9 Baby Shower Food Ideas For Effortless Wow

9 Baby Shower Food Ideas For Effortless Wow

You’ve got a baby on the way and you’re at the stage of planning your baby shower. Congratulations! The worry of early pregnancy is over (not to mention the morning sickness) and now you can get into the serious business of getting everything ready for your new arrival, and having a heap of fun in the process. We’ve compiled our favourite baby shower food ideas to help make planning your baby shower that much easier for you. Enjoy!

1. Cotton Candy Mousse

Baby Shower Food Ideas - Cotton Candy Mousse

By In Katrina’s Kitchen

The recipe for cotton candy mousse revolves around being able to track down cotton candy flavoured syrup, which – depending on where you live – may be a simple matter of popping down to your local shops, or it may mean an online order. These look delicious, though, and would look even better displayed at your baby shower just waiting for your guests to indulge.

2. Bug Cupcakes

Baby Shower- Fod Ideas - Bug Cupcakes

By Evermine Occasions

These home-made cupcakes look adorable and are equally simple to make. The crux of the recipe comes down to decorating the icing on top, so there is no need to put too much effort into the cupcake itself. For that matter, you could easily get away with using store-bought cupcakes and concentrating on the bug-style decorations. If you’re really looking to save time and effort, you could even use store-bought frosting. Your guests will be too busy gushing over the little bugs on top of the cupcakes, made from pretzels, M&Ms, and licorice rope.

3. Onesie Cookies

Baby Shower Food Ideas - Onesie Cookies

From Sugar Kissed

We can almost guarantee that there won’t be a single person in attendance at your baby shower who won’t agree that these onesie baby shower cookies aren’t cutest things they’ve ever seen. Sure, there’s a lot of double negatives in there, but the point is that these cookies are adorable and totally worth your time – if you’re comfortable working with piping bags or already made icing bottles/tubes. Not only are these onesie cookies fantastic baby shower food ideas, but they can also solve your problem of what to give as baby shower party favours. Simply make each cookie a little bit bigger, wrap them individually in clear cellophane, tie the top with a ribbon, and your party favour problems are solved.

4. Baby Bootie Cake Topper

Baby Shower Food Ideas - Baby Shoes

By Cake Journal

This recipe is not for the faint of heart, and it’s certainly not for a beginner or someone who has never worked intricately with cake fondant before. But there are a lot of amateur cooks out there, and if you feel comfortable working with such a complex recipe and trying out the ready-to-use templates, you could make yourself an amazing looking cake topper that is sure to have all your guests reaching for their cameras when your baby shower cake is revealed.

5. Gender Reveal Cookies

Baby Shower Food Ideas - Gender Reveal Cookies

By Craftstorming

There is an emerging trend in baby showers these days whereby the expectant mother reveals the sex of her baby at the baby shower. If that’s what you’ve got planned and you’d like a dramatic way of revealing your big news, these gender reveal cookies are the cutest way possible. You’ll probably need to have all your guests assembled and hand out a cookie to each one, with the instruction that everyone must take a bite at the same time – otherwise your big news will be revealed by the first person who wanders up to the food table. The recipe is a little tricky, but what a moment it would make at your baby shower!

6. White Chocolate Popcorn

Baby Shower Food Ideas - Whit Chocolate Popcorn

By The Kitchen is my Playground

Not many people can resist popcorn, and you are sure to have a few chocolate lovers in attendance at your baby shower, too. Put these two ingredients together and you’ve got white chocolate popcorn, which is sure to be a crowd favourite. Part of the appeal of this baby shower finger food idea is its presentation in the cute little scalloped cups, so put some time into finding the right way to present this otherwise relatively simple dish. Serving your white chocolate popcorn in a styrofoam cup will all but ruin the theatre of the dish.

7. Baby Shower Fruit Tray

Baby Shower Food Ideas - Fruit Tray

By The Produce Mom

You are looking for a centrepiece for the food table at your baby shower, this is it. No one can resist a fruit tray at the best of times (and guests who have brought children with them will thank you for offering an alternative to all those delicious sweets), and the fact that this relatively simple arrangement actually looks like a baby in a buggy will have everyone reaching for their cameras yet again. This recipe will work at any time of year, but will be particularly appreciated if your baby shower is being held in the summer months.

8. Ducky Punch

Baby Shower Food Ideas - Ducky Shower Punch

By Tidy Mom

You will need a drink to go with all these delicious sweets, and this ducky punch would have to be the cleverest looking punchbowl we’ve ever seen. The creator of the ducky punch emphasises the fact that the blue punch is blue for a reason – to symbolise water – and not specifically for a boy baby shower. They suggest that if you are looking to personalise the ducky punch for a girl baby shower to simply use pink rubber duckies, but to keep the liquid blue.

9. Baby Buggy Eggs

Baby Shower Food Ideas - Baby Buggies

By Little Nummies

It can’t all be sweets at a baby shower (apparently!) so here is our attempt to offer an equally cute savoury baby shower themed recipe. Most people like hard-boiled eggs, and most people can cook hard-boiled eggs, even the culinary challenged among us. This recipe is simple, practical, and overall will be an effective addition to the savoury part of your food table.
We hope you’ll have some fun creating amazing food for your baby shower. But the important thing to keep in mind always is that your guests have come to see you and to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your new baby, so don’t be too concerned if you’re not planning on putting out any fancy baby shower treats. If you’re feeling exhausted by the pregnancy or you already have older children to look after, it’s more important that you focus on staying well and happy during your pregnancy. Perhaps you could share this article with your close friends and family members – someone may offer to have a fun cooking session with you to help you create some of these baby shower masterpieces.

Also remember to ask one or more of your friends or family members to take photos at your baby shower. You’ll probably be too busy chatting to your guests to remember to take photos as well, and you’re sure to have one or more people who will be happy to do it. Once you’ve got that perfect photo of all your guests with some of your special baby shower food creations, allow us to create a ready to hang canvas print from your special photo.


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