23 Downright Cool Boys Bedrooms

23 Downright Cool Boys Bedrooms

You’re never too young to be house proud and, while we certainly don’t guarantee these ideas will see your son picking up after himself, these awesome boys bedrooms will at least inspire him to appreciate his living space from a young age.

Scroll on to discover 23 ideas for toddlers, boys and teenagers that are downright cool. Why not call your son over and check them out together?

Some of the ideas are out of this world and others are very achievable. Either way, it’s fun to dream isn’t it?

To make it easier for you, his parents, we’ve also included some neat storage suggestions just in case the most awesome room around still doesn’t inspire him to clean up. You can’t win ’em all, right?

Top tips for toddlers

Primary colors are a lot of fun for toddlers so there’s no need to shy away from those (Thomas The Tank Engine bed anyone?), but if you’re after something a bit classier consider blue, gray, cream and brown tones. How amazing is that bed from Rafa-Kids?

1. Blue, gray and cream

From Winter Daisy

Boys Bedrooms - Toddler Blue Gray

2. Hipster’s dream

From Rafa-Kids

Boys Bedrooms - Toddler

3. Thomas The Tank Engine

From Mywoolrich

Boys Bedrooms - Thomas

Boss rooms for boys

Boys in elementary school may be growing up, but they’re not yet too cool for a bit of fun. These ideas harness a boy’s sense of adventure.

4. Hot rod

From Cube Breaker

Boys Bedrooms - Red Car

5. Flying high

From Chango & Co

Boys Bedrooms - Primary School Boys

6. Walk the plank

From Home Bunch

Boys Bedrooms - Primary School Boys Ladder

7. Around the world

From Beneath My Heart

Boys Bedrooms - Primary School Boys Exit

Treasures for teenagers

It’s hard getting a teenage boy’s bedroom just right, but show him these downright cool ideas and he may express some serious excitement. Let him and his mates draw on the door with chalk, add some bright orange to lift his spirits or, if he’s sharing with a sibling, create an active space they can’t get enough of.

8. Graffiti door

From Design Mom

Boys Bedrooms - Teenagers

9. Touch of orange

From Just a Girl

Boys Bedrooms - Teenagers Orange

10. Active dual space


Boys Bedrooms - Soccer

11. Incredible hulk

From House of Hawkes

Boys Bedrooms - Teenagers Owl

Seriously cool floors

Want to inspire him to pick up his clothes? Give him some seriously cool floors to reveal. Stripes, ants, a playing field – the only barrier is your imagination.

12. Stripy rug

From Kid Space Stuff

Boys Bedrooms - Flooring Ideas

13. Crawling ants

From My Scandinavian Home

Boys Bedrooms - Flooring Ideas Ants

14. Playing field rug

From Pottery Barn Kids

Boys Bedrooms - Flooring

Storage lifesavers

Some of these awesome storage ideas ought to take him from toddler to teen, with space saving places to put all of his toys.

15. Box shelving

From Viva la Violet

Boys Bedrooms - Storage Ideas

16. Car shelf

From Green Kitchen

Boys Bedrooms - Storage Ideas Trains

17. Roller drawers under the bed

From The Happy Housie

Boys Bedrooms - Storage Ideas Lego

Creative streak

We love this art gallery, but instead of framing his artwork take it to a whole new level and print it to canvas. All you have to do is scan it in then upload it to our CanvasApp. Voila! Instant art!

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18. Art gallery

From Artful Adventures

Boys Bedrooms - Artwork Ideas Gallery

Boys Bedrooms - Drawings

19. Train tracks

From Baby Making Machine

Boys Bedrooms - Artwork Ideas Train Tracks

Downright awesome beds

A slide, a cubby house, a funky angular bunk and a car bed in a garage – what will they think of next?

20. Four bedder slide

From Pinterest

Boys Bedrooms - Slide

21. Cubby houses

From Apartment Therapy

Boys Bedrooms - Bed Ideas

22. Funky angles

From The Rugged Home

Boys Bedrooms - Bed Ideas House

23. Car and garage bunk

From Ana White

Boys Bedrooms - Bed Ideas Garage


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