Canvas Prints As Homemade Gifts

Unique canvas prints can turn any wall into a feature.

If you love snapping fun photos with your smartphone or downloading cool photos and then sharing them on Facebook or Instagram, you could try making own canvas prints with them as a homemade gift for you or someone else. Here we give you some great ideas as to how you can make canvas prints into homemade gifts.

Use Canvas Print Layouts to Your Advantage

As mentioned elsewhere, it’s not just the image on the print that counts, but also where the print is placed and its size. For instance, you can get a split image across multiple canvases, but have the prints on the edges small and the subsequent prints progressively larger towards the largest in the centre to make an inflated centre print design. Or you could reverse this design so the prints start large at the end prints and progressively smaller toward the centre for a deflated look.

You can also get rectangular or square prints, split an image across them, but just stagger the prints so that the first print from left is in line with the centre and last image, and the second and fourth print are in line.

As you can see these designs are particularly effective with landscape images.

Memorable Portrait Canvas Prints As Homemade Gifts

If you want to work with portrait images, say of your family or someone special, there are a whole variety of collage designs you can try to make something unique. For instance, you can make a nice collage out of different sized prints and hang them above your couch.

Or you could make a column of regular square prints for one person, with a close up of the person’s face, with a different emotion on each print.

Fun with Quotes

Quotes or even single sentimental words (e.g. love, life, joy) are really popular and can become great canvas prints for a nice homemade gift. If you want to work with just single sentimental words, obviously they look good either between other images, or in a group of word prints.

For the sentimental types who want to brighten up their desk or cabinets, just find an image of one of your favorite life quotes, send it into us and we’ll make a lovely desktop canvas decoration out of it.

Turn your most treasured photos into canvas prints.

Seasonal Gifts

You can also be creative with the prints depending on what season or occasion it is. If it’s coming up to Christmas time, you can get a nice family photo or happy snap printed on a small square canvas, attach Christmas-colored (red and green) hanging string from it and give it to your loved one as a Christmas decoration.

Make the Perfect Homemade Gift

As you can see, canvas is an ideal medium to turn images into creative gift ideas for your home or a friend/loved ones. Just draft your ideas, send them into us, and we can make a perfect group of prints out of them.