiday photo. It can be any memorable moment, the most important factor is that the situation must be right for them so they’ll be inclined to hang the print on their wall and look at it forever.

When Shooting, Shoot Loose

If you’re shooting photos specifically to find a print-worthy shot, be sure to leave plenty of border buffer around the subject/s. If you shoot wide, there will always be enough room in the final image for a gallery wrap.

Choose a Bright Image

Make sure the image you select is bright to begin with so that you don’t have to change the brightness too much and the image will pop out in the finished print. Also make to remove red eye in images which feature people.

Follow Our Tips for Awesome Canvas Prints and Have Confidence in Us

Aside from following these 8 tips for awesome canvas prints, be assured that our print quality is excellent and professional. And once your image is right, we make the ordering process easy to follow. Try it today.