27 Funny, Fabulous (And Wrong) Baby Shower Food Ideas

27 Funny, Fabulous (And Wrong) Baby Shower Food Ideas

Is it a baby shower organizer’s job to impress the mother-to-be or horrify her? Perhaps a good healthy dose of both?

Regardless of your approach to the event itself (nutella poo nappy game anyone?), the very least you can do is treat it like any other special occasion and that means concentrating on the food.

Whether you’re after baby shower food that is practical and sensible, fun and funny or downright gross and gruesome, this long list right here will give you a starting point to dazzle guests.

Sweet Treats

When can you enjoy a treat if it’s not at a baby shower? It’s not only the perfect event for a high tea, but Mom-to-be will appreciate any excuse to indulge her sweet tooth.

Some of these treats are all about the flavor and some offer a special twist of baby-related fun.

1. White Chocolate-Dipped Krispie Slice

By The Kitchen Is My Playground

Baby Shower Food - White Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispie Treats

2. Apple Of My Eye Cupcakes

By Lux Event And Design

Baby Shower Food - Apple Of My Eye Cupcakes

3. Strawberry Cheesecake

By Ashleigh Nicole Events

Baby Shower Food - Strawberry Cheesecake

4. Ice Cream Pop Cookies

By Bake at 350

Baby Shower Food - Ice Cream Pop Cookies

5. Pickles And Ice Cream Cupcake

From Flickr (Vegan Feast Catering)

Baby Shower Food - Pickles and Ice Cream Cupcake

Savory Delights

When organizing baby shower food, particularly if it’s a morning or afternoon affair, it’s often tempting to go hard on the sweets. It’s important you don’t forget the savory toothed people at the party (not to mention Mom-to-be’s random cravings).

Those avocado puff pastries and hot ham and cheese biscuits will be gone in an instant while everyone will be eager for a second cup of dip. Yummo!

6. Avocado Puff Pastry

By Averie Cooks

Baby Shower Food - Avocado Puff Pastry

7. Seven Layer Dips

By The Girl Who Ate Everything

Baby Shower Food - Seven Layer Dips

8. Hot Ham And Swiss Biscuits

By Frog Prince Paperie

Baby Shower Food - Hot Ham And Swiss Biscuits

Healthy Options

Healthy doesn’t have to mean boring. It’s totally OK not to embrace the chocolate poo. In fact, for those a bit jaded by baby showers, you’ll enjoy this piece on baby shower games.

Ready to take control? These visually exciting and creatively delicious treats will delight all the health conscious women at the event. How can anyone turn down a rainbow popsicle made from fresh fruits?

9. Cabbage Patch Baby Veggie Tray

By Just Laine

Baby Shower Food - Cabbage Patch Baby Veggie Tray

10. Chicken Salad Cucumber Rounds

By The Two Bite Club

Baby Shower Food - Chicken Salad Cucumber Rounds

11. Goat Cheese Fruit Bruschetta

By Sally’s Baking Addiction

Baby Shower Food - Goat Cheese Fruit Bruschetta

12. Chicken Salad Wonton Cups

By Eat.Drink.Love

Baby Shower Food - Chicken Salad Wonton Cups

13. Rainbow Popsicles

By The First Year

Baby Shower Food - Rainbow Popsicles

14. Fruity Muffin

By Sara WestBrook Photography

Baby Shower Food - Fruity Muffin

Delicious Goodies With A Twist Of Fun

Ease your guests into a safe space of fabulous cheeky fun with these delicious, playful baby shower delights. They’re cute. They’re tasty. They’re safe.

There’s a strong lollipop theme going here and it’s all about embracing the childlike innocence and joy of youth.

15. Sandwich Pops

By Panini Happy

Baby Shower Food - Sandwich Pops

16. Sprinkled Chocolate Party Spoons

By Sweetapolita

Baby Shower Food - Sprinkled Chocolate Party Spoons

17. Pancake Pops

By Number 2 Pencil

Baby Shower Food - Pancake Pops

Outrageous Baby Shower Horrors

Don’t say we didn’t warn you! A baby shower’s not a baby shower without a hint of the gruesome.

What’s hilarious about these treats and cakes, below, is that while they look super gross they’re actually mild and tame compared to the real experience! Give me chocolate poop on a stick above a smelly nappy any day!

18. Poop on a Stick

By bake me away

Baby Shower Food - Poop on a Stick

19. Too Much Information

From Imgur

Baby Shower Food - Disturbing Cake

20. Peek-A-Boo

From Imgur

Baby Shower Food - Really Gross Cake

21. Ready To Pop

From Imgur

Baby Shower Food - Baby Head

Fun Cakes

Speaking of cakes, these baby shower cake ideas below are super fun without forcing you to lose your appetite.

If they’re too tricky to make yourself, be sure to seek the contribution of a best friend or sister of the mother to be. Alternatively, get everyone to pitch in to purchase a professional creation.

While on the topic of pitching in, here are some awesome baby shower gift ideas you can also arrange a collection for.

22. Funny Owl Cupcakes

By Volume Twenty Five

Baby Shower Food - Owl Cupcakes

23. Pregnant Lady

From Flickr (Charles Street Bakery)

Baby Shower Food - Pregnant Lady

24. Cute Baby Cake and Cupcakes

From Flickr (Alice Keeler)

Baby Shower Food - Cute Baby Cake and Cupcakes

25. Super Tye Belly Cake

By Craft My Occasion

Baby Shower Food - Super Tye Belly Cake

26. I Swam The Fastest!

By Alicakes

Baby Shower Food - I Swam The Fastest

27. Bikini Bump

From Pinterest (Alma casarez )

Baby Shower Food - Hawaii Cake


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