14 Inspirational Wall Art Quotes to Motivate You

14 Inspirational Wall Art Quotes to Motivate You

In times like these, we all need a little extra motivation in our lives. Inspirational wall art quotes can really brighten up your day. They can provide a visual reminder of the things we want to achieve and why we need to get up each day and give it our all.

Many of us are still working from home, but it can be difficult to keep motivated and inspired when we’re working alone. Clever wall art quotes can make all the difference and can give us the boost we all need. When choosing an inspirational wall art quote, it’s important to find an uplifting quote you truly believe in. If you don’t believe in it or think it’s cheesy, you’re likely to get over it before long.

What kind of quote should I get?

First up, when it comes to wall art quotes, think about your space and what style of quote would stand out in your spaces. If you already have a lot of other wall art, for instance, you might want to choose something that stands out.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a simple space, you could use a simple quote with a minimalistic design. Decorate to suit your spaces, and choose wall art quotes to suit you and no one else!

Find a quote that:

  • Is specific to you and what you do. Don’t hang a quote about fashion designing if it has nothing to do with you! This sounds obvious, but there are plenty of generic quotes out there. Find one that suits you
  • Makes you think. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a really long quote, but you also don’t want it to become like wallpaper, so it should have some depth behind it
  • Is visually interesting. If your quote doesn’t stand out in some way, you won’t even notice it’s there! Maybe you want a colorful quote or an eye-catching quote in a graffiti-style font

1. Motivational Work Wall Art Quotes

It’s not always easy to get up every day and work, especially on a Monday! If you’ve got a home office or you just want to wake up and feel motivated each day, why not check out some motivational wall art quotes for work? Motivational wall art can give you a reason to power through each day. Or, it can be a daily reminder of what you’re trying to achieve.

Try these motivational wall art quotes to inspire you to get hustling:

motivational wall art quotes

Shop it here.

motivational wall art

Shop it here.

2. Positive Wall Art Quotes

In times like these, injecting positivity and personality into your spaces can make a huge difference when it comes time to start your day.

Positive wall art prints also make great gifts – perfect for someone who is having a tough time or simply needs a little positive energy in their lives.

Try these positive wall art prints:

wall art quote prints

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wall art quotes

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3. Romantic Wall Art Prints

These ones are for the lovers out there. These romantic wall art prints are the perfect gift for your loved one, or just for a special friend or family member.

Check out these romantic wall art prints:

romantic wall art quotes

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Shop this ode to love here.

4. Inspirational Wall Art Quotes

Many of us have the energy to get up in the morning, but we might need a little reminder to push us a little bit harder. Maybe we want to be able to spend more time with our kids, work on that side project, achieve more at work, or just push through that three-thirty-itis when working from home? Either way, inspirational wall art quotes can go a long way in inspiring us and helping us power through each week.

Check out these inspirational wall art prints:

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wall art quotes

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5. Affirmation Wall Art Quotes

Some days we just need some positive affirmations! Positive affirmations build healthy mental habits and can even help us form positive thought patterns. Positive affirmations are ideal for everyone but can be a great way to inject life and positivity into children’s lives.

Create a visual reminder of your favorite positive affirmations:

wall art quotes

Shop this beautiful rainbow wall art print here.

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6. Wall Art Quotes to Brighten Your Day

Even the cheeriest of us could do with an extra dose of positivity in our lives from time to time. These wall art prints will brighten your day from Monday to Sunday!

Shop this bright wall art quote here.

Do you dread Mondays? Shop this wall art print here.

7. Wall Art Quotes about Family

Home is truly where the heart is, and it’s often where families come together to laugh, play, socialize, and bond. Use one of our family wall art quotes to celebrate that love, or get one as a gift to remind your family how much you care.

Shop this family wall art print here.

Shop this family print here.

Do you know someone who could use a boost of motivation or positivity? So, what are you waiting for? Order your first piece of motivational wall art today, either for yourself or a lucky friend or family member.

We’ve got millions of wall art designs to choose from and countless motivational wall art quote designs. Or, if you’d prefer to create your own, simply create a design in Canva, export it, and upload it to Canvas Factory. Too easy!


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